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11-10-2008, 10:27 PM
I posted this on the codes/rates board but think I probably should have posted it here....any advice??

I have ressie's for my family (dh, me and 4 yr old ds) for Jan. 1-Jan. 5 at the Pop. Now my dh wants to go on Dec. 30 and 31 too....and of course there is no availability (wasn't any to begin with when we made our original ressies either) and I have no idea which direction to go.

I found a good price on Hampton Inn/Lake Buena Vista on Palm Parkway....close to parks and contin. b'fast too for around 120.00 a night. OR should I pursue a villa/condo for a couple of nights??

Pop would cost around 145 per night to add IF we could get an available room...I've checked a couple of times w/ no luck. I would love to go ahead and get the dining plan for those two days like the rest of our trip but doesn't look like it's gonna happen.

I also wondered, if we stay off site (we are AP holders) what is it like w/ parking and all on New Year's eve???

Anyways, where would you stay...what would you do??

11-10-2008, 10:50 PM
I just checked for you and if you want to add Dec. 30 & 31 and stay onsite you have limited choices. Port Orleans French Quarter just came up for all your dates along with the Wilderness Cabins. Don't know what you are willing to spend, but you could stay there for 2 nights or the entire time. My guess is that someone cancelled, so if this has any interest for you, you should book quickly. That being said we have stayed off site before and that would not be a bad choice either. Hope you get enough response to help you make a decision! Good Luck.

11-10-2008, 10:56 PM
Thanks...I'll hop on disney's website and check that out! :)

Let me ask this...how will this affect the dining plan?? I booked Jan. 1 at the Pop at reg. rate and then booked Jan. 2-5 w/ AP rate. When I talked w/ a CM, she said I could call back later (no later than 6 days before the check in) and add the AP dining plan. Technically I have two ressies already...but she said then it would become a package w/ the AP rates applied to Jan. 2-5. So, if I add yet another ressie at another WDW resort if I can find one, then how will that affect me getting the dining plan?

Anyways, keep the advice coming! I am sooo confused!

11-10-2008, 10:57 PM
We've been to Disney World for NYE the past four years. I don't think I would stay off site. IMHO, I would call every day to see if I could get something...ANYTHING on property! On December 30, 2006, EPCOT was closed because it was "at capacity". The only way they were letting anyone in was when someone left. Turnstile lines were loooonnnnnngggg. Magic Kingdom is worse and when it gets to certain limits, only on-site guests are admitted. I don't know the hows or whys of when they do that, but I do believe it's better to be staying on property. So call, call, call! I did one year and 2 weeks prior to our visit, I got The Contemporary. Now, that's the place to stay 'cause you can walk to the MK and when the crowds get to you, you just walk back to your room. And a tower room with MK view is THEE BEST! Avoid the crowds altogether and watch the fireworks from your balcony. It's amazing! NYE is very crowded but so much fun! Best of luck to you.