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11-17-2008, 01:01 PM
They mention at the end that it will be open to everyone soon :thumbsup2

Boat 11 Arrives Today! (http://blog.elfisland.com/?p=103)

November 17th, 2008 Thanks for your patience and welcome boat 11 passengers - we’re headed to Elf Island today! Hop aboard!
Today, November 17th, from 4pm (Eastern Time) – 10pm (Eastern Time) our eleventh boat will begin boarding pre-registered elves for Elf Island Beta.
** Boarding rights are based on the date you requested a user name and password. **
Click here (http://www.elfisland.com/boat11.html) to see if are one of the lucky Islanders headed to Elf Island today!
http://blog.elfisland.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/boardinginstructions.jpg (http://registration2.elfisland.com/)
Have a comment or issue while playing in Elf Island?
If you notice that something is not working or you receive an error message while playing within Elf Island, we ask that you report the issue by clicking on our Moderator button, which is, the “M,” located at the top right of every screen or by emailing us at support@elfisland.com. We thank you in advance for remaining patient and forgiving. Remember, you are making Elf Island the best virtual world for kids around the world.
Remain patient. If you’ve pre-registered we have you on our list.
Note - If you try to board one of our boats before the date you pre-registered, the elves will politely ask you to get back in line and patiently wait. For those of you who didn’t find your user name on the second boat, don’t worry, we have your user name and plan to announce the different boat launches and the dates the boats leave throughout the next two weeks.
Boat one (http://www.elfisland.com/boatone.html)
Boat two (http://www.elfisland.com/boattwo.html)
Boat three (http://www.elfisland.com/boatthree.html)
Boat four (http://www.elfisland.com/boatfour.html)
Boat five (http://www.elfisland.com/boatfive.html)
Boat six (http://www.elfisland.com/boatsix.html)
Boat seven (http://www.elfisland.com/boatsix.html)
Boat eight (http://www.elfisland.com/boateight.html)
Boat nine (http://www.elfisland.com/boatnine.html)
Boat ten (http://www.elfisland.com/boatten2.html)
Tell your friends, your neighbors and teachers! Elf Island will open to everyone soon.

11-17-2008, 01:20 PM
They mention at the end that it will be open to everyone soon :thumbsup2

I was starting to wonder just how many boats they would launch.

I have found their customer service very responsive. Last week I wrote support about my room that enjoyed redecorating itself. A couple of before and after screen shots were included.

I received a reply back in less than 10 minutes. The reply explained they were aware of the problem and were working on it. They also added that a related issue of disappearing items has been resolved. It was so nice to get a quick reply---and even better to get a quick reply that pertains to the topic!

11-17-2008, 06:58 PM
Yes I found that the mods would actually pop into my room to see what I was saying. And I notice that a lot of the items I was having issues with while building my room are on the list to be addressed. I really think the room competition is to get people using the items in their rooms to find the bugs. And boy did I find lots :rotfl:

I was like this is too frustrating I will wait till the bugs are fixed. Then I went DUH :rolleyes: that is why I am here to help them test the items :rotfl2: