View Full Version : change of plans!

11-07-2008, 04:09 PM
I was able to get in on the new deal for the same price as SOG we're staying at POLY! So these are the ADR's I made today since we're doing the dining plan. Can y'all help me tweak it??

I made ALL our ADR's now Can you help me tweak it??

arrival the 24th 10a.m.

24th O'Hana's 5pm

25th nothing yet but I did book a birthday cruise for wishes at 7p.m.

26th Tepan Edo's (sp) dinner this was done prior to our dining plan so not part of our dining points

27th Whispering Canyon dinner 5:20pm

28th Cindy's Bfast 10:10am already paid for again not part of our dining points

29th 12:10pm hollywood & vine, 4:50 Sci Fi (and then Fantasmic just to go not part of a pkg)

30th California Grill 7:50pm to watch wishes at 8pm

31st day of departure Crystal Palace breakfast 9:30am we leave at 5:30