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11-19-2008, 04:01 AM
Finally getting round to writing my trip report! :thumbsup2
We were there for 5 days so i think its going to be a long one! :rotfl:

The family:

Me: Sarah 28yrs old
Hubby: Dean 29 yrs old
Daughter: Hannah (almost 3yrs old at the time, turned 3 on 17th)

Sunday 9th November:

All packed and ready to leave the Lewis's house at 9:30am
Out National Express Coach leaves at Bournemouth Station at 10am

We arrived in London Victoria at 1:15pm and waited for my sister to meet us at the station, she is in Drama School in London, so she knows her way round, so offered to help us with the underground Tube journey, from Victoria - Kings Cross!
Well it was a complete nightmare dragging a large case, bags, pushchair and a almost 3yr old around the underground stations
We had to change tubes too!! AWFUL!
By the time we got to Kings Cross, both me and hubby said, that there is NOWAY we will do this on the way back, we will just pay the extra money for a taxi! Can you tell that we are not from the City :lmao:

So we found our Travelodge Hotel, it was a 5min walk from the station.
Checked in at 3pm and the room was quite nice for 29 saver room booked online :thumbsup2
We had a double bed and Hannah a sofa bed.
We got settled and then hubby went out to get us a Burger King for dinner.
I was soooo excited that i was trying Hannah's Minnie Outfit on her and getting all our things ready for the morning.

After dinner we showered Hannah and got her in her PJ's ready for bed!
BUT!!! NIGHTMARE to get her to sleep! She was far to excited.
All through the night she kept waking and saying ''Is it morning yet mummy''

Our hotel room was nice but was right next to train station, so we could hear trains going past most of the night. But we managed to have a nice sleep.

Monday 10th November:

Got up at 6am and got ready, and Dean had gone to the corner shop to get us some mini cereal boxes and a tiny bottle of milk, so we all ate cereal out of the tea mugs in the hotel room :rotfl2:

Left the hotel early around 7am to makesure we had plenty of time, incase we get lost etc..
Took a photo of us beside Kings Cross Station:


We found where we needed to be easily in St Pancras Station and were there early.
We stopped for a Costa Coffee while we waited for gate for Eurostar to open.
Also picked up Hannah's activity pack that Eurostar give to the kids.

(TIP... no one tells u about these, and they are easy to miss.. as its up to u to collect it from the Information Desk.. i didnt know where they were until i asked)

We found our gate number and sat beside it as we knew it would be a mad queue otherwise.
They opened the gate and we found our carriage number and seats.
Bit of a nightmare finding space for luggage, but luckily our carriage was not too busy so it was not too bad, but theres not alot of room for cases.

We settled Hannah with colouring and snacks for the journey.
The journey was sooo quick, before we knew it, we were in France.
Arrived in Marne La Valle on time 12:30 :thumbsup2

Queues for lifts were a nightmare and i was worried that we would be late for our Cafe Mickey booking at 1:30pm
We handed our luggage to Disney Express Desk and i was in a panic about time so i changed Hannah into her Minnie Dress at the Station :rotfl:
Poor girl, but no time to find a toilet!
I put it over her clothes anyway, so it wasnt to bad ;)

We then decided to speed off quickly to the Disney Village.
I quickly went into the Disney Shop to buy Hannah a Autograph book, pen and a Minnie Balloon (which was huge!)

We made our Cafe Mickey booking on time :thumbsup2

We parked up our pushchair and was shown to a table immediately.
We looked at the menu and saw the prices and looked at each other with shock horror :scared1:
But we were prepared for this meal to be an expensive one so it wasnt too bad.
Cafe Mickey was quite full for lunchtime, was a bit busy, but nothing too bad.

I ordered; Pinocco's Pasta,
Hubby: Lasagne & chips
Hannah; Kids meal, Disney shape pasta & meatballs

Here is Hannah with Mickey:


Hannah saw Prince John, Chip & Dale, Mickey, Pluto, Goofy and Baloo the Bear :thumbsup2
Our waitress was nice and friendly and i asked if Mickey can come to our table for Hannah's birthday cake, andshe said that would be no problem and told me to be ready with camera etc at 2pm :goodvibes

We ate our dinner, my pasta was quite nice, hubby was moaning about his lasagne, he said it didnt taste brilliant and it was tiny! More like a ready made meal from ASDA :laughing:
I was trying to force dinner down Hannah, but she wasnt interested cus she was more interested in characters.

At 2pm they bought the cake to our table...

After cake, characters all made a fuss of Hannah which was nice.


We then got Hannah her dessert from kids menu, me and hubby had a sneaky pick at the kids buffet :rotfl:
Bill came to 88 euro :scared1:
We asked for birthday cake to be boxed and then rushed off out to park! :yay:

But im sure Hannah thought that Cafe Mickey was it, The DisneyLand, little did she know what was coming next :wizard:

11-19-2008, 04:12 AM
To be continued............. :thumbsup2

Im having problems with Photobucket, it is not letting me upload more than 1 photo at a time which is a pain! :sad2:
It being really slow.

And i also need to figure out how i make my photos smaller :eek:

Will continue with day 1 soon ;)
Im off to meet up with friends later and taking Hannah to soft play.... its a busy week this week with her birthday and family dinners etc... :eek:

11-19-2008, 04:17 AM
What a wonderful start to the holiday :thumbsup2

11-19-2008, 05:01 AM
great trip report so far :thumbsup2

11-19-2008, 06:13 AM
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay thanks for the fab start!!!!
must remember to ask for our cake to be boxed up too - actually - must remember to phone up and book it lol tomorro......
sounds a great start, and cant wait for the rest of it :)

11-19-2008, 06:14 AM
what a great start to your holiday. i would love to do that for my dd's birthday. cant wait to see more. the balloons are HUGE arent they lol

11-19-2008, 06:18 AM
Lovely report so far Sarah.

