View Full Version : for over a week now i have been

04-29-2002, 04:19 PM
drinking only diet coke i brain washed myself into think Regular Coke was too strong, So far it has worked. Im beginning to love diet coke and I have been walking. I cant tell if I lost anything yet, because I dont have a scale and Im scared to get on one. Im going to waite to see if my diet coke thing stays on track. i dont know if I should stand on the scale or not. I have tried every diet and I did real good with WW, but the instucter that I had drove me nuts ( little miss perfect). Well now I reside in a new town, so Im think about joing again, but now they have a new program, I counted point and I heard something about WW and percentage, I couldnt even do those in School.

I was going to go to water arobics, but I couldnt get going I had a rough night sleeping and the program is at 9:00 tomorrow for sure.