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10-11-2008, 05:48 PM
We were up, fed, and in th epark by half 8/9 am. Did all the usual EMH rides then got a front row centre of the stage spot for the 10.15 villains show so I could get it on film.

At the end when they give out the little sweets the big grey ugly thing came over and stamped his foot at my dd. One of the pirates came over, held out his hand and asked my dd for her sweets, she gave them to him, he laughed and went to give them back but Cruella snatched them back and ran round the stage with them, he gave chase to retreive them and give them back to my dd.

We then went over to the studios for the day. First ride we did was Tower of terror, it was 40 minutes to queue as only one library was open, but the queueing was worth it, my dd thought it was great, she came off and said her bum didnt even touch the seat, then told the cast member opening the doors that she would be back in a bit as we were doing baby switch.

Me and my cousin decided to do our own thing that day so agreed to meet up later. Me and my DD saw some characters, then went to watch Stitch Live. My dd thought it was hilarious when stitched jumped up and down shouting, I got a new friend I got a new friend! Although my DD did play up spectacularly in the queue, I am sure that in itself was worthy of a slot!

We shared dinner in the large fast food place in the studios.

we then did Tower of terror again, then watched stitch Live again. A little character train came by afterwards and my dd got her pic taken with Lilo. we did another Tower of terror ride, then met up with my cousin. We went on crush's coaster using baby swap, my cousin wasnt impressed, said it was to fast and to dark. I did say that it was meant to be like that.

We saw a few more characters, I won't bore you with pics except this one, my dd shouted cheese and the rattys nose was in her bag!


we did tower of terror again, my dd posed for a pic then put on her new top and posed for another before fallling in the luckily empty water feature behind her!



We then saw a cast member in the tower of terror costume so my dd told him how fantastic the ride was and she didnt find it cary at all, then asked could she have a pic with him


we then saw goofy in the same costume


We then left for our cafe mickey reservation at 6. We were seated quickly but we were in the new extension bit, I knew this would not be as nice as being in the main part of the cafe. My cousins son was totally peed off that we had paid for him as a child (well he was 11) and was in such a strop reluctantly agreed to order the pizza off the kids menu, my cousin did say that she would pay for him to have something else but he was in such a strop, so much so that I had to chuckle to myself when this tiny pizza came! My dd didnt want to choose anything so I chose the pasta and meatballs in tomato sauce for her. I ordered the tomato soup, pinnocchio pasta and apple pie. the soup was nice but I naughtily allowed my dd that as she didnt eat alot of her pasta and with it being a cream of tomato soup, I knew it would pose problems but I also knew she was going to have a bad night as she complained of tummy pain all day. However I ate it, her meal was lovely, I wish they would offer that in larger portions for the adults. I liked the pinnocchio pasta, my cousin didnt. The apple tart thing was nice when eaten with the ice cream.

My dd's birthday cake was brought out but they werent singing the happy birthday song, just shouting, happy birthday, my dd didnt really understand what was happening as it all seemed very odd. Then 10 minutes later another child had a birthday cake and they did play the happy birthday song! Then the cafe went wild as they sang and danced to the freedom song. But as I say, being sat out in the extension bit made us feel out of that atmosphere.


10-11-2008, 08:11 PM
Looks like another great day.

Love your DD's smile with bellhop Goofy :thumbsup2

10-12-2008, 05:42 AM
Your DD would fit right in with my lot of coaster fiends :rotfl: !

Lovely pictures, I'm really enjoying reading your trip reports.

10-12-2008, 08:46 AM
Another lovely day, very impressed with your DD on Tower Of Terror, my favourite Studio ride too!

10-12-2008, 08:54 AM
Great day, your DD looks like she was enjoying herself in the photos:goodvibes

Not being rude but I would have loved to hear what you cousin thought of Rock n Roller coaster & SM2 as they are both fast & in the dark:rotfl2:

I want my photo taken with Emile & Remy, they weren't there when we last went

10-12-2008, 10:12 AM
My cousin did go on SM she said it was ok, she said SM was better than crush.

She didnt go on RnR in fact I havent even seen that ride yet!

Ware Bears
11-01-2008, 05:29 PM
Your DD looks so sweet in her TOT T-shirt! :goodvibes

Shame about your experience at Cafe Mickey ~ I wouldn't care to be sat in that extension either and I'm sorry your DD didn't have the full works with her birthday cake. :sad2: Had to laugh at your cousin's DS's pizza though! ;)