Hannah looks so adorable in her Minnie outfit.

11-19-2008, 06:49 AM
Thanks everyone :goodvibes

Im having terrible problems with photobucket for some reason it wont let me upload more then one pic and if i add more than one it gets stuck and dosnt move :confused3
The fast uploader isnt working either :sad2:

So might take me longer than i expected to do this trip report :eek:

11-19-2008, 07:26 AM
Fab reading so far and lovely pics :thumbsup2 I hope photobucket sorts itself out I want the next installment! lol :lmao:

11-19-2008, 07:58 AM
Great start to your holiday & lovely photos. Hannah is a gorgeous litle girl. I just love your comment about how she thought that the meal was it, it made me go awww. Looking forward to hearing more.

I am having the same problem with photobucket. I eventually decided to start my trip report & it may take me a while at this rate!

11-19-2008, 08:03 AM
What a great start to your trip Sarah!! Hannah's gorgeous:lovestruc.

11-19-2008, 03:24 PM
Awww lovely pics! I think you stayed at the same travelodge I have before - never again! The noise was awful!

11-19-2008, 03:53 PM
great photos and what a fab start !!! We experienced a similar night in a travel lodge and I don't think I'd want to do it again !

(I had problems with photobucket and opted for the old uploader, it isn't as fast but it worked much better for me. The image size in the old uploader section is just above the upload buttons.)

Can't wait to see and hear some more :goodvibes

11-19-2008, 03:54 PM
Love the pic of her kissing chip / Dale's nose. Really cute.

And isn't Goofy HUGE! He is one big guy :thumbsup2 :thumbsup2

11-19-2008, 04:00 PM
Gorgeous pictures, your daughter is so beautiful. Great trip report, can't wait to read/see more.

11-19-2008, 04:50 PM
After Hannahs birthday lunch we headed straight to the main park... i was practically running, i was so excited! Hubby was telling me to slow down.
When we saw the DLH, we both said ''WOW'' and we took a photo of it.

The music is lovely when you walk into the park, it felt really Christmassy, also the decorations were stunning.
Christmas trees, lights, snow and other beautiful decorations.
Main St looked absolutely stunning.
We stood near main st and soaked up the atmosphere and the gorgeous xmas decs.

** Xmas Decs

** Xmas Tree near Main St

** Main St

We took a few photos and Hannah was sooooooooo excited when she saw the castle.
She shouted ''Princess Castle''

** The beautiful Castle

We headed straight to Fantasyland and our 1st ride was Peter Pan, we waited in the queue for about 30mins, the park seemed a little busy today, not over crowded but there were queues of around 30-40mins for popular rides.
The Peter Pan ride was Magical, Hannah loved it and even hubby was stunned, When you fly through the stars it is lovely!
Our 2nd ride was Pinochio which was fun and our 3rd was Snow white, which was ok but thought it was a little scary for little ones, Hannah of course wasnt scared as shes not scared of anything, but this poor little girl behind us was crying, i think they focused too much on the witch on this ride.
My favourite ride of the 3 was definately Peter Pan.

We walked around Fantasyland and Hannah wanted to go on Dumbo but the queue was huge so we decided to have a look at the queue for Its A Small World.
There was a queue but we decided to wait as i knew it was a good ride and as there are alot of boats i thought it wouldnt be a huge wait.
We ended up waiting 20mins, which wasnt too bad.
Well the ride was breath taking, Hannah was stunned, she didnt say much she was just looking with a smile.
The song is very catchy too.

After this ride, i was very happy that we had got to the park for 2:45 and had managed to do Peter Pan, Pinochio, Snow white and IASW
It was more than we expected to do.
It was now 4:15 and we decided to go to Main St to find a place ready for the OUAD Parade, as today it was on at 5pm
We found a place and it was a pretty sight, Main St looked so lovely and festive and the xmas songs playing were great.
It also snowed before the parade which was lovely.

The parade started and Hannah was sooo excited.
The song for the parade was brilliant and it all looked soooo amazing, so magical.
Santa at the end was lovely and the Christmas song is really catchy, i love it!
We took lots of film today on the camcorder and recorded all of the parade

After the parade we then went to stand near the area for the candlebration as that started soon.

The Enchanted Candlebration is truly breath taking, very magical we all kept saying ''WOW'' especially when they light the castle up, it is STUNNING!

After we went to look around some shops in the Main St and then found a place to watch the Fantillusion Parade.
By the time the parade started Hannah was asleep and hubby was tierd and he asked to go bk to hotel and watch the parade another day, but i say NO:rotfl: So we left Hannah asleep in the buggy next to us and watched the Parade, it was worth it as it was brilliant, very pretty and magical.

We then headed towards Disney Village and decided to grab a Mc Donalds as we had already had a meal at lunchtime in Cafe Mickey so we wanted to grab a quick snack and head for our hotel.

** Pic of Disney Village in the day time:

When we saw the crowds in the Disney Village and the queues for the resturants, from that moment we decided that we would eat our main meal at lunchtime everyday this week.

We had a quick burger and then walked to our pink shuttle bus, which was already there when we arrived.
Dream Castle Hotel was last stop and when we saw our Hotel we said ''WOW'' again

It looked very posh, especially when we walked into the reception area.
We collected our luggage up from the Disney Express room and went to our room.

** Reception Area:

When we got to our room i was soooooooooo pleased that they had excepted my request for a garden view!

