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10-11-2008, 06:07 PM
Hi there I have never written a trip report before (have been Disneyworld three times but never motivated myself lol) This trip report comes with a warning, it does have a very nasty moment in it, and a happy/sad ending (happy because I know I have done the right thing and sad because…well life’s just like that and you work through it) the writing down of it all is part of my working through it.

The gang

Me. 42 year old, who turns into a big kid at Disney (don’t we all)

DD Shannon, light of my life 4 year old, very hyper and still prone to acute deafness
(when orders are given) and tantrums, makes up for it by being very loving and giving :love:

My partner 42 year old who is never impressed by anything

Emmer 15, prone to occasional strops but generally sweet(her name is Emma but Shannon always adds a r, so now emmer)

So it starts

The decision; we were looking for a cheap family holiday for us all, mostly at the park in Spain (which I can’t spell lol) and had a peek at Disney along the way *ahem*
We first looked at 4 days but decided that it was too short for all the travel we had to do, then we found the dream castle hotel for 8 days for £749 for the 4 of us deal, so we snapped it up. Booked the boat, bus, flights and shuttles. The tickets I bought of eBay and made awesome savings.

Day One;

Our start of travel is a Tuesday night at 11.45pm, on the northlink ferry service from Kirkwall, in the Orkney Islands, to Aberdeen. My dad has very kindly offered to take us to the ferry, so he picks us up at 11 and we are on our way. We arrive at check in hopes that we can get straight on and get settled into our cabin before Shannon wakes up too much….no chance, the earlier boat is still unloading so we have to board late, and through the car entrance grrrrrr :rolleyes:
Never mind we get on find our cabin and with a lot of mucking around and giggling we get settled and sleep…….well everyone else slept!!!! So eventually I doze off to be awoken about 2 minutes later by the tanoy telling us its breakfast time blech. So we all get up get organised and head for breakfast. I had toast (their breakfast is nasty and overpriced!!) then back to the cabin picked up the luggage and headed for the bus station to get the megabus to Edinburgh, 3 stops and 3 hours later we arrive at Edinburgh airport, and check in with easyjet.
We have an hour to kill so get some overpriced and nasty Cornish pasties, but I ate it I was starving lol. Yay time to get moving for our flights, we are just about through security and emmer realises she left her handbag, with all her spends in, phone and Nintendo ds argggggg……security have picked it up, so her and ady go in hunt of it leaving me and Shannon waiting, they are gone forever, and just when I’m envisioning missing the flight they appear bag in hand *phew*:scared: . We get through security without further delay and get on the plane first because we have a little one so all get to sit together *yay* , after an uneventful flight we land at CDG and start looking for our transfer, no sign of anyone with my name on a card, eventually I check my phone and find 10 missed calls from our driver *oppps* who is standing at a different door than we are. We get into the minibus and after a pleasant drive arrive at our beautiful hotel
Wow we were all impressed, especially Shannon who shot straight in the ball pit and played happily while we checked in, we got a room on the 4th floor with nice view out front, and set off to unpack.
Once unpacked we decided just to eat at the hotel buffet (the most expensive we ate bar one place) and oh boy though I ate I was ravenous lol. We all headed straight to bed after this big day tomorrow……..

sorry no pix of the journey I packed my camera and camcorder and forgot my new phone takes pix :headache: never mind plenty to come :thumbsup2

10-11-2008, 06:11 PM
Hi!! Sounds like a long first day - but your hotel sounds lovely! Looking forward to reading more :)

10-12-2008, 05:08 AM
Day 2

I wake up with Shannon telling me “morning” and have a quick peek at my watch, 7.45am not too bad, I stumble out of bed and into the shower, after ten minutes in the shower listening to ever increasing shout’s of “I really neeeeeeeeed to go now” I stop torturing everyone and come out of the bathroom…then proceeded to bang on the door and tell them all to hurry up time’s a wasting :rotfl:
We have a full cooked breakfast here included in the price, so head of for the restaurant, and fuel up ready for the day ahead.
Everyone full and satisfied, we head out front for the shuttle bus and it arrives just as we get out the door…and so the scrum begins…..now I am not a pushy person and will stand up for pregnant women etc, so this for me was horrible, every morning we got the bus it was a shove and push to get on, I did learn eventually what god gave me elbows for though!!!!:rolleyes1
We arrive at the park by 10.30, and head into Disneyland Park first (we have 2 day hoppers sort of and single tickets all off eBay) go through bag check with no problems ….and now for the moment of truth…have I been had on eBay…will the tickets work…will we have to buy more…..nope every one of them worked perfect *phew*!!! Who me I was NEVER worried not for one single second *ahem*:scared:
Anyhoo, in we go and everyone looks at me, ummmm what you all looking at, oh what first well okkkkkk, seeing as we have one very overexcited 4 yo lets head for the castle and the little rides.

going in

Then my idea for torture for the day came to me!!!! Lets go over here…this ride is called It’s a small world everyone a nice easy ride to get the little one going, so in we go (don’t know what the fuss is about I love that song!!!) Shannon adored it, and emmer liked it and ady well it isn't really a blokes ride lol but guess what??? The song was stuck in their heads…Oh yes I’m so evil hee hee. We head from here and do the spinning cups, took one look at the silly queue for dumbo and passed, and headed for POTC.pirate:

first view of the castle

Now I wasn’t sure how Shannon would take this one, as when I did it at the grand age of 7 in the original Disneyland, I screamed and cried to get off the whole way round, she loved it!!! It was her favourite ride in Disney full stop, and she still sings the song.
From here I send the other 2 to go to Indy , and told them to meet us back at the carousel. We went on this twice before they appeared and informed me indy was shut (they were doing a lot of filming while we were there) so we headed for space mission and they rode that while me and Shannon went on orbitron, then onto buzz, everyone loved this and as there was no queue we went on three times in a row, and I always won much to the disgust of himself lol.
It was time for a break now so we sat and got hot dogs and fries and the character express came by, me and Shannon got up and went to the side and watched it go by she was fairly jumping around and up to high doh about seeing some of her favourite characters. I got that :hug: feeling


We went back and helped finish up the food, and got the maps out and decide to head for honey I shrunk the audience, we all loved this and emmer and I jumped a mile when the air whooshes about your legs :scared1: from here we went to star tours, which Shannon hated so I never got onto this again.
Then we head off for BTM, now I had decided to take Shannon on this as she met the height requirements, and had been on a log flume ride 6 months earlier and loved it, I found out my child has fear (which she has never shown before about anything which can be quite worrying) she screamed for off the whole way round…so I never got back to this either *sigh* . We decide to head back to POTC seeing as she loved it so much to restore her faith in rides, and hey what’s that characters woohoooooooo….I jump around a bit, while the other 2 look at me like I’m mad and Shannon joins in lol. So we head towards them. This is the second time I realised about scrums, I was making Shannon wait her turn, but there were grown up pushing in front (more than kids) so eventually I gave her a big push towards goofy, she loved him pictures taken we head towards, ummmm a bear??? Ok he signs the book and Shannon ask who is he is and I tell her (wasn’t that sure actually lol) that he is from the country bear jamboree; big al proceeded to have a little dance and gave me the thumbs up so I must have been right. Also here was a guy from the hunchback of Notre (not seen this film sorry) and more bears.

Big Al


After we had calmed down from meeting the characters we headed for phantom manor, which everyone once again loved, then E and A headed back to space mission for a couple more turns while me and S had a ice-cream and chilled out. We had missed the afternoon parade and were all feeling a bit foot sore so headed back to the hotel, to change and head out for dinner in Val de Europe, we decided on hippopotamus and the service and food were very good, ady had steak, I had ribs, Emma had a Chinese veggie platter, and Shannon chicken nuggets. We had a wander around the shops after dinner then caught the train and bus back to the hotel, sent the kids to bed and had a nightcap in the bar before bed.

big thunder mountain you can't guess she had been screaming her head off 2 minutes earlier lol

10-12-2008, 05:23 AM
Loving your trip report so far - very descriptive.

More please :goodvibes

10-12-2008, 06:05 AM
Loving your trip report so far - very descriptive.

More please :goodvibes

why thanks, I was feeling a bit like i'm waffling on to much glad you are enjoying it :)

10-12-2008, 06:06 AM
Hi!! Sounds like a long first day - but your hotel sounds lovely! Looking forward to reading more :)

unfortunatly this is the downside to living in orkney, expensive to get off the island and long trips to get anywhere....but the low crime rate and safeness for children and community feeling more than makes up for it:goodvibes

10-12-2008, 06:14 AM
great report

i live on the isle of man , and its expensive too getting on n off the island , and involves a trip to livepool or manchester to connecting flights etc

bit of a nightmare , but as you say , low crime and safeness beats it all

10-12-2008, 08:53 AM
Great first day report, really looking forward to the rest of your trip.

10-12-2008, 02:53 PM
Enjoyed your 1st trip report including your epic journey there :)

Looking forward to the same amount of detail in future installments :goodvibes

10-12-2008, 03:06 PM
I too like detail so your TR is great :thumbsup2 What an epic journey though!!

10-12-2008, 04:39 PM
Day 2

I forgot about an itinery so this is what we did

Day 1….Disneyland Park
Day 2…. Paris
Day 3….Zoo
Day 4….Asterix parc
Day 5….Big Cats Park
Day 6….Walt Disney Studio Park
Day 7…. Hopping between both parks and doing favourites again
Day 8….shopping before home

This is the day the bad thing happened, which coloured a lot of the trip for me, I decided to deal with it in earnest after the trip so it wasn’t ruined for all concerned as I knew there would be no repeat, but it still makes my blood boil and probably will make yours as well, do try not to judge I did as I thought best at the time.

Anyway back to the trip report

We arose at about 7.30, it was Emma’s turn to wake us up with a toilet call and once madam is up so is everyone else. We had a kettle in the room, which the hotel was trying to charge insane prices for giving out tea and coffee things with, needless to say we had bought our own, so we had a cuppa while we waited and waited and waited for Emma to come out(what do they do in there!!!!! Teenagers lol) everyone showered and dressed (cept Shannon, she always had her bath at night) fed and on our way by about 9.30. We caught the shuttle to the rer station and bought Paris visite passes for 5 days covering 6 zones, this pass covered all our travel by train, metro and buses right out to the airport and saved us a fortune.
We caught the rer, which was waiting just for us, and headed into Paris central, we had a lot of changes, but were managing not to bad until we had to wait, Shannon was bored and would not sit down (just for the know she is currently being tested for adhd after a year of doctors and health visitors saying nothing was wrong) I was dealing with her, when ady lost his temper picked her up and slammed her down so hard she started yelling the building down. I went off my head, but kept it down he knew I was FURIOUS, Emma was shocked also and he went way over the score (ady is/ was my bf and Emma is his daughter) let’s just say if the police had been around he would have been having a trip with them.
Just then the train arrived which we need to catch arrived, the other went on and I got Shannon’s hand and told her to come, she could hardly walk, so I grabbed her and went to get on the train…the doors started to shut …with her in and me out OMGGGGGG panic, ady was trying to force the doors open, then I saw the button pressed and the door opened and in we tumbled (I’m sure we gave some French commuters a good laugh anyway!!!) The rest of the trip into Paris was uneventful, although I went and fumed in another carriage for the rest of it.
We exited at our station and started looking for signs for our first (and last) stop the Eiffel tower. No signs could we see, but hey look up everyone and there it is the Eiffel tower way up there!!! WOW is all I can say, I knew it was big but it is enormous I felt sick and dizzy looking up at it, heights are NOT my thing. We let Shannon run around and let of steam for a while (she seems fine and a few Paris pigeons got good exercise, more on those later) I decided to keep stum, and keep it light for the kids at this point.

The Eiffel Tower

waiting in line

We joined the queue for the tower and it took about 30 minutes to get our tickets to go, we head into the first lift and up up up we go…..too high, I am looking out and refuse to look down, and my breakfast is debating staying put or not!!! We get out at the 2nd floor and have a look around (well the others did) then onto the next lift to take us to the top, here I did look out, and even managed to look down woohoo go me. I am so glad I did this; I proved to myself that my fears are generally unfound.
We stay up here for about half an hour then head down again (me trying not to think about snapping cables and things!!!)
At last I we get out feet back on solid ground, and head off to find the toilets and something to eat, we had hot dogs they were huge, and the best I’ve ever had, of course the pigeons were getting their share as well (what is it about feeding birds that is so pleasant) then the bet was made…..ady bet me 50 euro I could not catch one of these crafty birds, we have had this bet before in Glasgow, and they can be right at your feet and get away. Well this time I caught one!!!! I was feeding about five right out of my hand went for a grab and amazingly came up with a pigeon…..don’t know which off us was more surprised!!! (Mind you it was a very poor like skinny pigeon).

feeding the pigeons

So what next, well no one wanted to go anywhere else, so we headed back to val de Europe for dinner, we ate at the Italian right across from the rer station, which was so so, I had one of those meals where everyone else’s looked better than mine grrrr don’t you hate that, then back to the station and the short hop home.

Just to add as I don’t want to bring anyone down after this the trip was fine, but I cannot condone anyone doing this to my child, whatever the reason so ady and I are no more, I did look into flying home but could only get flights the day before we went back, so decided it was not worth spoiling it for the kids….It was made very clear to ady that he was never to touch her again. The day after we got back I finished it, and I know I have done the right thing all trust gone. I promise the rest of the trip is full of lots of happy Disney/asterix/zoo moments

10-12-2008, 04:48 PM
Paula I just wanted to give you a big :hug: .

10-12-2008, 04:49 PM
Hey Paula, that's a tough, tough thing you've been through and you're probably right that writing it down is good for you.

Glad you managed to make sure the girls had a good holiday and you didn't allow it to spoil all the happy things of the week.

10-12-2008, 05:00 PM
:hug: :flower3:

10-12-2008, 05:33 PM
:hug: Paula, you did the right thing at the time on holiday and when you get back and that is all you can do. With hindsight you may want to change something you did or didn't do but all we can try to do is our best at the time things happen.
Like you when I was getting divorced, I sat and wrote things down it helped me immensely with my anger at certain things.

10-12-2008, 05:49 PM
Paula can offer any words of wisdom but :grouphug: for you and the girls.

Looking forward to reading the rest of your days :)

10-12-2008, 05:57 PM
Thank you all for your kind words of support:goodvibes , I have that warm fuzzy disney feeling as I type this :lovestruc and I know I have done the right thing. we have a weird thing going on as emma is also my cousin (ady was my 2nd cousins hubby) and she is coming over to visit with me and shannon tommorrow, which makes me so happy and she knows that I will always be here for her to talk or just hang out...she has had a hard time with her parent splitting up, but has come out of it a lovely girl and smart as a whip I couldn't be prouder or love her more if she was my own :love: once again thank you for the kind words, hopefully I will get another chapter written tommorrow :hug:

10-13-2008, 06:20 AM
Thank you all for your kind words of support:goodvibes , I have that warm fuzzy disney feeling as I type this :lovestruc and I know I have done the right thing. we have a weird thing going on as emma is also my cousin (ady was my 2nd cousins hubby) and she is coming over to visit with me and shannon tommorrow, which makes me so happy and she knows that I will always be here for her to talk or just hang out...she has had a hard time with her parent splitting up, but has come out of it a lovely girl and smart as a whip I couldn't be prouder or love her more if she was my own :love: once again thank you for the kind words, hopefully I will get another chapter written tommorrow :hug:

You sound like a truly lovely person. Your comments about Emma have made me cry. For what it's worth, I think you did the right thing - your daughter, Shannon, will clearly always come first, as she should.:hug:

10-13-2008, 06:23 AM
You sound like a truly lovely person. Your comments about Emma have made me cry. For what it's worth, I think you did the right thing - your daughter, Shannon, will clearly always come first, as she should.:hug:

Can't add anything to that - big hugs from me too :hug:

10-13-2008, 06:39 AM
:hug: :hug:

You did the right thing and I am glad you decided to stay on for the children.

10-13-2008, 07:19 AM
just wanted to add my :hug: too - i know what its like tryin to deal with a child espec as shes bein looked at for adhd (we are too) and its hard enough for us to try and calm down the child, without some1 basically sticking their nose in. i do think u did the right thing, and glad u n emmer and still seein each other - u sound very caring and i do with u all the best - and cant wait for my of ur trip report!!:hug:

10-13-2008, 08:23 AM
I think you have been very brave in your decision of how to deal with your situation both on holiday & when you got back home. I hope that telling us about it helps in some way.

Your trip report is fantastic & lovely photos. I am looking forward to reading the other installments because we go in 5 days for a week & would like to do other things while we are there other than just Disney. We are thinking of going into Paris a day, but I'm wondering how easy it will be getting in and out of metro stations with a pram - we will probably take our big one as DD2 can put her feet on the ground with the light buggy & stop us pushing it & can also "walk" with the pram! I see you mention going to the zoo. I didn't know there are one nearby, so I am dying to hear about that too.

10-13-2008, 09:05 AM
I think you have been very brave in your decision of how to deal with your situation both on holiday & when you got back home. I hope that telling us about it helps in some way.

