View Full Version : OT: indiana jones bday party

09-18-2008, 07:49 AM
So, after changing his mind several times, my DS wants and Indy bday party (he will turn 6 in late oct). He loves the movies (except don't let him watch #2 w/ the heart pulled out of the guy).
There are plenty of places to get decorations and tableware.
I need help with games & treats. We live in southwestern PA, so I can plan somethings for outside, but it is usually cold and rainy when I throw a party, 2 years ago it snowed. Our yard is hilly, so I was thinking if it was nice out, we could get a beachball or a foam ball, paint it like a rock and reenact the boulder scene with the kids. I was thinking of "bouldering" indy, like bowling, but putting Indy's face and maybe other characters on some soda bottles (or even a cheap bowling pin set) and having a score for each that gets knocked over. How many ants or snakes in the jar. I think I am limiting this to 8 kids, including DS.
Any ideas greatly appreciated !!

09-18-2008, 07:58 AM
Love the ideas! Snakes in a jar could be taken home by the winner. Does oriental express have anything like an indy hat? Even if you had to dye a white one?

You could use one of the excercise balls. That would be bigger. Cover it with paper mache' and you could just remove it after the party. Or have a giant rock left over.

09-18-2008, 12:23 PM
there is actually a hat party supply that comes in a 4 pk . It is just paper, but good enough for the party and to take home if they survive. I think I am going to make satchels out of paper bags and yarn too. DS wants everyone to have a whip, but I said 8 kids trying to whip at each other, even if it is only foam or string is too dangerous. Someone will get it in the eye for sure.

09-18-2008, 12:51 PM
My son had an Indiana Jones party this year. We played the clip from the second movie where they were at the banquet and made our own version of the gross food to try: gummy snakes, crunchy fried onions for the bugs, gummy eyeballs in water for the soup, and red jello for monkey brains. The boys made marshmallow shooters from PVC pipes and we pretended they were spear guns. They had to knock down action figures we set up. We had a treasure hunt to find golden idol necklaces I made shrinky dinks. I decorated the birthday cake with one of the LEGO Indiana Jones sets we have. We had an obstacle course set up with a rope swing, but it poured rain and we were stuck inside.