(i had emailed them a week before to ask if it is possible for a family room with a nice view)
** The View from our room in the morning:

The room had a King size bed and bunk beds with a curtain and light next to the bunk.
** King size bed

** Hannah's Bunk bed

It was a big room and had a Safe, wardrobe, plenty of space for clothes.
Coat pegs, kettle with tea & coffee.. Tv, dressing table, 2 chairs and a really nice bathroom

** Bathroom:

I would definately recommend this Hotel and would stay there again!

** Outside the Dream Castle in the morning:

We had a perfect 1st day at DLP :woohoo:

11-19-2008, 04:56 PM
The dream castle hotel looks so pretty!

11-19-2008, 05:01 PM
I agree the Dream Castle looks really pretty!

11-19-2008, 05:07 PM
Really enjoying your trip report. Hannah looks adorable and your DH is grinning from ear to ear in all the pics. Looks like this could become a regular trip...:goodvibes

11-19-2008, 05:10 PM
It was a really nice hotel and i would definately stay there again... it was definately to 4* standards.
My daughter loved the bunk beds and was excited about shutting her curtains and turning her own light on and off :rotfl:
The view from our room was lovely too.
There was a small shop downstaires and a small ball pit and lego table for the kids, with a few rides for the kids.
They also had a internet corner on the 1st floor.
And a entertainment area with pool/ snooker tables and various other games.
The outside had a park for the kids, with a climbing frame and slide.
We didnt get to use the swimming pool and sauna area as it was closed the week we were there, but it looked very nice :thumbsup2

11-19-2008, 05:13 PM
Really enjoying your trip report. Hannah looks adorable and your DH is grinning from ear to ear in all the pics. Looks like this could become a regular trip...:goodvibes

He really enjoyed himself and did say he would definately go again :yay:

11-19-2008, 06:11 PM
What a great 1st day! The hotel looks really really nice. And at least the hairdryer looks better (and more modern lol) than the one you get at Sequoia Lodge lol.

11-19-2008, 11:26 PM
great first day:thumbsup2 dream castle looks lovely!

11-20-2008, 07:02 AM
Wow Sara - you got loads done in your first day :goodvibes !

Your room does look great at the Dream Castle.

11-20-2008, 11:35 AM
Tuesday 11th November: Day 2

We got up early and went downstaires for breakfast.
The resturant for breakfast was very big, lots of tables and plenty of space, there was no queues.
There was lots to choose from:

*Scrambled Egg (was ok, but a bit creamy)
*Fried potatoes
*Toast, Croissonts and french bread.. toaster grill to toast bread
*Cheese, Ham & salad.... jam, honey & choc spread
*Cereals & Milk
*Fruit salad
*Drinks.... Fresh Orange & apple juice, milk hot/cold, water, tea, coffee, hot choc

We filled up on a big breakfast then got the bus to the park.
We decided to go to the Main Park again and get some more done.

We went straight to Fantasy Land and noticed that it was very busy, it was a french holiday today so we expected it to be busy.
So we decided to leave Fantasyland and finish the rides in there another day, so we went to Fontierland.

* Heading into Fontierland

We were disappointed that Thunder Moutain was closed for this week as it looked really good.

*Thunder Mountain

The wild West atmosphere was great, we took some photos.

*Beside the shop
*Lucky nugget

We then went inside the haunted house, Spooooooky!
It was reat fun, the lift stopped and then it went pitch black, Hannah was fine, she wasnt scared, she looked a bit shocked when we got on the ride and she saw the ghosts and spooky things, but she didnt cry and was not frightened.
When we got out of the Haunted house we watched the boat go round and Hannah was running around shouting ''peoow peoow'' i asked what she was doing and she said she was shooting all the ghosts :rotfl:

We then walked round to find Santa's post office on our way there we bumped into Gepetto and some Monkey's

*Hannah and Gepetto
*Hannah and Monkey

We walked on and came to Santa's Village, Hannah posted her letter to santa.

*Santa's post office

Then decided to see Santa, on our way round she found a Toys Story area, and we couldnt get her out of there. (shes a Toy Story fan) she had some photos taken in there.

*Hannah on Toy Story Horse
*Hannah next to the toy story cowboy

We decided to wait in the queue for Santa and while we were waiting we took pics of the snow.
* Santa's Christmas Village

There was a bit of a queue and it seemed that Santa was taking a while with each child, Hannah was getting restless and didnt want to see Santa anymore, she wanted to play in the toy story area again.
So we decided to go...

After we went for lunch, we headed back to the village and ate in Anettes Diner.
*Pic of Anettes Diner

Hannah was alseep so we decided to let her eat later on.
We ordered 1 beef hotdog & chips and 1 steak & onion bagette with melted cheese on top with chips.
We shared our meal so we had a taste of both. The food was delicious!
I ordered a vanilla milkshake which very nice.

*Me and my milkshake

We then decided to go to Discoveryland for a bit.. and we got a fast pass for Star Tours and decided to do a baby swap.
While we were waiting for our fastpass time, we decided to go into Honey I shrunk the Audience as there was no queue.
It was good and we all enjoyed it, but it was annoying that u could hear the french version through the earphones, they should make everyone wear earphones and choose their language, because although we wore our earphones and selected english we could hear the french version really loudly which spoiled it.

After this we went on Star Tours, i went first. It was very good and i enjoyed it.
After my ride, i came back round to take hannah so hubby could go on.
I told him that i would be in Pizza Planet giving Hannah lunch as she had not eaten yet, so he would meet us there when he finished his turn on star tours.
Hannah was excited to be in Pizza Planet, and she had a pic on the car

*Toy Story Car

When we got in, i couldnt get her away from the TV... she was glued to it.
I finally dragged her away and got her a mickey pizza, chips and drink and i found a seat next to a TV to keep her happy.

*She enjoyed her pizza

When Hubby came back we let Hannah play in the play area for half an hour and she had lots of fun.