Your trip report is fantastic & lovely photos. I am looking forward to reading the other installments because we go in 5 days for a week & would like to do other things while we are there other than just Disney. We are thinking of going into Paris a day, but I'm wondering how easy it will be getting in and out of metro stations with a pram - we will probably take our big one as DD2 can put her feet on the ground with the light buggy & stop us pushing it & can also "walk" with the pram! I see you mention going to the zoo. I didn't know there are one nearby, so I am dying to hear about that too.

getting to the zoo was easy and it was a pleasant enough day out, I am writing it now, the stop we needed was shut so we went one past no biggie but you can ask if it's open

you need to take the train from disney and head for gare de lyon (this is the red line on the rer map. Then you change to metro, take the yellow line(line 1) for chateau de vincennes so one change we went a slightly different way and had 3 stops:headache: so this would be easier for you. I found it all very easy to navigate and they have a lot of moving walkways and things, and lots of signs to help you along, if in doubt ask most people are happy to help. I hope this helps you, the big cat park was also good, but asterix was a big fat headache as you will read later lol

10-13-2008, 09:16 AM
Thanks for the information. I might give it a go. Looking forward to reading about it. Hopefully it will be posted when I get a chance to sit down tonight. Just off now to lift DD2 from her cot & do the school run!

10-13-2008, 02:52 PM
Day 3

Today was zoo day, this was the cheapest thing we did in our time in France and the most relaxing!! It was around 6 euros each the adults and Emma counted as a child here and was around 3 and Shannon was free woohoooo I love free. (If I was a Disney character I’d be scrooge mcduck!!! Because I’m Scottish you understand!!!)

So we are up around the 8am mark, I won the bathroom race, I wasn’t long I had bathed the night before in the vain hope of loosening off my leg muscles, they were agony my legs, but the water was “set” at a certain heat and wasn’t near hot enough for my needs.
We headed for brekkie and today we snuck a couple of rolls stuffed with ham and chicken into my bag for a picnic lunch (I still have the guilt’s about this, but everyone else seemed to be doing it)
Suitably weighed down we left the breakfast area and met, for the first time, the hotels characters. There was a dragon and a lion I think Shannon was delighted and shot off for a cuddle…now I know I took a pic of this but it isn’t on the puter so it must be on the normal camera so sorry no pics of these.
We catch the morning scrumbus and head for the rer station arriving just in time for that nice train that just waits for us, we have 2 changes this morning which we manage with no hold ups or getting lost, get on our last train, to find, that the station we need is out of service so we have to get off at the next one.
Now we are lost, but wait a nice man ask’s us in French what we are looking for *gets out phrase book* he takes one look and switches to English, and he gives us directions ( I found asking directions really bad there and had to ask about 4 people before we could find our way, maybe just me)
The zoo was ok, I think a city like Paris could do better with it though, a lot of the buildings were looking sad and empty enclosures do not look good, but the animals looked well kept and were breeding (always a good sign in a zoo)
We saw, hippos, giraffe, antelope, arctic wolves (so beautiful), baboons and a host of others no big cats or unusual animals though, set in a big park though so pretty.
There was a excellent wee place for Shannon to play as well with benches for the big people so we sat there in the nice warm sun for a good hour having our purloined rolls and a couple of bottles of water.

my favotites

these were cute

shannon and emma being frogs

play area

The park itself is nice to just walk around and there was a boating pond there also where you could rent a boat if you liked…we saw one called Suzy, which caused great mirth as Emma’s sister has this name!
We were here for another couple of hours just wandering and watching and chilling, when we left we decided to grab something to eat for the kids for their main meal and we would head to DD that night, so we went into this café, I had a beer, Emma had a veggie pizza and Shannon spag bol kids meal, it was ok we certainly ate in better places though and it was expensive for what it was (there was a MacDonald’s just round the corner as well grrrr)…never mind you live and learn lol
The travel back to the hotel was uneventful; we got back to our room, bathed Shannon sorted ourselves out and headed for downtown and cocktails, Ady had the litre jugs of beer, they were huge and actually worked out a lot cheaper than the drinks in our hotel, and I started with a large vodka (I was needing one) we were in the sports bar first which I liked it was quite laid back there and not to noisy and they had table heaters for when it got a bit chillier.
We left here and went to the steakhouse to eat, ady had a steak and I had the ribs both were very good, then pudding I had the key lime something or other (sorry lol) and it was to die for but rich and I struggled to finish it,it was all washed down with a very nice bottle of wine:rolleyes1
Then we went to the western bar, Billy bobs , I liked this bar there was good music playing and lots of people up dancing with their kids (why can’t it be like this here, take your kids out with you in safety and enjoy, although I never had mine she needs her sleep or is impossible to deal with) I had a cocktail here, but I have forgotten what it was, very good though I had 4 maybe why I can’t remember *ahem* , we went to catch a bus opppps too late the last one just went disappeared round the corner, so we got a taxi back to the hotel and fell into bed watched some TV, before falling asleep.

My pics turned out terribel for this night so some more zoo instead



emma made guinea pig noises at them and the spoke back to her and proceeded to follow us around the enclosure :rotfl:

these guys reminded me of the vultures in jungle book

next up parc asterix

10-14-2008, 03:41 AM
Thanks for posting that - it has definiately given me another activity to do next week. Your pictures are great & it doesn't matter if there isn't a great selection of animals - my girls are too young to know any better! Looking forward to hearing more & especially about the Wild Cat Park.

