View Full Version : There is exactly one resale available at the Timeshare Store's website!!

02-28-2001, 02:30 PM
Well, every once in a while I look over on the resale page for the timeshare store... I would like to buy 50 points at BW, I know that will never come up though!!! Anyways, there is EXACTLY 1 RESALE available!! It's a VB resale... The market must be pretty good...

02-28-2001, 02:35 PM
Hmmm- they must have just gotten a flood of calls- there are now 12 listed.

The Timeshare Store (http://www.wdwinfo.com/timeshare/dvclisting.cfm)


02-28-2001, 02:38 PM
Key word is "Available" Doc........11 are pending a sale.......

02-28-2001, 02:59 PM
Just an observation, not a slam....ntice that the only one available is VB??????

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs", Karl Marx, pretty sick, huh?

02-28-2001, 03:02 PM
Wow! Thanks for pointing that out Rich,I must have missed that when reading ocdb8r's post and then checking the site.I'm sure that wasn't a slam though. ;)

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02-28-2001, 04:13 PM
What is so interesting about that? Typical that you would try to insinuate something negative about it. Not that it matters that 4 Vero contracts have flown off that board in the past month. It has now gotten to the point where the little boy cried wolf. It is so obvious that your negative feelings about Vero are really petty at this point. Just works againts you for building any kind of legimate, impartial, rational reasoning regarding any topic about Vero beach.

02-28-2001, 04:18 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Key word is "Available" Doc........11 are pending a sale....... [/quote]

Right you are! Open mouth....insert foot! Sorry!


02-28-2001, 05:04 PM
chris1gill are you on the phone list with them? If you are looking for a small amount of points it pays to have one of the brokers have your phone number handy when one comes available.


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02-28-2001, 05:43 PM
Hi B

I am on their contact list, thanks! I just keep hoping I'll see something!! We're at a point now, where we are close to where we need to be, but I really think another 25-50 at BW would finish us off!! I'm kicking myself now for not adding an add on at BW before sell out...

02-28-2001, 07:26 PM
You are right Rich, all the people who read this board and the VB owners didn't think that was a slam at all. Thank you for pointing that out. Someday we will all be able to be as astute to Disney as you are.

03-01-2001, 05:33 AM
Have to agree Rich, it's getting real old. I'm afraid the good comments you make are being overshadowed by stuff like this.

Oh, and I'm one of those dreaded 150 initial buyers, but bumped up to 175 (and I booked on weekends).

03-01-2001, 05:39 AM
It's not surprising that the VB contract is available. Disney is still selling VB, and at a price (using MB) that is less than the listing. Add closing costs on the resale, and it's not a good deal.

03-01-2001, 06:48 AM
One of the timeshares listed as "pending" at TSS is ours (as buyer), we put in an offer that was $8.00 less per point than the listing price, and it was accepted with almost no haggling.
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03-01-2001, 06:55 AM
There are a few resales available for all DVC resorts (Even a 150 point resale for BWV) at ********** store. I really believe that this site is the reason for the DVC sales craze and Disney should pay Pete generously for spreading so much good information.

03-01-2001, 08:04 AM
Agree that listings on TSS site are only asking price. Also keep in mind that TSS will call all wait list people before they post it and A Timeshare Broker doesn't even list a good portion of their sales- they sell many off their call list and don't post sales pending.

03-01-2001, 08:41 AM
Hey, Chris1gill, www.reid4florida.com (http://www.reid4florida.com), another timeshare reseller has 95 points at BW available at 68 per pt. Of course that is negotiable.

03-01-2001, 08:43 AM
And it has 26 Banked from 2000.