When we came out, we decided to take her onto the Buzz ride seeing that she was in Toy Story Spirit.
The queue wasnt too bad, probably waited around 25mins.
Well she really enjoyed this ride and asked to go on again, but we told her she could another day as we had to make a move to our Wild West Show that we had booked for 6pm and it said to be there for 5 ish.

So we didnt watch any parades today and went to the Wild West Show.
We waited in a little queue in the Wild West, gave our tickets and got our hats (we were blue team) it was a really nice Wild West atmosphere, everyone wearing cowboy hats and there was a bar and country music playing.

*Hannah in her cowboy hat.

We went to the loo and then decided to look in the gift shop.. then they started to play loud music and a live county band came on a little stage, then he got some people from the audience to come up and sing, it was great fun.
After about 40mins it was time to go into the arena place and we were shown to our seats.
Because Hannah wasnt quite 3yrs old, we didnt have to pay for her, but what we didnt realsie is that this meant that she didnt have a seat and had to sit on our lap and share our food.
So we were very squashed and not comfortable, so we asked if we could move places.
The guy was really nice and moved us to another place and he gave Hannah her own seat and even brought her dinner over, with pudding etc.. so i was very happy about that hehehe!

Us sat in our seats before we moved

The show was very good, they got us all banging on our tables and shouting and waving our hats, it was a fab atmosphere.
The food was ok, nothing brilliant but we didnt eat everything as we had eaten in Anettes for Lunch so wasnt that hungry.
We had a pork free meal, with Roast chicken, kebab, potatoe wedges, corn on cob... Chilli for starters with bread.. and apple pie and ice cream for dessert, Hannah had the same but had a ice lolly for dessert.
There was re-fills of drink.. coke or beer.. and coffee and a chocolate coin for the end.
We took colouring with us for Hannah to do incase she got bored.

The show was brilliant, definately worth seeing!

After the show we decided to look around the Disney Village and go shopping.
We took Hannah to spend her Birthday money and we got some nice things too.

Hannah got:

*Dancing Princess Arora with a spinning light up dress
*Pack of large squeezy Disney toys for bath with Mickey, Pluto, Minnie, Goofy & Donald
*Minnie & Mickey Ear muffs
*A dancing musical Cinderella (a ornament for her room)
*Minnie Spoon & Fork
*Disney dinner mat
*Buzz cup & buzz straw
*Buzz pen
*Buzz colouring pack & stickers
*Princess colouring pack & stickers
*Minnie lolly pop
*Mr potatoe head with fill the box with as much bits as u can fit 15euros
*Disney choc coins

We got:

*Keyring for ourselves and friends
*Fridge magnet
*Snow globe with Minnie and Mickey
*Minnie lolly for me
*4 xmas tree decs, glass shape mickey with minnie and mickey inside
*Disney 2009 calender

As you can imagine it all cost a fortune!

*Pic of inside a shop in Main Street

We then went back to our hotel and Hannah played with her new things..
We all had showers ready for the next day :thumbsup2

11-20-2008, 11:58 AM
fab second day!!!!!!!!!!!!
i know our spending will be bad - all xmas stuff..... for me lol

love ur pics, and ur report on the wild west made me think id like it - maybe next year when we plan that trip???? it sounds great!!

didnt sound that bad considerin u said it was busy - so thats good too!!! love the pics of the snow too - might even get some of it here this weekend lol

keep going.... loving it!!

11-20-2008, 12:04 PM
Sounds like a great trip :) It's making me so excited to go over there!

Sorry to thread jack - but Scampbunny, can I ask what your name means? The reason I ask is that my rabbit is called Scampi......

11-20-2008, 12:09 PM
Thanks everyone, :thumbsup2
Will make a start on day 3 maybe later or tomorrow :goodvibes

11-20-2008, 12:25 PM
Loving your TR!!

I want an Annettes Vanilla Milkshake now!! :sad1:

Bob xoxoxox

11-20-2008, 01:45 PM
what another lovely day and what great photos :) I also really like your list of shopping, makes me wish I'd bought more than the one bauble !!! can't wait to hear some more x

11-20-2008, 01:55 PM
Lovely update Sarah :)

11-20-2008, 02:48 PM
Really enjoyed reading Day 2 :) Can't wait to read about Day 3 !!

11-20-2008, 02:49 PM
Wednesday 12th November: Day 3

We decided to go straight to the Studios today as we had not been yet.
Park seemed to be very quiet today, hardly any queues for anything, which was brilliant.

We walked in and saw Mickey Mouse beside the entrance next to his festive car.

We walked inside the Studio's and had a quick look inside the big shop in the Studio's, Hannah saw a big Sully cuddly toy that she wanted, but i told her that she had spend all her birthday money and we could get it maybe on our next holiday... it was 23Euros!!
Inside, next to the shop:

We walked into studios and took lots of photo's...

we decided to watch the Animagic Show today, along with the stunt show, so we got the times of the shows and planned other activities around it.

We went on on the CAR's ride first, we walked straight on!

We then went on the Tram Tour

After the Tram Tour, hubby made a deal and said if the queue is 5 mins or less for Tower of terror then he will go on it :scared1:
Well we both knew that the queue would be longer than 5mins wait as its such a popular ride!
But guess what! We walked passed it and it said...................... 5mins :lmao:
So off hubby went, and i was laughing so much! We are both not fans of big rides, we can just about manage the tea cups!

Well hubby was green when he came off :sick: and he said he is glad he went on it to try it, but never again!

We then went to the Stunt show, which hubby enjoyed, i enjoyed it too, they did some brilliant stunts and it was very clever.
Hannah got a bit bored so ended up doing her own signitures in her character autograph book hahahaha!
We are glad we saw it, but it wasnt worth seeing again, now that we have seen it.