10-14-2008, 10:44 AM
Day 4

Today is the day we had decided on for Asterix park, as in off peak season it is only open weekends. Our travel pass tickets made their money as we had to travel out to CDG airport again for the shuttle bus, by now we are all old hands at the travel system and arrive there at 9.30. The office to buy the bus tickets was right there and there was a bus waiting and ready to go (I think it was every half hour that they went) we bought a pastry and a drink to have on the bus and were off.
The bus journey was about a half hour I think, with no traffic hold ups and we arrived
Just after opening time, to be faced with a huge queue ekkkk. We joined the queue and I found the paperwork for half the tickets (I bought 2 from Keith Prowse and 2 off the eBay France site, I wished I had got them all from eBay, it worked out cheapest) we get to the front of the queue to find I should have gone elsewhere with the e-ticket, so we have to turn around and go back to the ticket office, which was hidden off to one side.
We get our tickets and enter without anymore problems. First stop toilets!!! , then we get the map out and decide we will head for the biggest rollercoaster in the park, me and Shannon are going to stop at the smaller rides and they will meet us back there.
Was a good plan expect the coaster is shut, and we are still waiting in line for a rocket ride….did I mention how busy this place is, it’s insanely busy, you can hardly move and even the little rides have 20 to 25 minutes rides! Emma spots a pirate ship ride nearby and heads off to queue for that. We get on the rocket ride at last and Shannon can go on her own, she is delighted, so I head out the gate and watch her spin round about 5 times and off…all that waiting for that. Good job kids are easy pleased :cheer2:

a roman gladiator

There is a very good dolphin show here so we head off for that 15 minutes early to find the doors shut and it is full up. Time for a little thought here, we sit down and decide what to do next. The next dolphin show is at 3 so we will be there at least half an hour before. There was a water ride nearby so we joined the queue for that an hour later and we were sitting in a six seater large ring and getting good and wet….or rather Emma did :rotfl2: We needed the cooling down because did I mention it was very very hot here. From here we tried to find another coaster (there are 5 here) this place is quite hard to get around and a lot of the paths ended in dead ends….so no more coaster lol.
We had lunch at a snack stand hot dogs and drinks, and headed for the dolphin show and sat down, it was a long wait and did I mention very hot…Emma and ady got sunburnt in here the sun was shining straight in and there was no escape, me and Shannon were fine as we both like the outdoors and had tans already left from summer *smug look*
The show started and I can say it was well worth the wait, they have a sealion show first, and then the main attraction, the commentary is all in French though, although it didn’t detract for me.

shannon snuck into thor's seat when he was gone lol

some of these would be useful at home!!!!

I don’t think we did anything else after this, we went for an ice-cream and saw a roman army go past and they did a little skit in front of us, we did not see any of the asterix the gaul characters anywhere, although I know they do have them around which was a shame.
Overall I would say it would be a good park to go to on a less busy day in the summer when it is open 7 days a week. I was glad my tickets were cheap as in all we did 1 show; Shannon did 3 rides and Emma 2 me and ady 1. The themeing is great though and the park tidy and staff helpful.
We started on the long trek home, and once again stopped in val de Europe (we do dine at Disney I promise and oh boy was it worth it) we ate in a café pub directly across from the station, I highly recommend this place, the staff were awesome, the food mmmmmmm ady had shank of lamb, which was falling off the bone, with mash and winter veg. I had scallops and king prawns in a white wine and cream sauce with rice, it was amazing, my mouth is watering thinking of it. Emma had a ceaser salad, and Shannon had the childrens menu spag bol again (easier to let her have what she likes) no one had pudding and we shared a bottle of wine between the 3 of us and Shannon had a massive milkshake. We waddled back to the station and headed for the hotel and bed

heading home on the bus

we bought her a little dog obelix's dog, but cannot remember what its is called any ideas anyone?

10-14-2008, 03:20 PM
Dogmatix is his name :thumbsup2

Enjoyed your further installments :goodvibes

10-14-2008, 03:50 PM
Lovely pictures and I didn't realise there was a zoo in Paris!! Learn something new every day! Many thanks for another great report.

10-14-2008, 04:23 PM
Sorry to hear you didn't get too much out of Parc Asterix. I love the photo of Shannon in the stocks.

10-14-2008, 08:20 PM
[QUOTE=Cyrano;28157610]Dogmatix is his name :thumbsup2

Enjoyed your further installments :goodvibes[/QUOTE?]

thanks for that, I saw so annoyed I couldn't remeber on holiday as I read all the books when i was young, I told shannon and the dog is now called tix lol

10-14-2008, 08:21 PM
Lovely pictures and I didn't realise there was a zoo in Paris!! Learn something new every day! Many thanks for another great report.

It isn't even that far from the disney area as well, was a pleasant day out :)

10-14-2008, 08:23 PM
Sorry to hear you didn't get too much out of Parc Asterix. I love the photo of Shannon in the stocks.

I would go back if we were to get there in the summer, on a weekday when the french are all working lol;)

10-15-2008, 09:51 AM
OMG!! I was thinking that it was going to be that someone got slightly injured or was ill on the trip. I was not expecting that!

I hope that you are all ok and I personally think that you have done the right thing. Once something happens to detroy trust, especially where children are involved then that seems the right time to end it before it gets worse.

10-15-2008, 03:59 PM
Great detailed trip report. :thumbsup2 I think you handled the 'situation' perfectly, allowing the children to enjoy the remainder of the holiday so they would not always associate DLRP with what happened. Well done you, you should be very proud of yourself as a mother.

10-15-2008, 09:03 PM
Thank you all so much for your kind responses to what happened, I so appreciate it and believe it or not it is giving me so much strength, I still was feeling I should have left immediatly, but I truely know I made the right chioces now :goodvibes I have been working tonight, but will hopefully ge the next chapter up tonight, this day had the for me best disney magic of the entire trip and got me right back in the groove of being silly and foolish, as I had been a bit quiet and withdrawn after paris. Hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed it myself :)

