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03-02-2001, 01:07 PM
We are spending 3 nights at Vero in a Beach Cottage followed by 2 nights at OKW in 3 studios (11 people in our party). What are the odds the 3 studios will be near one another? We aren't looking for adjoining, but at least in the general vicinity of each other. What has your experience been when booking more than 1 room?

By the way, we leave a week from Sunday and I will be sure to post a full report on the Beach Cottage! We can't wait.


03-02-2001, 01:12 PM
Let them know you want to be near each other. They will make one of the requests on all the reservations read "Near Jenn Doe". They will do their best to keep you in the same general area, probably the same building. (Studios can't be adjoining since they are almost always next to a one-bedroom and usually on the corners of the buildings.)

03-02-2001, 01:21 PM
We had 2 2BRs and 2 Studios last summer, we had the ressies linked, and ended up with 1 2BR and 1 studio in bldg 31 and the other 2BR and Stu in Bldg 32. We could look out the back door at each other. It worked great for us.

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03-02-2001, 03:28 PM
hi: last may i had 3 rooms booked at the bwv. we were all on the same floor, but none of us were near each other. they try to fill requests, but it isn't always possible.

03-03-2001, 04:26 AM
Are you staying in 3 studios because nothing else (GV) was available, or because of point cost? Did you try for a 2 BR plus a studio? You would probably have a better chance of being near each other requesting a 2BR plus a studio in the same building. That way you would also have full kitchen and laundry too. Just make sure you make your request for beng near each other ASAP.

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03-03-2001, 05:03 AM
We got the 3 studios for 2 reasons - to save on points and because we are planning on spending 2 very full days at the parks and will only be eating breakfast in the rooms. So, we can do cereal, bagels, etc. without the full kitchen and don't plan on doing laundry those 2 days.

Our guests haven't been to Disney in 3 years and unfortunately for this trip they can only afford 2 days worth of passes, so we are focussing on MK one day and MGM the other. But, we are planning to spend the WHOLE day at each. Wish us luck! We aren't used to having to cram as much into one day as possible!


03-03-2001, 07:42 AM
Our last trip, we had guests the last 5 days after having the first 5 to ourselves. We decided we would only have guests at the begining of the trip after this so we could relax after their park commando duty!! I guess those of us who go all the time now, don't need to be commandos any more! :D

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