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10-21-2008, 07:33 PM
I just got a call from vp, and to my dissapointment they said they are sold out of the halloween theme items such as the pumpkin ears, and halloween buckets. I was wanting to order them for my daughter for a in room surprise. I checked on other ones such as the princess fantasy basket, but for 100 bucks I rather buy her a new princess dress for that much, and just get her an autograph/photo book when we get there. I just don't see what makes the princess basket worth the price honestly. I know she said DLH can do the chocolate mickey ears, or sorcerers hat. Lots of choices, but i have no clue what to pick. Any thoughts, or opinions are greatly appriciated.

10-21-2008, 08:22 PM
I have photos from the princess basket on my fuzzyshot blog day 5. here: http://www.fuzzyshot.com/kagawa/post/pt5x6zQr2K If you add up the cost of the items it would probably add up to $50. So that's a 100% mark up when VP delivers it! Missing from the photos was the pen for the autograph book and the flowers are actually candy! Also the first picture is a collapsible hair brush!

10-21-2008, 11:11 PM
Hi Sy, Fellow Oahu resident here. I have been watching your live report, and have to say how awsome you are for making it great for your adorable kids. Yeah I felt the same about the cost mark up. I am in no way going frugel, but at the same time I would rather shell out the bucks for something she would get more play time from. She has mentioned wanting to add a belle dress to her LARGE growing collection which invludes Cinderella, Ariel, snow white. and Sleeping beauty. The sleeping beauty, and Ariel dresses are comming with us due to MTOT sleeping beauty for that, and ariel to wear just cause it's halloween. I wanted pumpkin ears, but may just have to buy them once i'm there unless my VP lady armed with my credit card number can do personal shopping, and snag ne some. I know the chocolate ears the size of my palm with her name on them are 22 not including tax, tip, and fee. We are also celebrating my 30th birthday, so I ordered a two tier mad hatter style cake with an Alice whimsy them cost qouted by GCH chef 80 dollars. I am gonna call VP tomorrow, and DLH to see what I can arrange. I have to head to the airport at 5am to beat the awful rush hour morning commute to Hnl airport as our flight departs at 8 am.

10-21-2008, 11:26 PM
My daughter picked up a Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) dress at the Princess Fairytale Faire and a pair of matching shoes for $100. We went back to get the wand and crown later for another $50. If your DD is doing to the MTOT and you were already planning to buy a Belle dress, you should just leave her other dresses at home and doll her up when you get to DL. Atleast that whay you don't have to carry so many dresses with you! :thumbsup2

10-21-2008, 11:35 PM
I was hopping to get away with that, but she is set on Auroa. I may just leave the Ariel here, and she can be Belle for just around the park on halloween. We are doing the MTOT the night before. I am still undecided on the chocolate sorcerers hat, or the ears. Was it awful crowd wise for you guys? I am hopping the hawaiian air terminal atleast has a starbucks open for me to grab a coffee, and her a muffin. Not sure what will be open at 5:30 am.

10-22-2008, 12:01 AM
Actually Crowds were lighter than I expected for most of our trip. The Sat (oct 11) we got there was the busiest. Eating at Rainforest cafe took some time/patience. After that we crammed into Main St with everyone else in California to watch the fireworks then we left to go back to the hotel. That was all I really wanted to do that night. The Sunday wasn't to bad but then again we only stayed til noon. Monday wasn't too bad, especially considering it was a holiday) we did mostly DCA thinking DL would be busy that day. Tue and Wed were great... no one in the parks! Walked on everything! Thursday got a little more cramped with UEAers ariving that day. the last couple hours were real light since DL closed at 11p. Over the whole trip the longest line I stood in was 20 min for Toy Story and Nemo, which by all accounts is still not too bad! Dream Fast Passes helped on our last day too.