We took Hannah back inside and got her some nuggets and chips as she was hungry, then we went to get some lunch in Planet Hollywood.
It was working well eating our main meal at lunchtime.
We had Nacho's and LA style Lasagne each and got a nice 20% off thanks to a very kind DIS lady who sent me some vouchers

After our meal we then went to the Minnie and Daisy meet and greet..
The meet and greets were a bit of a nightmare, wewere the 1st people to wait there and then other people come along and do not queue! We stood in queue and then the guy comes along and says to make a queue here in another place so ever one pushes and instead of being 1st in queue, like we were we ending up about 8th!
But we eventually met Minnie and Daisy!
Daisy was funny because Hannah was wearing Minnie Hairclips so she pointed to them and stamped her foot with her hand on her hips hahahaha!

After i took Hannah to the toilets and changed her into her Princess Belle dress ready to go and dance with the characters in the Disney Hotel at 4pm
We arrived 30mins before and enjoyed looking around the DLH, it was beautiful.. Hannah had some photos next to the gorgeous Christmas tree.

The music started and Eeyore did a funny belly wiggle down the staires and along game Donald and the duck from Ducktales is it?
Hannah held hands with ducktales character and the dancing was fun...
Great character interaction and good fun, also nice way to meet characters without queues.

Hannah and Donald..

After the DLH character dance we decided to miss the parades again and go into the Studios to go on some rides...
So we went on magic carpet ride and also went to see the 5pm show of Animagic which was absolutely amazing! Definately worth seeing if not once then twice if you can.
Hannah loved this show, it was very clever and very pretty.
Unfortunately nobody was allowed to take photos of the show, but we all really enjoyed it.

After the show we had a wonder around the Studios and Hannah wanted to go on CAR's ride again, and we walked straight on without any queue's

We then left the studios and went for a walk around the village and decided to walk near the balloon ride, and hotel New York... we were hoping to see people skating, but it was empty.
We went inside Hotel New York and looked in the shop there... Then walked around the river and was tempted to go on the balloon but it would cost 24 euros so decided not too as it was alot of money.

When we got back to the Hotel, we realised that Hannah had lost her princess belle crown to match her dress... she was soooo upset!
I was upset too cus it wasnt sold seperately, to get it again, we would have to buy the whole dress again :sad2:

But over all we had a super day exploring the studio's and it was a relaxed day and not busy at all :thumbsup2

11-20-2008, 03:20 PM
Sorry to thread jack - but Scampbunny, can I ask what your name means? The reason I ask is that my rabbit is called Scampi......

to reply - i had a rabbit name scampi too lmao he was my 1st pet and died.... 8 yrs ago this month - he was a brown agouti lop eared....

sara - excellent 3rd day - liking the walk on of the rides - def think startin a day in studios is a good plan like we mentioned on facebook - *** i wanna see mickey with that fab outfit on!!! and am also wondering if my stomach cud cope with tot!!!

11-20-2008, 03:35 PM
What a lovely trip report, looks like you all had a fab time :thumbsup2

11-20-2008, 03:41 PM
to reply - i had a rabbit name scampi too lmao he was my 1st pet and died.... 8 yrs ago this month - he was a brown agouti lop eared....

sara - excellent 3rd day - liking the walk on of the rides - def think startin a day in studios is a good plan like we mentioned on facebook - *** i wanna see mickey with that fab outfit on!!! and am also wondering if my stomach cud cope with tot!!!

Thursday was our favourite day, parks almost empty, we got sooo much done on thurday... cant wait to write Day 4 :thumbsup2

11-20-2008, 04:01 PM
This is so exciting to read. It's like reading a great novel - can't wait to turn the page. Looking forward to day 4. x:worship: :worship:

11-20-2008, 04:16 PM
Great trip report. Lovel the photos your DD looks like she enjoyed herself. I look forward to day 4:goodvibes

11-20-2008, 04:46 PM
Thursday 13th November: Day 4.... our best day at DLP

We got to the park just before 10am and we were allowed in.
On the way down Main St we bumped into Mickey in his car


We took some photos in Main St

Hubby bought me a bunch of balloons..............

Only joking! :rotfl2:


We went straight to Discoveryland.... went on Buzz twice as this was Hannah's favourite ride.
There was no queue for any ride today, it was amazing!

The weather was really nice, cold but sunny and bright, we had been very lucky with the weather all week, it had been cold but hardly rained, it rained a couple of times but only very lightly and stopped.

We decided to go on IASW, on our way we bumped into Cinderella

There was a few characters and we saw Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum too
And we saw those naughty Monkey's again!
One sat in Hannah's buggy which was really funny and Hannah sat on his lap

We walked onto IASW, theres no wait at all, it was amazing!

We then went on the Dumbo ride and only waited 15mins

We did Peter Pan again, which was fab!

We also did the Merry go round ... horse ride! (cant remember name) there was no queue, we went straight on!

We watched the Princess dancing and singing next to castle, near where the sword in the stone is....

We went into a few shops to look around and then went to watch Mickeys Winter Wonderland Show, which was AMAZING!
Such a lovely show, Hannah adored this show and through the show some characters come off stage to dance near audience, Pluto and Chip & Dale come down, he danced with Hannah which was nice.
The show was brilliant, so was the songs and the stage looked stunning!


We decided that we were definately coming back to watch this show again tomorrow on our last day, as it was brilliant!

We decided to go for our lunch and headed to Anettes again, this was our favourite resturant, the food was delicious.
Hannah ordered a kids meal and got a free frisbee and me and hubby both had a steak and cheese bagette again, with a vanilla milkshake.
It was a lovely meal.

