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11-10-2008, 04:19 PM
I have tried asking this in some other threads and never got a definitive answer.

Can anyone comment on how late restaurants stay open in World Showcase on EMH nights? We will be arriving the day after Thanksgiving, landing at about 9:30pm (which will be only 6:30pm West Coast time); and we won't be able to make a grocery stop since the stores will be closed.

Luckily, that night is EMH at World Showcase, so the park will be open until 12:30am. We are staying at Boardwalk, and were hoping some restaurants will be open very late that night so we can hop over and grab a bite to eat as soon as we get checked in (hubby is a CM and we are on Silver Passes, so it doesn't "use a park day" or any concern like that to hop over for an hour or so).

Can anyone comment on this, either from posted facts or recent experience?

And if the restaurants are closed, I guess we'll be paying through the nose for room service, since there is no grab-n-go at Boardwalk like we got spoiled with at Poly with Captain Cooks! Wah!

11-10-2008, 05:55 PM
Not sure how late the WS restaurants are open during EMH, but you could easily go to ESPN Club on the Boardwalk (no ADR's taken) or Big River Grille & Brewery on Boardwalk (no ADR's taken) or the Boardwalk Pizza Window.

Just a few suggestions :goodvibes

11-10-2008, 06:01 PM
I would call the dining phone number 1-407-939-3463, they should be able to tell you all the different places that you would like to eat, times for closing. Hope this helps :)

11-10-2008, 06:11 PM
Yes, we figured ESPN might be a backup, but we really don't like the food there much, so hope to avoid it.

Thanks for the feedback!