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11-11-2008, 07:02 AM
Ok I was all booked and ready to give my deposit on Friday and low and behold I get up this moring and I have been sent a code for Free Dinning for the time that we are going. So I called to see if it could be applied to my package and ofcourse it can not. When they added the free dinning it took away the 3 nights that were free and made the package $1,200 more. Not bad I know but this started out as a value vacation and now we are looking at $5,000 instead of $3,800 that a $1,200 difference.:confused3
Now I have done the math and right now my package is.....
7 nights/8days - 2 rooms @POR with 7 day base tickets for 8 people $3,808.08

The other way with the free dinning comes out to $5,033.24 - $1,225.16 difference to be exact.

This whole thing started with AMus 7 nights/8 days base tickets with the 3 free night and the total was $3,182.30.
If I change back to the value resort I would be saving $1,968.00 but loose the upgrade to POR.
We have only been to Dinsey once and we stayed ASMov and it was great. We had the time of our lives honestly.
I am just so confused.
Would you change the reservation to get free dinning, I would have to go back to the values no question there or would you leave the package I already have and forget about the DDP?:rolleyes:
As you may have quest already we are a larger then most family so Moderates are not going to be the norm around here until the kids can pay their own way. lol.
However we had DDP last trip and it was a lot of food for the money the only thing is now that removed the graduity, has to be paid out of pocket so even though its free we still have to come up with a tip at least once a day and our average bill while there last trip was always over $225, with a 20% tip thats still $45, DH & I both have waitressed and bartended so we always give 20% tip, even last trip we always added more to whatever was already being given other then one time because the server was rude and nasty. Anyway so now you have to add in $45 times 6meals = #270 more added in there.

11-11-2008, 08:44 AM
Are you planning to eat and pay out of pocket if you take the 4/3 promo? Did you want the DDP this time? I'm not sure how to compare since I can't tell if the first quote includes dinning? Are you getting the $200 gift card? If the 4/3 promo doesn't include your dining costs I would estimate them and add it to the total including tips, then compare your costs including tips with the free dining plan to get a true picture on the costs. Go with whichever is lowest, unless you really want DDP and don't mind paying extra! Have a great trip!!!

11-11-2008, 08:58 AM
It seems to me that with the number of people you've got, (8 right?) free dining comes out to a much better deal. Also I'd be willing to bet that the free dining is the new counter service plan. So I'm guessing you won't have the tipping issue.

11-11-2008, 11:11 AM
my question is how old are the kids? Plus is it you, your husband and the kids or is there other adults (grandma, grandpa??)

11-11-2008, 03:12 PM
Free dining is nice convenience sake, but it always cost me and my gf more than we'd actually spend on food there. Particularly if it has a TS as its not necessary for us to eat at one everyday.

For instance, its about 70 per day (+tip) for the dining for us. We probably spend around 35 dollars total per day (total) when not on the dining plan, and go to a TS once or twice during the trip. Usually saves us hundreds over the course of a trip.

Disney reccomends an 18% tip, so 20 seems pretty normal, and this is something we thought about too (strong believer in not going out if you cant afford the tip).

It kind of depends on priorities though, if you love food and sacrifice other things for it (this is definately not me) you'll disagree and say the food plan is better, but its still not really cost saving, going out to a sit down dinner everynight is nice, but its not cost effective. After doing the DDP a couple times I always prefer not to, for one I dont like a TS every single day (takes a lot of time getting to restaurants and removes a lot of spontaniety), so we'd use 2 for signatures, good food, but then we pay out of pocket for counterservice or waste the value using a TS for a CS. There's a lot of CS availalbe too thats pretty tasty. Earl of Sandwhich is one of my favorite places to eat period, for example.

We take the money we dont spend there and either save it, or get something there souvenir wise. Disney's most prominent bargain is free dining for a reason. I'd take the room and ticket discount at the moderate. Im fine with values in theory too, but the little things add up to make it less fun than the mods / deluxes for me.

11-11-2008, 03:23 PM
I will give you my numbers - Free dining was better for us -

We have 2 adults - 3 children (7,6 and 3) staying May 17-24 POR (7 nights) with 6 day hoppers.

4/3 deal was 2901.00 (includes dining)

Free Dining was 2749.00 (everything included)

OH, and it is not the quick dining plan. Regular 1 CS, 1 TS, and 1 Snack.

Hope this helps - Jennifer Johnson

11-11-2008, 04:07 PM
Why do people always think free dining is the CS plan? Seriously, stop

11-11-2008, 04:31 PM
Money is a little tight right now as I think it is for many so the plan was to take advantage of the promo.
I originally booked for ASMus with base tickets and nothing else. I figured book the deal and then I could always add on as time goes by and see how thing go money wise. We usually get a pretty good tax return so I was just going to wait and see but at the very least we were getting a good deal and going to Disney so who can complain? Right?
So as I said I called to cancel because I was concerned about the rooms not being connecting as that is what I need and when I did the CM got me to upgrade to POR. Too funny.,Anyway the cast would be....
Myself, DH, 4DD 18,17,14,11 AND DS 15 and DF 19.
I was doing the math as well and the dinning plan coming to 320 per day and I honestly can not see us spending that amount of money on food if we were to pay out of pocket.
However there are many places that we went to for dinner that we really enjoyed that there is no way we can do without the plan as it is way too much money which is why I was considering changing the ressies;
With that said we have never been able to afford moderates so that is why I thought we might be better off staying at POR as last trip while we had dinning we also had park hoppers and waters parks which I am not able to do either at this time.

11-11-2008, 04:40 PM
Why do people always think free dining is the CS plan? Seriously, stop

Disney offers the CS plan. It's logical to ask whether the plan being offered is the CS one. At some point that's probably going to be one of the cuts being made. CS for the free dining package. How about you stop being so rude? Seriously.

11-11-2008, 05:13 PM
:rolleyes1 :yay: Ut ohpopcorn:: Should we move this to Las Vegas for center ring? Mr. Banks, I see you are a veteran, exactly how many years have you served in Disney? Was that WDW 1 or WDW 2? :rolleyes1

11-11-2008, 05:30 PM
OP think the way to go about it then, considering you want to be economical, is to look at how much you would spend on food per day. Not doing TS everyday necessarily, just how much you'd spend a day on food. I cant guess what that'd be for your family really.

Take that number and add it to the 7 for 4 deal price the POR.

You've already got the 5k number for the value resort for that period, which is going to include dining, but you're going to have to factor in your exta meal a day, unless you guys only eat two, and the tip at CS every day, which probably will be somewhere around 40 dollars as you said. Also, remember dining covers 7 days, not the 8 you're there.

Compare the two, and if the free dining number, including the breakfast or whatever you add on, and tip, is higher, decide if that extra cost is worth it to you for the table service each nigh.

I think if I did it with 7 people and they all just ate like the two of us it'd be around about 4950 at POR with food using the 7 for 4 deal including food but that'd be without any table service. But, adding in a table service would see a significant increase in price obviously. Using the dining plan would probably be about 5500 assuming a really light breakfast, tips and food for the extra day. This is goign to change quite a bit based on breakfast or not, i like to eat a mickey waffle each day, i never eat breakfast at home (maybe once or twice a year). Sometimes I skip it at WDW, it'll vary greatly how much your total is based on each person's preference obviously.

I think you could get a cheaper vacation in other words using the 7 for 4 and get a better resort, but you may prefer the other way and pay more, get a lesser resort but have table service meals.

I'd probably take POR myself, not being a person who greatly enjoys food, i'd also probably get bottled water and pop or whatever you drink delivered to the resort and keep it in the fridge. Maybe some snacks too (granola bars etc), Ive done this once and its nice as well as cost saving. Having your own drinks actually saved us a lot of money, just for the 2 of us, considering you consume a lot in the heat. I dont carry them around with me, and still buy some at the parks, but I dont buy as many because im better hydrated. I think with 7 people it'd make even more of a difference.