We headed into the Studios to do some meet and greets and saw Hannah's favourite ''Sully''




We then decided to explore the Studios some more and we went on Armagedon with Hannah..
It was good and guess what... the loud noices and the hot fire didnt scare Hannah!

We took some pics around the studios


to be continued as im getting a bit tierd.... will continue day 4 tomorrow hopefully :-)

11-20-2008, 05:55 PM
Great updates & photos. Can't believe there so little queues - lucky you!

11-20-2008, 09:59 PM
great updates and photos:thumbsup2

11-21-2008, 04:34 AM
Sounds like you had a lovely time...looking forward to the next part :goodvibes

11-21-2008, 06:44 AM
Loving it - the monkey in the pram photo is fan :lmao:

11-21-2008, 07:10 AM
Another great couple of days :)

Your report is making me so excited to go out there!

Looking forward to more

11-21-2008, 08:17 AM
I'm really enjoying your trip report- you got so much done and saw so many characters! Hannah's adventurous going on Phantom Manor and Armageddon- braver than me lol!

11-21-2008, 08:17 AM
Loving your TR sara!!!

Hannah is the cutest thing ever!!!

I hope I see daisy this time!!!!!!!!!!!

11-21-2008, 08:19 AM
Awesome photos:goodvibes

11-21-2008, 12:15 PM
Hi everyone... sorry that i havnt continued DAY 4 yet, ive been busy preparing for a friend staying this weekend.
I have got a busy weekend ahead but will definately get my TR finished for Monday :goodvibes

11-21-2008, 01:03 PM
oh, I'm loving your report ... it just gets better and better :goodvibes It looks like you had such an amazing time, it makes me just want to book our next trip !!!

11-21-2008, 02:42 PM
Loving your TR sara!!!

Hannah is the cutest thing ever!!!

I hope I see daisy this time!!!!!!!!!!!

Awww thank you, she loved it in Disneyland.. she keeps asking to go back but i told her that it is lots of money and she said today
''Mummy i have lots of money in my money box'' :lmao:

Hope you get to see Daisy this time, she is around quite alot for meet and greets in the studios :thumbsup2

11-21-2008, 03:06 PM
i just love your TR :goodvibes
I think Dream Castle will be my next trip choice it looks and sounds LOVELY :thumbsup2

11-21-2008, 04:22 PM
Awww thank you, she loved it in Disneyland.. she keeps asking to go back but i told her that it is lots of money and she said today
''Mummy i have lots of money in my money box'' :lmao:

Hope you get to see Daisy this time, she is around quite alot for meet and greets in the studios :thumbsup2

Aww thats so cute! I agree your daughter looks so cute-I love the photos with her and Sully!:)

Looks like you had a fantastic time:)

11-21-2008, 04:34 PM
Enjoying the updates :thumbsup2

11-22-2008, 05:53 PM
Great report, we're going on Tuesday - I can't wait!

11-23-2008, 11:43 AM
Great trip report, love the photos :)

11-23-2008, 01:31 PM
:thumbsup2 Really enjoying your trip report :thumbsup2

11-24-2008, 05:21 AM
After exploring studios we went back to go back to Main Park... we took advantage of the low queues and went on a few more rides in Fantasyland


We then went to explore Peter Pans Ship and took pics of scull rock, we walked through the caves and across the bridges.




We went on POTC again..

and had a nice walk around the park, taking our time and not rushing which was nice.
We had a look at the Indiana Jones ride, there was noway we would brave that ride so we watched others go on and then looked around the shop next to it.

We walked back to Fantasyland and shared a choc waffle and a choc crepe and got a hot choc which was nice..
We decided to have a walk around and bumped into the character express, which was fun to watch...
Hannah was having one of her tantrums so we left her in her buggy ignored her as she was very stroppy! And me and hubby watched the character express.

We then talked Hannah out of her tantrum and said if she is good then we will let her go on the Buzz riide which is her fav..
She calmed down and hubby took her on the ride while i looked in the shop next to it.

We decided to watch all 3 parades this evening so went to find a nice place to stand in Main St..
We enjoyed the parade today, lots of characters waved to Hannah and the music is so catchy... when the snow falls it is fantastic. :thumbsup2

After parade we had done so much in the park so we decided to look around all shops in the Main St, while Hannah had a sleep in her buggy.
Hubby found a nice pen set he wanted so we got that... it was nice looking around the shops in peace!
We also went to City Hall and i booked the Toy Story Tea Party for our last day at 5pm.
Before holiday i was not sure if i wanted to book it as i had read bad reviews and wehad already done Cafe Mickey.
But it was almost our last day and we had money left over also Hannah had really enjoyed the Toys Story things in the parade and the Buzz ride so i decided to go for it! It was only 15euros per adult and Hannah free!

We then found a place for Enchanted Candlebration, Hannah woke up in time and we enjoyed this show, it is truly magical :wizard:

After this we went back to Main St to wait for the Fantilusion Parade, we decided to watch it right at the end of the Main St near the exit to the park.
The view of the castle all lit up in the pitch black sky infront of us was amazing! :cloud9:
Hubby kept our place and i went to get us a hot drink to relax with while waiting for the parade.

Parade was brilliant, we enjoyed all parades so much today as we knew it would be the last time we would see them as we didnt plan to watch them tomorrow on our last day as we had booked the Toy Story Tea Party.

We then headed back to Hotel early as i needed to pack and prepare for the morning so we can enjoy our last day.

11-24-2008, 06:42 AM
Friday 14th November: Our last day!

We woke up early and went to breakfast, we filled up on our breakfast and then got our cases to take to reception of our hotel for the Disney Express Service.
We checked out of our gorgeous hotel, which was quite sad.. we really enjoyed staying here, it was so beautiful and very comfy..