10-16-2008, 12:18 PM
Day 5

Today we planned to go to the big cat park or le parc de des Felines. No really early rise this morning, was 8.20 before we were roused, but yet again we were in no big hurry as it was only 15 mins away by train.
I went down to reception while everyone was getting ready as I wanted them to try and get me a reservation for dinner later which was a surprise for all, so you too will have to wait lol
We headed for brekkie, made a few rolls for lunch again, and headed off, no delays at all this morning (I cannot recommended the rer and metro for travel enough so easy to get around) A short taxi trip at the end destination and we were there. It cost 12 euro for the three adults and 7 for Shannon (anyone over 10 is a adult) and it was worth the money.
I loved this place nice enclosure, with space, and hiding places for the cats…so if you will be bothered about not seeing every animal don’t go, it is designed to help the cat’s have privacy for the breeding programme.
There are lots of different types of big cats and it was divided into, European, American, Asian and African. We saw Snow leopards (my fave) Tigers (Emma’s fave) lions, leopard, lynx, ocelot, caracal (I remember doing an endangered species study at school and this beautiful cat was on it first time I have seen one) puma and a host of wildcat.
I’m sorry there are no pics of this place, I have taken picture, but they are on my old film camera which I was using up, and I still have 5 pics to go.
We had a nice picnic here, and again had lovely weather for the day, although not as hot as the day before (as all the crispy round the edges people were glad for)
I was being badgered silly to tell where we were going for dinner tonight, but I was keeping it zipped and the kids were getting annoyed with me lol.
We headed back about half four, and back to the room to get everyone ready for out booking, which I had made for half six.
We left the hotel again at 6.10 and headed for downtown Disney, where I led them to Café Mickey, now I was fairly dancing with anticipation as I knew it was a character meal…no one else had a clue!!!! ( I have never been to a character meal before even though I have done Disney a lot before so I was probably the most excited at the table lol) We were seated up stairs and our drinks order taken, and just as I was being asked what I had been so secret about and what the big deal was who walked in…….GOOFY woohoooo….now everyone gets what special lol, the food wasn’t anything to write home about tbh but the interaction is worth every penny, Minnie helped me pick my dinner, king john was naughty and tried to steal the money on the table for the bill, this cracked me up. Mickey danced with Emma; captain hook was a right charmer kissing all the ladies hands, and for some reason none of the characters could leave Shannon’s hair alone, goofy was rubbing it and making it stand up with static (have this on film somewhere) we also saw friar tuck and gepeto, and a guy from the hunchback film ( I saw him a bit and I still have no idea as I haven’t seen the film) I really wanted to see pooh bear, as the queue everyday to see him was massive and Shannon would never have had the patience, but no pooh bear. Rafiki appeared just as we were leaving (we have en excuse to go back though lol) All in all this dinner brought back the Disney magic totally for me. Watching Shannon interacting with the characters, brought a lump to my throat, and Emma lost all her teenage cool and loved it as well. I would defiantly do this again. Maybe next time the princess one will be good.

king john and shannon

hugs for minnie

emmer and minnie


captain hook boo hissss


I cuddled the main mouse

i forgot pluto

behind you (this is the guy I didn't know)

next up...the rest is all disney

10-16-2008, 02:30 PM
Shame about the food at Cafe Mickey since we enjoyed it so much we did it twice :)

Frollo is the character :thumbsup2

10-16-2008, 08:06 PM
Glad you had such a great day. Lovely photos.

10-18-2008, 06:20 AM
Now reverse a little to day 3, we had originally planned to go back to Paris today, but I wasn’t going to take Shannon, the journey in and changes just hype her up too much and after day 2 no chance! I thought I would take her to sea world instead. But on looking at the financial position I suggest another day at Disney, all we really had spent so far was money to eat. So a vote was taken and it was unanimous, we would have another day in the parks (this worked out the best way anyway)
Today I didn’t have breakfast (does anyone else find they can get sick of eating on holiday lol) I had a mocha in the room and got the tickets at reception, so when they phoned me I was all ready to go. Down the lift, and right in time for a bus, we found them a lot quieter now the weekend had passed and a lot of the crowds seemed to have dispersed, so we got to sit down on the bus for the first time YAY.
We were doing the studio’s today with the more “grown up” rides today, and we were all looking forward to them. We had no particular plans on what we were going to do as I know this is a smaller park and just took it as we went (I know gasp, shock, horror) First stop was the Agrabah carpets (best to get the are we going on rides out of the way immediately lol) It was cute and Shannon liked being the “driver”, past crush, which was already at 30 mins wait, so we did cars after about a 15 minute wait (one of the sections was shut so was moving slowly) Shannon enjoyed it, and I got chatting to another scot in the queue and found out that Orkney seemed to have had the best summer in the country!!)

going in

Now Shannon was happy for a bit we headed for bigger fish, and went to the studio tram tour. I explained to Shannon it might be scary but that she was wedged between Emma and me so we would keep her safe (It is always better to try and let her know what is happening she does not react well to change or surprises, so being away from her routing can be a challenge) She loved it!!! Wanted to go again lol, so we did, after dropping the others at TOT…..I have absolutely no ambitions to do this ride anytime in my lifetime, so taking Shannon was a good reason/excuse not to go lol.
Emma loved this ride, I lost count of how many times she did it over the last 2 days, but she always said that the first guy they had was the best, very dry and sarcastic.


From here it was time for the stunt show, so we went and got seated, this show is really good, I thought an hour might be too much but it flew past I thoroughly recommend it. We got out of here quite quickly and 5 mins for RNRC , this is my absolute favourite ride at Disney, I love areosmith and coaster awesome ride. Me and ady went first, then I rode with Emma, Shannon got a certificate while she was waiting which I thought was nice, telling her to come back when she was bigger, she was a bit of a handful apparently as she couldn’t see where I was. That was me happy everyone can do what they like from now on I have done my ride. We head back to the main gates for lunch, and have fast food there. Just across from there I spot a shop doing photos where they inlay your pic into a character scene, so I took Shannon in, she wanted wall-e and no amount of pleading or cajoling would make her have the princesses (she is going to be a tomboy like her mum was) but the picture is nice and she loves it so that’s all that really matters.
After this we spot stitch live so head for this, it is so funny and we got lucky as Shannon got to speak to stitch, and ady was the escaped convict lol all in all was probably my favourite thing in both the parks (sorry aerosmith!!!) and Shannon never stopped talking about it, and now stitch is her favourite as opposed to wall-e. I went shopping for a bit now and spent some cash on things to take home and a pressie for Emma, as she had been such a help with Shannon over the holiday (I got her a pink and grey Tinkerbelle t shirt and it’s never off her back now lol) after that we were wandering around and we met sully, so we got a pic, Shannon was excited to see him as well she loves monsters inc. We also met remmy and mr incredible.



