View Full Version : Anyone order lunch entree for dinner at WCC--or elsewhere?

11-11-2008, 05:21 PM
DS really wants to go to WCC for dinner in Dec., but there's really nothing on their dinner menu I like...though, loved the salad I had there at lunch last year. I wonder if they'd let me order it at dinner?

I wouldn't have thought this a problem except that, a Rose & Crown, I'd once asked if I could order the ploughman's lunch salad at dinner and was told no. Since it was just a salad with cold cuts, I couldn't really figure out why it would be a problem...the waitress had said they didn't have lettuce in the evening?!?! I should have asked about appetizer salads, but, oh, well...

Has anyone done this at any WDW restaurants?


Karla B.