We had decided to use our free sealife centre tickets today that we got with our holiday package.
So we got our underground tickets which was free for Hannah but a total of 6euros for me and hubby for a return to Val'd europe.

We arrived at the shopping mall and had a nice look around in all the shops, the 1st shop we went in to look at was the Disney Shop, HAHAHA! as if we hadnt seen enough Disney Shops!

We looked at some purfumes and clothes shops.
The shopping mall was nice but i couldnt help feeling that i wanted to be back in the DL Park!

We then went to find the Sealife Centre which was downstaires, we went inside and i knew it wasnt going to be as good as the Sealife Centre in Weymouth, it seemed very small but we had a really quick look around.
I would say that if u have free tickets then its worth a very quick look around but if u dont have Free tickets then its not worth paying extra for.


We were in and out really quickly, it wasnt bad.. was nice to visit, but only cus we had free tickets.

We then headed to the outside shops, which was all the designer shops, Hubby wanted to find the GUESS shop as he wanted a new wallet, so we found him a nice new wallet and treated him too it.

We went back inside and decided to have a quick lunch at Mc Donalds, we got a meal each.
And then went back to the station to go back to the park again.

We arrived back at the park and went to the Main Park, we made our way to the Winter Wonderland Show again, as we loved it yesterday.
We enjoyed the show again, it was brilliant!
We had 1 last go on flying elephants and Peter Pan again, then IASW.
We went to Belles Xmas village and went on the Story Boats, there was no queue, we got straight on.
And then went on Casey's Train.. There was about a 20min queue for that but we decided to wait as Hannah wanted to go on.

We then went to Discovery Land and went on the space rockets and then Hannah went on Buzz again and again and again!
There was no queue so hubby was walking on the ride, time after time!

I looked in the shop again next to it, as im was getting bored of the Buzz ride by now
I bought Hannah a Minnie Mouse Hair band to keep her hair back.
I wished i had a Jessie oufit for her to wear for the Toy Story Tea Party in a min but i couldnt find any in the shop, it was only Buzz and in the Village i saw Woody!
The outfits were very expensive anyway!

We then made our way to Pizza Planet for the Tea Party.
The gates were closed so we waited outside and Hannah was sooooooooooooooo excited, the most excited i had seen her!

I knew it wasnt going to be a busy tea party as there wasnt alot of people waiting outside with us.
When they opened the gates we walked in and there were people at door taking our reservation names or slips... i heard a few people being turned away as they had not booked!
Lady said ''Sorry only reservations please''

We got in and i explained it was for 2 adults and Hannah is under 3 and she showed us to the woman at the till and explained to her, we paid 30 euros and then we was shown where to sit.

We got a table near the play area which was brilliant.
Hannah was jumping up and down as she could see Woody, Jessie and Buzz.. she ran up to them.

She had a photo with Jessie, Woddy then Buzz!


Hannah was jumping all over the place, hehehe! It was not busy, there was so much space so we left Hannah running around , hugging the characters and playing in the play area while me and hubby helped ourselves to some food.
We got ourselves a hot choc and some nice cakes, cookies and fruit salad.
We also took a few cold drinks..
I think everyone was meant to only have 1 hot and 1 cold drink each but no one was counting and it was easy to take more.
The buffet had some really nice cakes and desserts but it would have been nice to have some savoury.. as we couldnt manage to eat alot.

The Buffet:

The characters had a break which was good as we used this time to get Hannah to the table and encourage her to eat something, she did well and ate quite a bit, it was all the things she liked so she enjoyed it.

Chip and Dale then came out dressed as Chef's

Then Buzz , Woody and Jessie came out again!
It was fab character interaction, the characters played with the kids..
The characters went into the play area with the kids too:

The play area:

Pizza Planet:

Jessie danced with Hannah and was jumping around with her..

*Hannah dancing and playing with Jessie

Woody was full of fun, playing with the children. He picked up Hannah and was spinning her around


Hannah had a photo with both Jessie and Woody and then we had a family pic with the character all together.

I had to have a photo with Mr Buzz!

And hubby wanted a photo with Jessie hehehe!

Hannah and Buzz

The Tea Party was worth every penny, infact i thought 15 Euros was brilliant, there was lots of food, drinks .. it was a relaxed enviroment,
It wasnt busy and me and hubby could relax and eat while Hannah played in the play area and the characters made real good effort playing with the kids, it was fab character interaction.
Hannah had the best of time and she is a Toy Story Fan and still talks about the tea party until now!

The only thing i would say is it would be nice to have some savoury in the buffet, as it gets too sweet after a while.

If your little ones are Toy Story fans then tea party is a must.. especially to meet Buzz and Jessie who are not often around for the meet and greets in the park.

After the tea party we went back to Discoveryland and guess what Hannah went on again!! Yes your right!! BUZZ!!
It was her very last go hehehehehe!

We then went into the Lion King Show, up near the cafe to have a peep of the show as we had not seen it as we decided to watch Winter Wonderland again today instead of our original plan of Lion King... we stayed for 15mins and watched it up in the cafe


We took some pics outside of the show:

And a pic of the space rockets at night

We then caught the end of the Enchanted Candlebration, where they lit up the castle.
We watched from a distance for a while and then decided to go and spend our last Euros in the Disney Village shops.
As we walked down the Main St, we kept looking back at the stunning castle which is breath taking, it was sad looking back for the last time,
5 days had gone so quickly but we had an amazing magical time and i think 5 days was just enough time to soak up all the magic and get everything we wanted to do done...


11-24-2008, 07:30 AM
What lovely photos of you all at the tea party- it does seem worth it just for those! I'm tempted to book. Thanks for all the details!

11-24-2008, 07:31 AM
Ive really enjoyed reading your trip report, thanks :thumbsup2
Im looking forward to the tea party, Ive booked for Boxing day :cool1:

So, when are you planning your next trip!!? :lmao:

Rachie B
11-24-2008, 07:52 AM
awww :goodvibes fab report

enjoyed reading it


11-24-2008, 08:34 AM
wow that was a brilliant trip report. im glad you had a good time. i love your pics from the tea party. hannah looks so happy she could burst lol. you have convinced me to go in march. ash would love that!!

11-24-2008, 08:38 AM
Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed the report and photos.
We had an Amazing holiday!
5 days was brilliant for our 1st trip as we had time to do everything we wanted without rushing, also had time to do things more than once if we wanted too.
Because we didnt rush we took our time to soak up the magic and atmosphere and enjoy all the attention to detail in the parks.

The only things that we didnt get to do was:

* Watch ALL of the Lion King Show, we only saw a bit of it
* Lilo and Stitch Show

If we could afford it, i would love to do DLP every November, for Xmas season. But we need to win that lottery first :rotfl:

Not sure when we will do another trip but i know it wont be soon as we are planning for baby number 2 soon and i dont think i would like to go to DLP pregnant or with a small baby...
Hannah was almost 3yrs old when we went and i think it was just right age for her to join in with most things and have fun.

So we will probably do another trip in a few yrs time...

But i have definately caught that awful illness DOD :rolleyes1
''Disney Obessive Disorder'' i think i caught that before the trip :rotfl2:

It really is a truly magical place, Overall a FANTASTIC holiday! :thumbsup2

11-24-2008, 08:44 AM
Wonderful trip report, glad you had a wonderful time :goodvibes
Good luck for baby n2, maybe Santa will bring you one (or two lol) ;)

11-24-2008, 08:46 AM
fantastic sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
still not sure about our tea party, as booked the birthday one and doesnt seem like many ppl have gone yet - but i know the one we are going to is fully booked :( kinda getting worried as ds2 isnt good with lots of ppl and if its busy it cud be a meltdown - must remember to ask about it at city hall....

loved ur trip tho - sounds fab & u got so much done in ur time there and lovely pics....... u priced up another holiday yet??? ;)

thank u for sharing!!!

11-24-2008, 08:53 AM
I loved reading your trip report, and those pics of the Tea Party with the characters are fabulous :love:

11-24-2008, 09:29 AM
A fab report, I really enjoyed reading about it & looking at your awesome photos. Glad you enjoyed it:thumbsup2

11-24-2008, 09:34 AM
I loved your report Sarah.

Hannah looked so happy in them pics with the guys from Toy Story.

11-24-2008, 12:31 PM
Thanks for the updates & your photos are brilliant. It sounds like you had a great last day & the tea party sounds good fun.

11-24-2008, 12:32 PM
what a great trip report! been looking forward to it!! thought.. reading about park has reminded me how sad i am to be home!!! haha.. sob!

toy story party looks great... i didnt get around to doing it, as i met them a few times in park.. and baby milo had a tendancy to get really tired and fed up at around 5, so didnt in the end... but if its still going next time we go (oh when when when) I will do it!!

I have put my pics up on face book, so have a look... got some descriptions of what was going on!! haha

when do you think you will be back? i was the same, so excited, running, singing, dancing... its just wonderful.

also.... your not alone with the tantrums!! haha... on the last day, i think ben was so exhausted and kept bursting into tears we were leaving, he ended up having the hugest melt down in the disney shop in village... over.. a peter pan costume.... (he already has).... apparently he needed two??? hahaha:lmao:

11-24-2008, 01:28 PM
oh I just loved your trip report and what a gorgeous little girl you have, she looks adorable. I'm loving the buzz, woody and jessie pictures ... I think the tea party will have to be a must for our next trip ... I just need to convince hubby we need it sooner rather than later.

Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday :)

11-24-2008, 03:15 PM
Awww I love your pictures, you can see how happy your daughter was with the toy story characters! I also liek the fact your husband is wearing a Newcastle United shirt :rotfl: !!!

11-24-2008, 04:16 PM
Awww I love your pictures, you can see how happy your daughter was with the toy story characters! I also liek the fact your husband is wearing a Newcastle United shirt :rotfl: !!!

Hehehehe! Yep he is a Toon Army supporter!! He is from South shields :thumbsup2

11-26-2008, 12:36 PM
awww I just finished your report, wow it was brill!!!!!:thumbsup2

11-26-2008, 03:46 PM
awww I just finished your report, wow it was brill!!!!!:thumbsup2

Glad you enjoyed it :goodvibes

11-27-2008, 03:28 AM
Brill trip report & photos, the tea party looks great fun. Glad we've booked for 5 nights now as I hope that we'll be able to get as much done and be able to take it easy without rushing around the park

11-30-2008, 04:17 AM
Brill trip report & photos, the tea party looks great fun. Glad we've booked for 5 nights now as I hope that we'll be able to get as much done and be able to take it easy without rushing around the park

I think 5 days is perfect, just enough time to get things done, more than once if u want without rushing and u also have time to look around all the little shops and explore the park in detail and soak up all the magic of the parks.
There are also quite alot of shows to see, which takes up quite a bit of time, and alot of character meet and greets aswell as the rides, parades and attractions.
I was worried that 5 days would be too long, but it was just perfect :thumbsup2

11-30-2008, 04:20 AM
oh I just loved your trip report and what a gorgeous little girl you have, she looks adorable. I'm loving the buzz, woody and jessie pictures ... I think the tea party will have to be a must for our next trip ... I just need to convince hubby we need it sooner rather than later.

Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday :)

Thank u, yes Toys Story Tea Party was fab, Hannah enjoyed it soooo much, i would definately do it again on another trip... I would also like to try out the Princess Meal too next time. ;)