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09-30-2008, 08:49 PM
As a new DVC member I would love to hear what is great about each of the DVC resorts. Since I've only stayed at SSR I'd like to start by saying how much I liked Artists Palette. I had one of their flatbreads and it was great!
I also enjoyed the view of the DTD fireworks from Congress Park!.
Please tell me some of the things you have liked, surprises, unexpected views, extra helpful staff, from the DVC resorts you have visited!!
I'm really looking forward to trying to visit Animal Kingdom, but would love to visit some of the other resorts also!

09-30-2008, 09:12 PM
All the resorts are good, and each one has something to love about it. However, what I like, you won't think it's that great. For example, at SSR I like the Grandstand area, because the pool is close, it's quiet, and we can see the golf course. At OKW we like to stay in bldg 48 or 16, because they have golf course views, are nice and open, quiet, and have wonderful GVs!! At BW it's the BW view and the shops on the boardwalk, and its nearness to Yacht and Beach, Swan, Dolphin, MGM, and Epcot. AKL I like the pool and the lobby, and at BC--hmmm. I don't like BC, but they do have a very nice courtyard, and access to Stormalong Bay. I also don't like FWL, except in the winter, when the decorating seems just right. Now, at FWL I hate the views from the balconies, except for the rooms near the main lodge, where I can see people go by. And at Vero, I love the nearness of the ocean and it has a nice big pool.

You will like other things than I would--that's why DVC has so many resorts. It has something for everyone, and what one person likes, another person doesn't. :)

09-30-2008, 09:46 PM
Thank you for such a well thought out answer Cruelladeville! I really appreciate it and a lot of the points you make sound wonderful to me!

10-01-2008, 01:14 PM
I loved the hidden Mickey at SSR!! Love ya Mom!

10-01-2008, 05:53 PM
... I also don't like FWL, except in the winter, when the decorating seems just right. Now, at FWL I hate the views from the balconies, except for the rooms near the main lodge, where I can see people go by. ...

Sorry, I have to :rotfl: I believe you're referring to Villas at Wilderness Lodge? (VWL)

FW = Fort Wilderness (the campground)

Thanks for the chuckle. ;)

10-01-2008, 05:58 PM
I've only experienced OKW, BWV, VWL and AKV.

BWV ... love the lobby, the rooms, the view at night, the music from the boardwalk, the pool (we'll not discuss the scary clown here ;)) the boats to MGM (DHS) & EPCOT

VWL... love the walkways, the water features & pools, the music as well as the peace & quiet. Oh, and the boats to MK.

AKV... love the rooms, waking up to find giraffes semi-sleeping right outside the room at 3am (I caught one resting his head in a tree), the dedicated buses, the gift shop

OKW... loved the size of the room, the main pool & a number of CMs went out of their way to make our visit great :) (OKW really wasn't my style, but it is pretty)

10-01-2008, 06:55 PM
popcorn:: Great idea for a post. I'd love to hear more about everyone's favorite things at the various resorts. popcorn::

10-01-2008, 07:40 PM
i'm subbing! my first visit as a DVC member will be June @ SSR. Loving all the info for future visits!! http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/36/36_1_21.gif (*******************************************ZSzeb0 01_ZNxmk788YYUS)

10-01-2008, 08:02 PM
BWV - the slide, the nighttime entertainment on the boardwalk, Jellyrolls, the location between Epcot & DHS, the bakery:love: and the sweet shoppe


AKV - the savannah's(animals), the gorgeous rooms, the little touches like the lion king scene in the tile around the tub, and simba and nala on the headboards, the store in the lobby (my fav on property), BOMA's!, and of course that amazing lobby.


OKW - the laid back feel of the resort, the large rooms, the golf course views


Hilton Head - the relaxation that comes with being there! The large and pretty rooms, the marsh views, the beach house and the beach.

Haven't stayed at any others yet, no interest in staying BC so we probably will never do that one, but I'm interested in SSR with my cousins, mainly for the proximity to DTD and the Spa.


10-01-2008, 09:28 PM
VWL - Cool theming, relaxing, the best theming at Christmas

BWV - Lots of adult activity and of course the walk to Epcot.

BCV - Cool pool and of course the walk to Epcot.

HHI - Cool wildlife, relaxing, excellent kids activities, super CMs

VB - Cool wildlife, relaxing, excellent waves at the beach, excellent activities, and super CMs.

That's the extent of my experience.