Mr Incredible

We met back up with the others and went on Armageddon, this was not a success, one terrified girl left the building, I quickly whipped her back into stitch and this restored Disney calm. We headed for out and remembered crush, so headed for this the wait now was 20 minutes so we joined the queue and I passed the time by chatting to the nice couple behind us (I can make friends anywhere lol) time to get on and Shannon rode with me. At this point I would like to say that the restrictions on here are not enough, taller and older please people. Shannon is tall for her age so got through no bother and watching the clips they were showing in the hotels it didn’t look that bad…oh dear we came to nemo and she was all excited then chunk chuck chunk….are we going uphill…oh yes a BIG hill, I wasn’t that concerned as POTC has a similar climb for the drop involved. But this was a big drop and fast and spinning. Needless to say she cried and screamed the whole way from there, and I felt like the worst mother in the world, I have no idea what this ride was like I was too busy with her lol.

i managed to get this photo outside

We left here and I quickly took her back to carpets, just to get her back in the saddle as such.
We went to MacDonald’s for dinner, and left ady at the sports bar while we shopped some more, then back to the hotel to bed

Next up
Day 7 park hopping

Rachie B
10-18-2008, 10:46 AM
loving your reports and pics

sorry to hear what happened though :( :hug:

Emmer and Shannon are gorgeous and take lovely pics :goodvibes

OMG what photo inlay thingy with wall e ?!!!! my son would LOVE this ?! where was it ?
wall e is his fave :)


10-18-2008, 11:09 AM
loving your reports and pics

sorry to hear what happened though :( :hug:

Emmer and Shannon are gorgeous and take lovely pics :goodvibes

OMG what photo inlay thingy with wall e ?!!!! my son would LOVE this ?! where was it ?
wall e is his fave :)


it's inside disney studio 1, if you are going into it from the outside it is very near the entrance on the left hand side...they have pictures and things in the window and it has a computer screen showing you the person doing the work, they have tons of different scenes you can go in....ill try to scan and resize mine so you can see what it's like :)

Rachie B
10-18-2008, 01:10 PM
thank you so much

it sounds fab,will definitely be looking out for it in December :)


10-18-2008, 03:08 PM
this is what the pic looks like :)


10-18-2008, 03:16 PM
The troops have done this photo in the Studios the last 2 years. First was Ratatouillie and this year Lilo and Stitch. They are in my photo link below under Official photos :)

Your experience with Crush was similar to many children :eek:

Rachie B
10-19-2008, 09:25 AM
awww thanks for posting paula,it looks fab ! :)


10-19-2008, 12:39 PM
Love the WALL.E photo :thumbsup2

10-21-2008, 05:33 AM
Day 7

Today we are using the last of our eBay tickets, and park hopping to see what we have missed thus far.
We decide to split up for the morning and meet at the rondez vous des stars for lunch. Shannon and I head for the Disneyland park and ady and Emma the movie studios, from this point I can only tell you what we got up to.
We headed straight for dumbo this morning to try and ride that first, this was the only ride I saw anywhere in the park with a queue again grrrrr, we pass on this and go and do the teacups, twice, Shannon loves this one lol, the carousel next, Peter pan (which she thought was going to be like crush and have a big drop) back to the t cups and then it’s a small world.
I asked her what she would like to do next and she said POTC, so we did that twice (had to force myself you know *ahem*) then on to buzz….where my 4 year old beat me….oh the shame!!!! So we went back on I stole the spin control and I won :thumbsup2
I decided to go look for some characters now as apart from café Mickey we hadn’t seen very many; I headed back to where we had been before (in front of the cookout restaurant?) and not a character in sight, then I saw a path ahead so went a wander down it and found woodys roundup, and we also found Halloween decorations woohooo. I was so pleased they started to put these up and I would like to have been there when they started the parades (I must remember that lottery ticket!!!).
We head into Woody’s and we find Jesse, Shannon whips out her autograph book and gets in line, she is delighted to meet Jesse and is looking for woody, alas no sign of woody (woody is her absolute favourite Disney character followed by wall-e and remmy) she however throws herself with gusto at Jesse and nearly knocks her over with the force of her hug. We just finish with Jesse and Minnie appears and goes into her little house, the picture I got here was one of my favourites of the holiday I have it as my screensaver.
We wander around roundup for a bit and take pics of Shannon on bulls eye and with stinky Pete, and head out again to see characters out front, more or less the same ones as as had been there the day before, but wait, there are more coming


minnie-my favorite trip picture


out……….ohhhhhhhhh eeyore and tiger, Shannon’s hand is grabbed and we are off at a gallop, and get there first…result, eeyore first (he is my absolute favourite):love: and I manage to get someone to take a picture of us both with him. Then we turn to tiger, he has his back to me and I try to catch his tail, he turns round and gives me his best tiger beady eyed look and wags his finger at me…Shannon cracks up lol. We wait and wait (why oh why are people so rude and can’t just wait their turn) and it is finally Shannon’s turn, when, I see this child about 11 years old, heading for tiger at a flat our run and he has not seen Shannon, I put my arm out to stop him and with the force of his speed, he goes straight on his bum (I did not mean to do this, just to stop him mowing down my child but I am fed up with all the pushing and shoving, at least us brits know how to queue and have manners) so on with the show tiger was a delight and I got lots of pics and he gave me a special cuddle too, wouldn’t let me leave until he had one, so I made myself do it caus I was at Disney and everything you understand *ahem*.:love:



