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05-10-2002, 07:41 PM
This last quarter in school i did a 15 page paper on Walt Disney call me crazy but he was a really great person to write about. Did you know that when walt was 12 years old he went to school on president lincoln birthday dressed like him and recited the whole Gettysburg Address. I know a lot if you have any questions i may be able to help with an answer.


05-10-2002, 08:22 PM
Thats so cool!! I wish I could do projects on intresting people! hehe
If I think of any questions I will be sure to remember to ask you! :)

05-10-2002, 10:16 PM
lol...yup knew that..and the teacher called the principal in and he took walt around to all the classrooms to say it too
boy..the 2 DL tours really helped! lol

i really wish we could do reports liek that..but no..we're are honor level and those are soo academic middle school :rolleyes:

05-10-2002, 10:42 PM
I would like to knwo what they are doing with his apparment at WDW!

05-11-2002, 10:06 AM
i assume that you are talking about the apartment in Cinerella's castle. Yah when the park was first build they build a apartment in the castle for him and his family. unfortunally Walt died before the park even opened so he or his family never stayed there. As of right now the use it as a like electric room that is where the electricions go to like fix it i think. it is also used for shows like for example some times the characters do a show on the castle and they have to use the apartment elevator to get up to the level that they want.

Have anymore questions just ask.

05-11-2002, 01:37 PM
That is so amazing! It would so rock to live right in WDW!

05-11-2002, 01:46 PM
i always thought it could be really cool to live in splash mountain or in animal kingdom (you could have seriously awsome holloween parties in dinosaur or tower of terror) lol:D

05-12-2002, 09:13 AM
speaking about living in splash mountain. on the disney channel the show Boy meets world. Cory and Shawn go to disney world to try and find topanga. they had no where to sleep so they slept in the splash mountain logs.
he he he

05-12-2002, 10:15 AM
there ya go! lol.... im not the first one to think of it! :D
probably haunted mansion would be a good place to sleep in also (but you might get nightmares...) ;)

05-12-2002, 10:45 AM
hey bubblemutant45 i was wondering how you got your countdown thing i really want one

05-12-2002, 12:34 PM
i hope this link will work.....

05-12-2002, 07:09 PM
I just saw the show yesterday and it was AWESOME! So many things came up that i had no idea about. The only bad thing... It makes me wanna go the Disney AGAIN!!!:)

05-15-2002, 07:53 PM
you know the scene in the living seas I HAVE BEEN THERE! i was lucky enought to get a privet tour! that place is sooo cool!

Allie in Wonderland
05-19-2002, 10:55 AM
OMG! I just did a report and project on Walt disney. It was the best report I've ever done, and it got the top grade in my class. I was the only one with and A+.

06-12-2002, 06:01 PM
What site did you get all your information from?

06-12-2002, 07:33 PM
A Lot of books and calling disney information! they know all... or they did for my paper! i could not find any sites that helped me... it also helps if you can get on the disney cast member site!! that place in cool!