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10-21-2008, 09:11 AM
work so tired me out and i didn't even do anything yesterday but sit in a room and watch movies about the work place and stuff. I wake up today and i'm the tiredest I've been in forever...I wonder what its going to be like when i'm actualy working, like during this weekend. i'm gonna be soo tired I bet. At least I can't work past 7...thats a positive. Anyone have any advice for staying awake?

10-21-2008, 09:54 AM
energy drinks!

10-21-2008, 10:05 AM
You'll build up an endurance. When I first started my job, I was really to collapse when I got home. But now I can work up to 8 hours days and still be fine.
You'll get used to it.

10-21-2008, 01:45 PM
Yeah, you will get used to it. If you need to caffine and energy drinks are good, but don't go overboard. :] Good luck at your new job, where are you working?

10-21-2008, 06:22 PM
I'm working at a movie theater popcorn::


And caffeine may actually need to be drank now...