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03-02-2001, 07:41 PM
Anyone ever stay there? We are going for two nights in April to use up points we couldn't bank this year. Really looking forward to it. If you can tell us anything about the hotel or surrounding area, I'd appreciate it. (We've been to Wilmington Vermont in the past.)

BTW, when I first called MS, they said we couldn't book a room there because there are 5 of us, and they only allow 4 in the room. So I called the Equinox directly, and they said 5 was fine, with a cot, since 3 in our party are children. I followed up with an e-mail, called MS back and gave them the names of person I spoke to and on the e-mail, and everything worked out. (Please...no 5 in the room debate here! ;) :D )

Peggy Sue
03-03-2001, 03:59 AM
I've never stayed at the Equinox, but have stayed at many bed/breakfast surrounding it. It looks like a beautiful resort. Manchester is a the outlet mecca of Vermont. They've don't a good job keeping the outlets contained, but traffic in the area can get intense. The good news is, when you're tired of shopping there are beautiful VT towns all around Manchester! You are just a short drive to Arlington, where you can visit a very quaint Normal Rockwell museum. What's neat about this one is several of the folks who work there were also in some of his paintings. It isn't a long drive over to the other side of the state where you can enjoy the view of quechee gorge. No matter where you are in VT...it is beautiful! Enjoy your stay!

Have a wonderful day!

03-03-2001, 04:45 AM
We've never stayed there, but it's not far from our home. We have driven by it and know by local reputation that it is a top notch resort in this area. :)

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Live Free or Die NH
03-03-2001, 05:46 AM
I have stayed at the Equinox(not on points, before I became a DVC member)and it is very beautiful. You won't be disappointed. The food is excellent and they have local VT entertainment on the weekends (very good). In the summer/fall they have a horse and carriage out front. Manchester is a very New England Village. Just down the street is the summer home of Robert Todd Lincoln, grandson of President Lincoln. It is spectacular with original furniture. If you go in the fall the view overlooking the Green Mountains is breathtaking. Any time for that fact is breathtaking. You will also find many discounted outlet stores down the street. Even the outlet store buildings are built to look New England. A short drive to Weston, VT will take you to a very nice original VT country store and a wooden bowl factory. There is also a very nice art museum in Manchester. It has many upscale craft shops just across the street. The Equinox also has a fly fishing and land rover driving classes you can take. A short drive to Dorset will afford you the opportunity to attend summer theatre. Manchester, VT and the Equinox is a very upscale. You won't be disappointed.

03-03-2001, 06:17 AM
I haven't stayed there myself but as the others have said The Equinox has a long standing reputation as one of the finest places to stay in New England. I'm not sure if anyone in your group is interested but Manchester and The Equinox are also popular golf getaways.

03-03-2001, 07:06 AM
The Equinox and Manchester is just up the road from us (perhaps an hour and a half). We have truly enjoyed staying there. There are great shops right across the street. To the north, Manchester has tons of factory outlet stores. Be sure to visit the bookstore, VT woodworker's store and Zoey's (a deli) for lunch. There is also an Orvis store with a pond to learn how to fly fish. Heading south on 7A, you will find a more Vermont shops and stops. There is also a plant nursery in Arlington that has one of the finest selections of perenniels and plantings.
In april you might still be able to downhill ski. You also might be able to play very early golf. It really depends on how mild the spring has been. There are a couple of ski areas and golf courses adjacent to Manchester.
If your weekend is near as nice as ours have been, you should have a great time.

03-03-2001, 08:01 AM
Wow, thanks for all the info! I do remember going to the Norman Rockwell Museum about 8 years ago, and also to Lincoln's grandson's house. Both were really great. It's going to be hard to decide what to do in 2 days! (The shopping sounds pretty good to me, but DH, well... :rolleyes: )

I'm going to print this info out, and start doing research. Commando touring in Vermont now! ;)

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