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03-04-2001, 02:49 PM
I am rather new to DVC, so maybe this question has been asked before. Is there any reason why Bermuda is excluded from the list of vacation destinations?

There are some great hotels on the island that would seem to be perfect for the World Passport collection. Just wondering.

03-04-2001, 03:42 PM
The World Passport Collection is a sublist of Interval International Timeshares. DVC has taken the 1800 or so II resorts and selected which ones you may resquest an exchange at. As such, there are no II resorts on Bermuda and only a couple of timeshares total. There's nothing keeping DVC from adding something to the Concierge Collection, maybe you should write them and make that request, be specific about which resorts you would like to see included.


03-05-2001, 07:08 AM
I read a friend's DVC literature that he had when he first joined in about 1992. Back then DVC had a contract with RCI which is the other large time share organization. They had a resort in Bermuda but it was not on the beach. Since DVC is currently under contract with Interval International there has been no Bermuda Resort. The Marriot on the Island that might have been available through Interval closed last year. There is another set of condiminiums on the island that had a financial controversy surrounding it a couple years ago and I know the Elbow Beach Hotel underwent a management change 2 years ago as well. I gues my point is that the Bermuda resort industry has not been exactly stable the last 5 years. Airline tickets from Boston run anywhere from $300 t0 $600+ which is also a problem unless you get a deal or use frequent flyer miles. I love it there, but I can see why DVC might not have a deal with island resorts given these issues. I do wonder what the criteria are for DVC to include a resort on the list. I have been to Bermuda twice and I am going again this year. I suggest we all let member services know what our preferences are. Better yet email the Bermuda Board of Tourism - they always sound like they are looking for ways to increase tourism. Maybe they would contact the DVC.
The Pink Beach Club is a great small resort, and I have tried the Stonington Hotel, but the average rack rate for rooms at a lot of Bermuda resorts is $350+ and would take a great deal of DVC points I would imagine. I emailed them once about this issue of adding a resort and received a thank you, but I have no idea if I accomplished anything.

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03-05-2001, 08:07 AM
I checked RCI (the big competitor of Interval International) they offer only two resorts on Bermuda - St George's Club and the Hamiltonian. Both have no direct Beach access. A major drawback in my opinion. Bermuda doesn't seem to want to deal with timeshare style organizations.