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10-11-2008, 11:35 AM
Finally found some timeto do the next day on my trip report so here goes


The phone in our hotel room woke us up at about 6:30 and Dh was surprised to hear goofy on the other end telling him to wake up so he held the phone next to DS1 ear who just smiled but didnt get up. After that we all must of fell asleep again because next min it was 6:55 (had breakfast booked for 7:00) so my and kids stayed in bed while DH went to check out breakfast. Glad i did stay in bed has Dh come back and said it was crap and wished he hadnt bothered.
After everyone got up and ready and a knock on the door from our friends we were ready to go.
We headed to disneyland park and as it was still emh main street was quiet so we decided to all have our pictures done with the castle in the background.
After that my DH took all the kids on dumbo (think he enjoyed it more than them) Then we decided to walk over to the studios.
When we arrived at the studios we saw minnie by her car so decided to queue up for autographs and pics but DS1 was having none of it so stayed with his dad while me and DS2 queued then just has we got to the front he decided he would take part (cheeky thing).
Then the men decided to go on TOT and they really enjoyed it.
We then walked round to cars we we saw another character (forgot name sorry)
Then saw the best one MICKEY my DS2 was soooooo excited and DS1 even got a kiss.
Then the men took the kids on cars and flying carpets. While me and emma waited with the pushchairs we saw sully so my friend decided to get in line for autograph incase kids not off ride in time but when she got to the front she reliased he couldnt signthem so she had to haqve her photo with him she was so embrassed lol.
Then it was getting close to the time for the stunt show so we headed over to that and thought it was really good although DS2 who is 2 didnt enjoy it that much and he fell asleep in my arms lol.
After the stunt show the kids wanted a go of crush and the queue wasnt to bad about 20 mins i think so they went on and again think the men enjoyed it more than the kids.
After this it was getting close to the time for our character tea party so we walked back over to disneyland park.
When we got there the parade was just going through so managed to get more photos of that.
After parade had gone we headed to plaza gardens for the tea party.
I have to say i didnt rate the tea party at all and was quiet dissapointed at one time i had to complain about one character because he wouldnt sign DS book and didnt like how everytime character came to our table everyone else would come round them instead of waiting at there own table. However DS2 was pleased to se tigger and eyeore.
After the tea party we went to discoveryland and went on buzz and a few other rides then got in postion for Candleabration which i thought was great even though it was still light.
Then we made our way out the park to see mickey waving goodbye to us.
On way back to hotel the men and the kids went on the balloon and really enjoyed it but it was too dark to get any good photos so DS1 said he wanted to go on again thenext day.
The day ended with everyone crashed out in bed and i was excited for the next day as it was mine and DH 3 year wedding anniversary.
Sorry might of forgot some things has its been a few weeks since we were there.

10-11-2008, 02:26 PM
Sounds like the guys in your party were having a blast :goodvibes .
I can't see your photos though :confused3 ?