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09-16-2008, 01:57 PM
we have lived here for 3 years, this is our 3rd halloween here. i live off of a cul de sac on my own little road that dead ends. theres only 3 houses on it, but there are many houses on the cul de sac and all the othe cul de sacs around us. i know there are lots of kids around because we see them while we are trick or treating.
well for the past 2 years i have left a huge bowl of candy on the door step. bothe years i have come home to find the candy still here. it looks like a few peices were taken, but not nearly enough. my guess is no one sees the house. we're at the end of the road up on a hill behind the other 2 houses on the street. its not far, but with the way all the trees are, you dont really see it. or maybe the people that lived here before us never left candy, so no one comes down here.

so my question is, would you even bother leaving it this year? i hate wasting the money, but i hate the neighbors to think im cheap.

oh and the other idea we had was to have someone down at the end of the yard handing it out. but who would do it? neither me or my husband is willing to stay behind, we like to be out with the kids.

ETA: what doyou think of neighbors who dont hand out candy? and do you allow your child to take it from a bowl on the stairs, is it possible parents arent letting themk take it?

09-16-2008, 02:56 PM
I live in a HUGE development and we have strict trick or treating rules for the twshp.You can only trick or treat between 5p and 8p and if you want trick or treaters you leave an outside light on.Otherwise, kids don't ring the bell. We also have a million kids and most parents leave bowls out for the kids to help themself.I usually have just enough candy.I know the people that give out the full sized candy bars generally run out first:lmao:

09-16-2008, 03:54 PM
I'm guessing they don't bother to go, if it isn't easy to see. Do you do any sort of Hallowe'en decorating? That might encourage people to try, I would think.

But, I would probably leave the bowl, anyhow - just a small amount - and make sure it is something you like yourselves, so you can enjoy the leftovers!

At our old house, we had the opposite experience of running out of candy! See, our first year, our subdivision was still under construction, and we didn't get a lot of TOT'ers. Second year, we were on our honeymoon. Third year, all of a sudden, we had a TON of kids. I ended up begging some from a neighbor, and had dh buy some on his way home from work. The grocery store ran out of Hallowe'en candy too - we ended up giving out red and green Hershey kisses! Turns out, since our subdivision had sidewalks and was well lit, it became known as a good place to go TOT'ing. Plus, a lot of people there liked to decorate a lot, which helped draw people.

Our current subdivision doesn't have sidewalks, and is more spread out, so we don't get nearly as many kids now...

09-16-2008, 04:07 PM
my neighbors run out every year, so there are kids. yes i do decorate the house, i dont go over board though. we have plenty of outside lighting as well.
here we have a pumokin that you get in the news paper and if you want kids to stop at your house you put the pumpkin on your door, or somewhere visable. of course at my house you would need to actually get to the house to see if theres a pumpkin, lol.

i had another idea. tell me if this is stupid, lol. im friends with many neighbors so i was thinking i could buy them each a bag to give out then leave my light off. this way i feel like im contributing and i dont have to worry about no one showing up. will my neighbors think im crazy?

09-16-2008, 04:11 PM
In my area we're finding that most of the kids either have Halloween parties to attend or they're off at the mall TOTing because in the 2past Halloweens we've been living in our home very few kids actually come around. Since our kids don't go door to door TOTing we're home to pass out candy with the door open and light on the front portch and still not many kids.

So like last year we're only buying one big bag that has a good variety of candy and calling it a day. Whatever is left over I'll pack in my 5th graders lunch and bring into the office where the adults raid my candy tin at work looking for a mid-day pick me up to get them thru the day. LOL


09-16-2008, 06:07 PM
I forgot to add that our twsp, just recently let us start tot'ing on Halloween.For quite awhile it was the thursday evening BEFORE the 31st that we did it.My development gets slammed with kids.I actually saw parents dropping van loads of kids off.I think it is because it is a pretty rural area with a few major housing developments and nothing but cornfields and dairies in between.

09-16-2008, 06:41 PM
I wouldnt even know where to begin with this. I live in WV on a dark mountain side and I NEVER get trick - or - treaters!!!!! and if I left candy out on the pourch, the bears would LOVE me!!! LOL......Maybe this year we'll have a few...who knows....I always buy candy just in case....hubby says to buy the "good candy" LOL....so if no one shows up we wont be stuck with candy we wont eat!!!

09-16-2008, 07:54 PM
...buy the "good candy" LOL....so if no one shows up we wont be stuck with candy we wont eat!!!

He, he, he! I do the same thing! I only get a few kids and I know them all so I usually buy the big bars for them. Some of my neighbors even make goody bags for the few kids that come around.

I would leave a small bowl out just in case. Forget what the neighbors think, I wouldn't want any hopeful kiddos to be disappointed. :goodvibes

09-16-2008, 08:43 PM
Do you know your neighbors well? I work evenings so when halloween falls on a week day I am usually working. I do try to get the nights off but there are only 4 of us doing this job and 3 are parents so we sort of fight over that night. But when I'm working DH takes the girls trick or treating and gives our candy to a neighbor to hand out. It is generally our next door neighbor and they have their bucket of candy and our bucket of candy and they tell the kids that they are handing out for us. DH usually only takes our kids down a few streets and they get back before it is all over and then our DD's like to hand out candy. DD#1 is very particular about who gets what candy. Boys get this, girls get that, cute costumes get this, scary costumes get that :lmao: