View Full Version : WWYD-Swan/Dolphin or split-stay?

11-10-2008, 09:27 PM
We are planning a June/July trip for our anniversary & I need a little advice on what to do.

We are looking into staying at the Swan/Dolphin because I can get a teacher discount. We are interested in trying the S/D because:
-We LOVE the BW area
-Epcot is our favorite park & we'd love to be able to walk to it
-We generally cannot afford WDW deluxe resorts, so the cheap teacher discount rate of the S/D will be a real treat!
-We are curious to try out the Heavenly Beds

We are not interested in the DDP, but we will miss the convenience of the Magical Express. We were looking into taking a Mears Shuttle. Not too bad in price-$40 per person 1 way, $66 per person round trip. So, for us it would be $80 one way or $132 round trip. So, I got to thinking:

Maybe we'll stay at the S/D for 8 days and spend the last 2 days at the Pop Century. This way, we would get the ME on the way home & it wouldn't be too much more $ to stay on site for the last two days. We've always wanted to stay at the Pop.

Does this seem worth it? & will we feel disappointed for going from deluxe to value? I'm guessing the Pop doesnt have Heavenly beds, but I would think that the appeal of staying on site & the fun & vibrant theming of the Pop would be exciting enough!

Advice? Thoughts?

11-10-2008, 09:41 PM
We plan on doing the same thing, but we are going to stay at Pop the first night using ME. We will then take a cab over to the Swan for a 9 night stay. We will take the Mears shuttle back to the airport from there.:thumbsup2