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03-03-2001, 08:05 PM
If you own 2 contracts, one at BW and one at OKW and you want to book a vacation at the same resort using points from both what is to stop you booking 11 months out at one of your home resorts using all points.

Lets say you had 200 at BW and 200 at OKW and you needed 400 for a week at BW 11 months out. Wouldn't you just call up, make the reservation at 11 months and then as long as you had the points at check in you would be ok?

If the above is not true how can you make a reservation at the 11 month window even if you own all in one place if you have not recieved points yet for your the use year.

Finally, can you make, lets say, two rervations for potentially using the same points and then just cancel the one you don't want when you decide the actual week you can go?

03-03-2001, 08:12 PM
You can make ressies 11 months out only at "your home resort using only points applicable to that resort." Thus at BWV 11 months out you can reserve nights only using the BWV points, you cannot reserve any time there using OKW points until 7 months out. To use all of those points at one resort you could call 11 months out and reserve part of your time using the points applicable to the resor, and then at 7 months call and reserve rest of time (if available) using the points from the other resorts, and they then "link" to the two ressies essentially joining them together as one.

You can make two reservations using different points and then cancel one but you cannot make two reservations using the same points.Â

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03-03-2001, 08:15 PM
First, no, you can not use all 400 of your points to reserve at 11 months at whever resort you wish.

At 11 months you can reserve 200 points at BWV and 200 points at OKW. At seven months, you can try to cancel one reservation and use those points at the other resort.

If it wasn't this way, everyone would just buy 50 points at BWV and then 500 at VB using MB and save lots ov money and still have 550 points with the eleven month window at BWV....obviously, you couldn't have a resort where more then 100% of the points have the eleven month window.

Your second question.....recieveing poits for the year is meaningless. You don't need to have received points to make a reservation. You only need to have those points available at the time of the reserved dates to make the reservation.

I have a September use year, I want to make a reservation for Sept 2001 using Sept 2001 points....obviously, I don't get those points till Sept 2001....ow do I make reservations for that date??? Making a reservation only has to do with the seven-eleven month window and the points you will have available on that date.

I hope that answers your question.

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03-03-2001, 09:26 PM
Thanks Rich. Thats what I figured but wanted to make sure.

I thought that you could make mutiple reservations keeping in mind your booking windows and the only thing to remember was that when the reservations came up that you had the points available then.

Rich could you also look at my availabiliy in May post and give me some feedback. Thanks


03-04-2001, 03:26 AM
Another suggestion might be to make the ressie at the 11 month window of the resort you want and borrow points from the next use year on that contract. Bank the points from the other contract so that in the following year you make the 11 month ressie at the other resort.

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03-04-2001, 07:31 AM
As Disneydiane points out, there are many options or at least variations. You could book part of the trip and then wait for the rest. Or you could book the entire time at one resort using current, banked or borrowed points. Or you could book a split stay at OKW and BW then change over at the 7 month window. The latter is the easiest and safest for protecting points, using banked points in both contracts and if you travel is in the second half of your use year. The best strategy depends on your usage patterns and your wants and desires. If your goal is to always stay at BW, your best options are different that if you want to tr other resorts, stay some years at OKW or split your time between resorts. Just remember to keep the banking and borrowing rules in mind using up banked points first. You will also need to consider your banking window especially if you will be making a backup reservation at one resort and changing it to a less expensive resort at the 7 month window.


03-04-2001, 10:14 AM
To elaborate on the other posts, when you call MS and give your member#, they know how many points you have and when, and will only book what matches your contract- so no you can't book duplicate ressies. If you are using more points, they will ask you if you want to borrow, but keep in mind that once you borrow you have to use them in that use year. If you are not using the "other" resorts points, they will Not automatically bank them, you have to request that they be banked and as per previous posts, BE sure ask for and record your banking #.