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10-01-2008, 04:16 PM
Well we had a great nights sleep. beds pushed against wall and no worries of adam falling out and amys cough had settled. We had a bit of a lie in today till 9ish. headed down to breakfast in hotel then got to the park at 10ish
and wow i could not believe the people. thursday and friday we had practically walked on every ride today we had to queue.

weather was absolutely gorgeous so we just and people watched for a while

we fastpassed buzz lightyear then went and queued for its a small world. came back and did buzz lightyear. we took a dander towards aventureland and caught the character express so watched it. headed into adventureland and just had a walk round it didnt go on anything. headed back towards discoveryland and went in nd watched the lion king whilst eating our lunch ity was great everyone really enjoyed it. headed back through fantasy land and caught piglet near belle notte i love this place for catching the characters

we then headed over to the studios as Adam had got a mr potato head the last visit and amy and ruby were wanting one.

so i was feeling brave and we decided to do aerosmith rollercoaster i was assured it was fine. Me and jim went on first well what a shock they didnt tell me it went upside down. i had to hold my glasses on with one hand and gripped the handle with the other. i didnt open my eyes or my mouth the whole way round lol the picture at the end was hilarious. when we stopped jim said straight away are u ok u didnt make a noise what did u think? i said did we go upside down he just laughed. then we headed out and maria and duncan went in the exit for baby switch.
baby switch is great and so easy to do on the rides.

Had a wander around the studios and did the flying carpets tried to fastpass tower of terror but there was none left couldnt believe it and we had the same later with space mountain and buzz lightyear.
so was time for high school musical 2. we got a good spot all ready got amy changed into her hsm outfit then a cm came and informed the waiting crowd it was cancelled as there was a problem with the float. so we were gutted as we really enjoyed the hsm 1 show and i knew we wouldnt get another time to do it as we birthday tea party booked and it was our last day tomorrow.
they really should spread the times of them better as the hsm1 was just in the morning and the first hsm2 was at 16:15

we had plaza gardens birthday tea party booked for 5 which was a suprise for Maria and all day she was constantly taking about were we were going to eat that night and looking at every restaurants menus much to our amusement. so me and jim faked a story of gorgeous ice cremas in the plaze gardens so off we headed. we browsed some shops on main st to kill time till 5pm and maria kept asking were we sure we wanted ice creams for the children now would they not be better getting dinner. i knew she wasnt happy but didnt want to refuse to go lol

so we got to plaza gardens where there was a small queue so more questions for maria as to why it wasnt open and why had we to queue so when we got in we told her and she was delighted and couldnt believe we had another treat for her.


so there was some more great character interaction then out came the birthday cakes there must have been about 20 so i was glad we did cafe mickey the night before and it wasjust her. she also got a small cuddly mickey that played happy birthday when u squeezed its tummy.

Maria got some of the characters to sign her card


tea party over we headed over to fantasy land deciding we had to do some rides fr the kids as they had very little today due to queues and we were just going to have to face some queues. small world said 30mins it was only about 15min. we then headed down to the storybook boats and casey train. we only got storybook boats done as these 2 rides closed at 7 but made a point of coming back tomorrow to do train as we knew adam would love it. we then headed for elephants dumbo said 45mins it was 45min and the kids were very patient.
we then caught the end of candlebration and it was fantastic. Ruby was asleep in her buggy and we got a carry out from Mcdonalds for the rest off us and headed back to hotel for our last night sleep

10-01-2008, 06:52 PM
Glad you got some rides done despite the crowds! Great photos again, the one with piglet is so cute.

10-02-2008, 02:40 AM
looks like a great day. loved the pics

10-02-2008, 08:08 AM
Another great day with fab pics:goodvibes

10-05-2008, 11:26 AM
Another great day :thumbsup2

10-05-2008, 12:03 PM
Great report, thanks.