Not sure about the Starbucks, although if you are flying Hawaiian I'm not sure you will be going out of the interisland terminal. When we flew into to San Diego we had to catch the wikiwiki to the bigger terminal. The premiere lounge should be open by then you can get coffee there. If you are not premiere get it, it's only $150. With premiere you don't need to pay for any extra baggage fees (except for $50 overweight bags). the 4 of us checked 3 bags going over and 6 bags on the way back. It probably paid for itself right there. Also you get to use the first class TSA line at LAX which will cone in very handy! Trust me!!! Pluys you get to pound some milanos at the Premiere lounge at LAX!!!:thumbsup2

10-22-2008, 04:57 AM
Ohhhh good info right there. I never knew about that. Would have been nice to know when I flew Hawaiian to Sydney. Is it 150 each, or just 150 flat? I was told by a Hawaiian agent when I called to check my confermation that since I bought my ticket about a year ago I could take my second checked bag no charge since they changed it after I purchased. I'm gonna call to make sure that's correct rather than get a big shock at 5:30 in the am. Do you get any first class services other than luggage, and lounge, and has Hawaiian followed the other airlines in stopping their food service? That's a main thing being such an early flight plus 5 hours a 4 y/o is gonna want something within that time,

10-22-2008, 05:54 AM
Just 1 person in your family needs premiere status and you are good! Hawaiian is still serving food and drinks for free. Also with your premiere status you get 2 in flight ammenities like 1 beer and 1 audio headset free. Or you can opt for 2 beers if that would make your flight easier! :thumbsup2 Also with premiere you bags will come off the plane first!

10-22-2008, 10:00 AM
Just another idea if you want things waiting for you when you arrive, you can try http://www.mouseshoppe.com/Merchant5/merchant.mvc The owner does a great job and goes out of her way to be helpful. She will also get your ear hats personalized for you. Try emailing her to ask if she would do a hotel delivery for you. orders@mouseshoppe.com

10-22-2008, 10:27 AM
I haven't looked today but disneyshopping.com had princess dresses for 19.99 yesterday.

10-22-2008, 10:51 AM
I was at Costco last night and saw they Disney Princess Dresses for $19.99 as well :)

10-22-2008, 10:53 AM
You are right, I saw them there too! Heck you could almost buy all the princesses dresses for the same price as one in the park!!

10-22-2008, 01:45 PM
Thanks!!! What great info. Thanks Sy as the info you gave me alone paid for itself right there. I was going to buy a headset to watch the showing of get smart now I don't have to also bags off first WOOHOO just grab and go since we are taking magical express. Thank you for the info especially since i'm waiting to book another flight when I get back for me and DH trip back to the land next year. Knowing food is still served is a relief versus a grumpy hungry 4 y/o. Thank you all for the link, and heads up on Costco. I have to go by there tomorrow to gas up my car, so I will try to run in, and see if ours has any. Disney store here never went into Childrens place control, so they have 2 styles of princess dress. The regular style for 40 bucks some on sale 40% off then the deluxe version which is more detailed 80 bucks with 20, or 25% off.

10-22-2008, 02:06 PM
Unless the shipping costs are prohibitive, do check out disneyshopping dot com. They are spendy sometimes, but they also have really terrific deals on other things. Be sure to click on the link to the outlet, just in case there is a discontinued style of dress, etc.

The pumpkin ears...are those actual ears or chocolate? If actual ears, just get them in the parks. Why spend more than you have to? As for the chocolate stuff, to me it doesn't seem worth it. Even if they had a chocolate pirate ship, I wouldn't get it for my 4 year old boy. Would melt, be way too messy (not worried about his clothes, but about the hotel room), etc, and I cannot imagine it's quality, either. Would rather spend the money on stuff in the parks! Going to Disneyland is magical enough without all the extra stuff VP wants to tell you. IMO.

10-22-2008, 06:39 PM

We are here now.....there seem to be plenty of pumpkin ears left. I did not see the candy corn ones though, but have also seen plenty of the Jack ears.

Not a lot of Trick or Treat shirts. I only saw them in Adult XXL but lots of kid sizes. They also had sweatshirts.