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05-03-2002, 12:52 PM
We're going on Disney Magic 8/24. First Disney cruise and we are so excited. Will be me, DH and DS 9.

Has anyone stayed in 7063 or in that area? Would appreciate some comments.

Also, we are hoping that DS will get involved in the clubs some. Do they keep kids that age occupied? He gets along with everybody so I don't see a problem with that. He is e-mailing with one boy through a board and hopefully they will be friends by the time we go. I don't even mind if he stays with DH and I all of the time. His decision all the way.

05-03-2002, 04:16 PM
We were in 7068 on the Magic. It's a great location, great deck. Our room had a King bed and a sofa that flipped out to be a great twin bed. My son really loved it. Restrooms are right by the entry door past that is the bedroom area so you don't hear too much hallway traffic. There's lots of shelves and dressers and I brought hangers and the over the door shoe rack and used them both.

Our son was 12 at the time. Like your son he is an only child and loves it! We actually missed him while we were cruising! He LOVED the club, the counselors and makes friends very easily. It was "his" vacation so my husband and I let him do his thing. They gave us a text beeper and we checked on him periodically and would see him around doing things with the group. I had a few rules: No going to anyone else's room, if he left the group for any reason he had to beep me (went for soda and came right back and he beeped me), had to eat dinner with us every night (I didn't want him to miss the rotation dining and he loved our waiters), don't drink too much soda! and he had a curfew at night. I paid close attention to the Navigators that they hand out with what is happening each day. If they were doing something that didn't interest him he would page us, meet us at the pool with some friends until the next interesting thing happened then they would go back to the group. I really am over-protective but I felt very, very calm and secure about him on this cruise, it was a nice feeling and I relaxed WAY more than I expected to. Another great place we went to last year was Family Club Med in Florida. He loved it and again it was so safe and fun for him. Enjoy!

05-03-2002, 04:33 PM

Thanks for the information. I am overprotective also. I know he will do fine and I will definately lay down some ground rules.:Pinkbounc

05-03-2002, 10:56 PM
We will also be staying in room 7063 on the Magic and will be me, DH and DD who will be 9... We're going February 8/03. I'll be looking forward to hearing how the room was, and how your son enjoyed the Kid's Clubs....
have a fabulous time....

05-04-2002, 02:00 PM
I will do a trip report when i get back and let you know how it was both the room and my DS handling of the clubs.