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05-12-2002, 11:02 PM
I need advice from all you Atkins diet success folks. I seem to be going nowhere with my diets, and I thought I'd give Atkins a go. So, 1) Do you have to be completely good? If I eat some vegetable soup with carrots in it during the induction stage, have I blown the whole diet? 2) What are some good web sites for recipes and ideas? I am not a good cook, definitely not creative, and I don't have any gourmet food or spice in my house. I need it simple with plain ole grocery food. 3) I need my morning coffee. Can I have one cup of coffee with caffeine a day? Thanks for all the help!

05-15-2002, 09:48 AM
Hi! Atkins is one of the easiest diets to follow, IMHO. You don't have to be a gourmet cook.

During induction, try to stay away from carrots, just because they have a lot of sugar in them. You can add a few after the 2-week induction stage, but not too many. Induction is the hardest part. If you can survive those 2 weeks, then the rest will be easy! :D

During induction try to just eat meat, eggs, cheese (not too much cheese), and 2 cups of salad veggies per day with salad dressing (not low-fat dressing). If you want veggies with dinner (soup) then cut your salad down to 1 cup. Make sure your vegetable soup doesn't have any barley, rice, or pasta in it.

Here's a website that's terrific for discussion boards and recipes!
Low-Carb Friends Website (http://lowcarbfriends.com)

05-15-2002, 10:52 PM
the doc says to stay away from caffeine, but I need my morning coffee too & 1 cup doesn't bother me. After the 1st 1 I switch to water :)

05-15-2002, 11:41 PM
Thank you!!!! I am getting a bit grouchy without my morning coffee.

05-16-2002, 11:38 AM
I've been following Atkins for the past three days (already down 5 lbs!) I'm sure that's water weight, but my question is does being in Ketosis really matter? I've been following it pretty strictly but the strips (I borrowed some from my dad) are only a light purple. Can you not be in Ketosis and still lose weight?

05-17-2002, 09:16 AM
If they change at all, it's good!

05-17-2002, 07:35 PM
That baby is adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have also lost about 5 pounds since Monday, and I'm thrilled. I'm not following Atkins strictly, but I know I have significantly cut back the carbs. I have found that my appetite has decreased, and I'm not having as many cravings. This may just work. :Pinkbounc

05-18-2002, 11:23 PM
Thanks cmbelle, let's keep each other posted! I want to lose at least 50 lbs by our trip in October, an aggressive plan, I know but I hope to do it! Good luck, we can do it!

05-18-2002, 11:29 PM
It should be pretty easy to keep up with you. We probably only live a few miles apart (20 at the most). How funny.

05-21-2002, 02:03 PM
Some people never notice a color at all with the sticks! Don't worry what color you are - and don't get hooked on the sticks. If you are losing weight, then you are in ketosis! :D

Good luck! :D

05-22-2002, 09:36 AM
I know I should probably just get the dang book and read it, but what's ketosis?

Mrs. Potato Head
05-22-2002, 10:11 AM
luvstiggertoo, this will explain it much better than I can! Rhonda is right! Be careful with the sticks! I got hooked on them, it was an expensive addiction! I do not believe they are always accurate.


05-22-2002, 10:19 AM
I could really tell a difference when I started reducing the carbs. Last week I was really doing good, and the weight was just coming off. This week has just been terrible, and my weight hasn't gone anywhere.

05-22-2002, 12:24 PM
I'm at a 6 pound loss but I've used catsup here and there and finally went out and bought the Estes brand (sugar free), plus I actually haven't really been eating breakfast this week (ran out of eggs) but went to the store last night and restocked and had my two hardboiled eggs this morning, and trying to drink more water. My two week induction ends next Monday so that's still a decent amount of days left so will see!

05-23-2002, 09:05 AM
Thanks for the info Mrs PH!!

I'm not really following Atkins, but in the past two weeks I have made a conscious effort to limit my carbs (especially sugar). I've lost 5 pounds so far.
This board was the catalyst! I was doing Slim Fast and just wasn't seeing any results, although I was barely eating anything!
Then I saw someone's thread on Slim Fast and someone (I think Rhonda) mentioned that they are full of sugar and carbs. That finally got me realizing that it must be the carbs that were preventing me from losing weight!

So, thanks all of the Atkins followers. You've gotten me on the right track!!!

05-23-2002, 09:29 AM
Yes, I must admit I've been a Slimfast participant for years. I have become addicted to the shakes for breakfast. And I agree with your philosophy - I'm not completely going Atkins, but I want to reduce my intake of carbs. So, I tried the Atkins shake this am, and it was good. The Atkins shake only have 3 carbs, whereas Slimfast has 24. The bars have a bigger difference - Atkins 3 carbs, Slimfast 36.

05-23-2002, 01:26 PM
Ooh! Didn't know Atkins has bars and shakes.
I liked the shakes in the mornings....I'd put the can in the freezer when I woke up and by the time I was showered and ready it was nice and slushy!!! YUM!!

05-24-2002, 11:53 AM
I had a bar yesterday, and it was pretty good. Whereas Slimfast is real sweet, Atkins was more nutty, which I like. I went to the Atkins site last week, and the deal was order anything, and get a 15 pack of bars for free. It was a great deal.