We started to head for the park entrance to move to the movie park for lunch, and saw Donald and went to get a pic there, no joy he was just leaving.
We see chip and dale, daisy, micky, goofy and Pluto at the entrance of movies, but are nearly late and can’t stop. (Apparently this is where the princesses are as well, so we missed that as well, next time though)
We meet ady and Emma, and head in for lunch, I loved it the food was really good in here; I forget how many times I went back up for more. I would go back here fro dinner anyday. I had pate and crusty bread to start, then garlic king prawns, chicken wings, beef buerginoin, with ratatouille and a creamy courgette dish, and tried a little of all the puddings….we waddled out of there and just wanted to sleep lol.
But no, we headed back to the Main Park and Emma and ady headed for Indy (it was shut the first day) and we did pirates, again lol. Then we all headed for the lion king and it was shut, I was disappointed as I really wanted to see this, they were doing a lot of filming while I was there though so might have been something to do with that….hey ho next time.
We headed back down the park and got a spot to wait for the parade near to small world. The parade was really good. Shannon at last saw and woody and was screaming WOODY WOODY WOOOOOODY at him and he must have heard (who didn’t) and waved at her made her whole holiday, tiger was great on his “bouncy legs” great touch, and jasmine and snow white came and spoke with her. All in all we all loved the parade.
We went back to the movie studios and went to Animagique; I loved this show so much and was singing along with all the songs.
I went on RNRC 3 times and had to draw a line under it then as I was starting to loose my voice lol, the other went to TOT again and Shannon and I did cars and carpets. We went into cinemagique and played around in there for a while, and did a little shopping.

parade (i was filming and only got one pic)


and again

halloween decs

and more
shannon is in that pot peeping lol

one more

sports bar

We headed back to the main park for candlebration, which was ok, I think this show needs full darkness for the lights to really be effective, but I’m glad I saw it.
We headed for DD and had a couple of beer and some hot dogs and fries for tea, and did lots of shopping, then headed back to the hotel where I did a little packing, got changed and me and ady headed back to DD to have a few drinks.
We came back on the last bus and hit the sack

Next up
More shopping and the long trek home

10-21-2008, 05:51 AM
Wooo Hoo all those characters :dance3: !
We did that too this past trip - coaster fiends went one way, us character stalkers went another :thumbsup2

10-22-2008, 08:21 PM
Wooo Hoo all those characters :dance3: !
We did that too this past trip - coaster fiends went one way, us character stalkers went another :thumbsup2

It was more that there was more for her to do in disney, than that but I was very pleased at how many more characters we saw that morning:)

10-23-2008, 01:51 PM
The picture with Minnie is gorgeous ::MinnieMo

10-23-2008, 02:39 PM
You achieved so much on day 7. Cracking photos :)

10-24-2008, 06:08 PM
Last Day

This is our last *sniff sniff* day before the long trek home:sad1:
We had nothing really planned, just a wander around DD for last minute bits and pieces.
We *I* packed, and tidied up the room…oh hello we had carpet:rotfl:
Had a huge breakfast, and made up some rolls for later on
Caught the pink bus, and it was quiet, must have been because most people were at the parks already.
We were going to go up in the balloon, but it was too windy so that was that idea out the window.
More shopping then lol, I bought a jack sparrow towel…yum yum Johnny all wrapped around me when I’m just outta the shower!!!:rolleyes1
Two Disney mugs, one eeyore and one Mickey, a cup with a straw down the side for Shannon again with Mickey. Couple of pens, and a pair of Minnie boots for Shannon which were on sale and a Disney princess top also on sale. :goodvibes
Purse emptied we wandered around there was this random guy skiing around the place, who entertained us for a bit.
Then we went and put our hands in all the handprints at Planet Hollywood mine fitted Dudley Moore and Harrison ford.



We had a good look around the rainforest café, and this is on my to-do list for next time. Shannon spent a long time watching the fish while I shopped awesome!!!!:banana:
And she loved the crocodile had a hard time getting her away from it.
Time was up so we headed back to the hotel, and repacked, seeing as I had bought more, and went down to wait for the shuttle bus, which arrived on time. A wave to Disney on the way and we were on our way home


fish tank

the balloon we never got on

im a princess too

rainforrest snake

last pic at the hotel

tired before we start lol

im bad lol

The journey back seemed even longer than the one out, and we arrived safe and sound Aberdeen at the back of ten, sorted the kid’s beds and flaked.
I got a days shopping in Aberdeen and emptied primark (Orkney has nowhere for cheap kids clothes and mine is rough on hers so I don’t mind throwing out a top that cost a couple of quid lol) and that was my money done lol.
We got the boat at 5pm and were back home at midnight.

That is the end of our epic journey, to recap, highlight of the trip….had to be Shannon’s face everytime she saw a character and the enthusiasm which they gave her:goodvibes , had tears in my eyes many times. My highlight playing around with tiger and my massive hug. Emma’s highlight was just being there, as she had never been out of the UK before…and of course TOT lol . I hope you enjoyed reading this, It took back many memories for me and mostly all of them good, so it seems to have done the job of sorting things in my head.

See you on the boards and thanks for all the kindness and support shown to me throughout my ramblings:love:

10-25-2008, 10:09 AM
Fabulous trip report Paula - the highs, the lows, the highers :cloud9: .
Loved reading it.

Rachie B
10-25-2008, 11:07 AM
awww :cloud9: lovely end to your trip

we loved Rendez Vous Des Stars too ,back in Aug :) would def eat there again

lmao @ you hodling your arm out to that boy (and he went on his butt ! :rotfl: )
have to say i soooo dont blame you ;)

lovely lovely pics :goodvibes thanks for sharing


10-25-2008, 12:50 PM
awww :cloud9: lovely end to your trip

we loved Rendez Vous Des Stars too ,back in Aug :) would def eat there again

lmao @ you hodling your arm out to that boy (and he went on his butt ! :rotfl: )
have to say i soooo dont blame you ;)

lovely lovely pics :goodvibes thanks for sharing

it's crazy the panic people get in, I couldn't get over it. I've been to florida 3 times and never seen behaviour like that around characters, wouldn't mind being a character though then I could iggy little devils like him:rolleyes1