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10-24-2008, 01:56 PM
February 2006
So Husband had decided that we had ‘done’ Disneyland and had no need to return.
I said it was a shame we hadn’t seen Space Mountain Mission 2. I said it was a pity we never got to look around The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. I said it was a pity I would never hear the POTC song again. I said…….. well, lots actually, and Husband eventually said we should go back for one last last last last ever trip in February 2006. We booked with Thomas Cook once more and this time asked for GMFL breakfast for each day. We also wanted to go by Eurostar but that was booked up so we were flying from Heathrow again.

I simply couldn’t believe it when Dtr threw up 4 times during the night before we went. :sick: There was no sign of temperature and she felt okay in herself. I think it was just so much excitement and build up.

Fortunately this time the forecast was for normal February weather - cold and wet, instead of Arctic like in the previous year!

BIL was kind enough to drive us to Heathrow again - as usual our flight was delayed. We actually managed to get the shuttle bus from the airport this time and quite quickly got checked in at the Santa Fe. We walked through the Village and reached the Parks about 2.40. :banana:


We decided to go into the Studios first and went onto the Tram Tour and then the 3.45 Stunt Show. You may remember that Dtr had never seen this all the way through, so she was thrilled by this.


We were all starving, so went off for our now-traditional first night dinner at Annette’s.
Husband and I had the RocknRoller Burger, Son had Blues Brother burger and Dtr had the mini hotdogs.

Then it was time to go into the main Park. Once again it was Carnival time in Disneyland, but sadly this year there was to be no Fantillusion. We made our way down Main Street USA - yay! :cool1: Here we are, back again.

We started by riding Phantom Manor and then POTC…..oh it’s all so lovely. :love:


The others went on BTM while I had my first look in the shops and then we all went on IASW. The Park was closing so we strolled back to the Santa Fe, through the Village and along the canal.

Fortunately Dtr hadn’t been sick anymore - it really had been the excitement making her ill. We had really really looked forward to this holiday! :yay:

10-24-2008, 02:13 PM

I've yet to ever see the Castle simply as 'The Castle'..... It looks sooooo lovely!

Bob xoxox

10-24-2008, 02:36 PM
wooo hoo another report :cool1:
yes, the castle does look lovely - but also bare..... not sure which i prefer :confused3

thanks again for ur fab reports - roll on part 2!

10-24-2008, 02:37 PM
Tuesday - Valentines Day (looking at the pictures, have realised how floppy the famous Mickey hat had become in the year :laughing: )

We were at the Park very early for our breakfast in the Chalet de la Marionette at 9.00 am. We finished quite quickly so that we had a chance to go on some Fantasyland rides - we rode Dumbo, Peter Pan and Snow White before 10 am. As the Park opened up to everyone we went round into Discoveryland and onto Nautilus and then to watch Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Next we all went on Star Tours …….yes all of us. Me included. Chicken Exit Hilda. Have to say I didn’t like it much. :scared:

We went off to Adventureland and explored Skull Rock and finally got to look at La Cabane des Robinsons. Then the children let off some more energy around Fort Comstock. We wanted to go on Phantom Manor but they had a technical problem.

We looked at Cowboy Cookout to have some lunch but it was so busy in there we decided to the Studios and have lunch at Restaurant en Coulisse.
After lunch we went into Animation Gallery where Dtr played with a zoetrope and learnt how to draw Pooh. Son went off to ride RnRCoaster while Dtr managed to meet Minnie, Daisy and Jessie.




There were hardly any queues for RnRCoster so ’those 3’ went on for another 2 rides before we went on the Flying Carpets and met Abby Mallard.


The boys went off on the Tram Tour while Dtr and I got even more autographs - from Mrs Incredible and Woody before flying those carpets again.


We all met up together and were about to leave to go to the Park when we met Sully who went running over to Dtr and then had his hands over his face, crying because he had scared her!:rotfl2:


Over in the main park the queue for BTM was 70 minutes so we gave that a wide berth and went to explore Aladdin’s Passage before the boys rode Indiana twice before and then we all went for a ride on POTC before eating in the Blue Lagoon.
Husband had swordfish steak with lemongrass sauce; I had swordfish and tuna fricassee; Son had Black Pearl burger and fries and choc chip cake while Dtr had meatballs in sauce with chips and the Mickey jigsaw dessert. It was nice in there - the atmosphere is really special but we really only ate there as Husband likes it so much. I could easily have skipped it. :confused3

The Park was closing and we had there eerie feeling, when you come out of POTC and they won’t let you walk through Fantasyland and direct you over the bridge and then you are suddenly in the dark and in the middle of loads of pathways and there is not a CM in sight. Dtr is always convinced we are going to get locked in for the night.:scared1:

Anyway, we didn’t! We did a little bit of shopping on the way through the Village and were soon back at the Santa Fe and ready for bed.

10-24-2008, 03:30 PM
Wednesday - today brought rain and more rain, but fortunately we don’t melt and we just got on with the fun.

