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11-11-2008, 07:38 AM
What are the best counter service areas at Epcot?? We have 10 left and it is our last day!!! What would be your top pick ( or two ) in the countries?

11-11-2008, 09:02 AM
BUMP come on guys please!!

11-11-2008, 09:20 AM
DH is in love with the Shimp Fried Rice in China...I am in love with the food from Tangierine Cafe in Morrocco, especially the falafel wrap and couscous.

Sunshine Seasons has a killer caesar salad and soup selection and yummy desserts.

Germany for a brat with kraut and the fish from England is awesome!

11-11-2008, 09:22 AM
My favorite is in Morocco, Tangierine Cafe. It's kind of back in a corner (near Restaurant Marrakesh, if I remember correctly) Really good selection of very authentic food!

Sunshine Season Food Fair in "The Land" also has a really great, fresh, large selection of foods. I'll go to Epcot sometimes just for lunch at these 2.

11-11-2008, 10:06 AM
Sunshine Season in the Land is great. It's a change from typical burgers & chicken. They have something for everyone. (And the desserts are awesome!)

11-11-2008, 12:12 PM
Dh and I are fans of the Tangierine Cafe in Morocco and the Fish and Chips in the Uk. We also like to go the Bakery in France and get sandwiches or the cheese plate and pastries

11-11-2008, 12:30 PM
Sunshine Seasons... they have really good salmon!!!

11-11-2008, 01:29 PM
DH and I usually go to Yakitori House in Japan and the Sunshine Seasons in The Land.