We had breakfast in Pizzeria Belle Notte and then went for a ride on Peter Pan and on the Carousel.



We wanted to go to Discoveryland and decided to cut through the left hand side of the Castle exiting Fantasyland. As we turned the corner, who was standing there sheltering from the rain, but Sleeping Beauty, with no-one even near her!


I forgot to mention that since we had been there Space Mountain Mission 2 had not been running due to some technical hitch. This had disappointed all the others, but especially Dtr who had been too short to ride it in our first year.:sad2: It was still not working when we reached it so we went on Star Tours instead.

I queued in the rain for tickets to see the Lion King, while the others went for a warm drink in the Café Hyperion. Well - there’s no point us all getting wet, is there? :rolleyes: Son decided he wanted a ride on BTM and went off to cross the Park, getting back too late to join us in his seat for the Lion King show, although he did watch from the Café behind. We all really enjoyed the show and thought it great fun.

We noticed that Space Mountain was now running and the others shot off to get in line. Great success - they all loved it. Dtr tried to explain it in full and graphic detail, but I’m sure words don’t do it justice.

We decided to go to the Studios once again, and on the way out of the Park we saw Mr Smee and Alice signing books around the Carnival area.



Over in the Studios we seemed to get a lot done in a short space of time -


apart from eating lunch in Restaurant en Coulisse, Dtr sat in Animation Academy and learnt how to draw Mushu, I went on the Flying Carpets, Armageddon (with husband) and also saw the Parade (with Son), we all watched Cinemagique, Husband went on RnRC twice while the children went on 4 times!
Back in the Park once more, we went up to Indiana Jones for the boys to ride and then went onto POTC and Phantom Manor. It was soon time for our meal at the Silver Spur.


Dtr had farfalle Bolognese and (of course) Mickey jigsaw; Son had Big Thunder Burger and chips with chocolate nuggets; Husband and I both had entrecote steak - he with barbecue sauce and me with béarnaise. It was as lovely as we remembered in there.


As stuffed as they were, they managed to ride BTM 3 times in the dark :faint: while I went on Peter Pan (no queue…what is happening???) and Pinocchio.
Do other people get sad on their last night, even when they have another day in the Park? I always have the “this time tomorrow I won’t be here” blues. Especially as this was to be our last last last ever trip.:sad:
We did a bit of last night shopping - Dtr put her holiday money to good effect - and then we went back to the Hotel for Dtr to survey her purchases.


10-24-2008, 03:54 PM
The castle looks beautiful!

The park looks so quiet.

10-25-2008, 04:13 AM
I am loving your trip reports.
I have had two of those last last last last ever trips. The children don't believe me anymore!!:rotfl: :rotfl:

10-25-2008, 04:48 AM
Wow - you managed a lot of characters :thumbsup2

You all look at a lot warmer than last year :banana:

Did you go in the February half-term?

10-25-2008, 12:55 PM
Hi - yes it was half term week for a lot of schools, although I believe some schools had the following week. Compared to this year, the Park was really quiet.

Thursday…last last last day of our last last last trip
Another early start, we had to pack up and put our stuff in the luggage store before heading off for the Park.
Empty Park - lovely! I know I take this shot a lot but I love to see Main Street soooooo quiet. :love:


We had finished our breakfast by 9.35 - just in time for photographing the pretty toilets in Fantasyland!


and then we went to ride Peter Pan a couple of times and Dumbo as well before going to queue at Discoveryland.

The coaster monsters went on Space Mountain whilst I went to get them FPs to do it again. We then did lots and lots of last-last-last-last-day rides: 2 POTC, 2 more Space Mountains, a BTM and Phantom Manor (in various combinations)



before we all met up to go on IASW and then have lunch at Toad Hall (first time here for us).


We had one final split - the boys going off to do Indiana while the girls did Pinocchio - then a real final-final look round Alice’s Labyrinth.

I couldn’t believe it really was all over and was quite willing to hang around while Dtr spent the last of her Euros on a waffle. We strolled slowly down Main Street and watched a little bit of the Carnival Under the Sea


before we could put it off no longer. Husband was sad that the holiday was over but showed no signs of saying “ oh what the heck, let’s come again next year!” …….. I was thinking I had a few more months to work on him, but was sure already that I wanted to come back. :yes:

Back to the hotel, back to the airport, back to the UK………..for the last last last time?
As if!!!!!!!!!!!! :rotfl2: :rotfl2: :rotfl2:

10-26-2008, 07:04 AM
As always - lovely, lovely pictures :thumbsup2

Ware Bears
10-27-2008, 06:37 AM
Well, all us DISers know that this wasn't your last last last last last ever trip but even if we didn't, then I think we'd all feel safe betting odds that you would be booking another trip before too long!! ;)

I've really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing. :goodvibes

10-27-2008, 11:10 AM
I love these blast from the past trip reports!!