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Not so Dumbo
09-15-2008, 08:47 PM
This one is a little bit more specific though. We are keeping it a secret right up until we leave. DS8 has MEAP testing that same day, so keeping it a secret until the end is important. We don't want him distracted during his test. DH, DD2 and I will pick them up from school with the car packed and then head right to the airport.
So the only thing that hasn't been thought out is exactly what to say to them when we pick them up. Should we wait until we are in the car, or tell them in the school office. I thought about the office, but then thought maybe the principal wouldn't like it since we are taking them out of school to go to WDW. What do you guys think? Any creative ideas out there?

09-15-2008, 09:13 PM
I'd do it in the car.....maybe have Mickey Mouse stuffed animals buckled into their seats, holding signs that say "We're going to Disney!"

Not so Dumbo
09-15-2008, 09:18 PM
I'd do it in the car.....maybe have Mickey Mouse stuffed animals buckled into their seats, holding signs that say "We're going to Disney!"

That's a really cute idea:thumbsup2 Thanks:yay:

09-15-2008, 10:34 PM
We're leaving in 2 weeks on Friday, 9/26 for WDW -- DS9 has no idea about the trip. We're flying down from NY, but will need to pick him up from school an hour early to make our flight.

We're going to pack up our bags and the car while he's in school that Friday. We visited a Disney store this past weekend and purchased Disney t-shirts and other goody bag items for the occasion. We're planning on wearing our Disney t-shirts to pick him up from school, telling him that we have to run an errand that wouldn't allow us to pick him up at his usual time. We'll then go straight to the airport and when he starts to question why we're there, we'll give him his goody bag, complete with his own Disney t-shirt, a kids' WDW book, and a few other token goodies. If he still doesn't have the picture, we'll hand him the "custom" Disney maps we had sent to us from WDW along with our park tickets. Hopefully he won't pass out -- he's never been to Orlando and is a total rollercoaster fanatic! It's actually our entire family's first trip...

09-16-2008, 07:43 AM
My DD8 and I leave this Friday. She doesn't know about the trip!! I booked it last September--(bounceback). It has been so hard to keep it secret!! We are going to pick her up an hour early from school. My husband is going to drive us to airport. She's getting her braces off soon, so I told her I was picking her up early to go to orthdontist for a final checkup. I'm going to let her figure it out.:banana: :banana:

09-16-2008, 02:31 PM
We are surprising our daughter with a trip as well! We are going the last week in January and we are not telling her anything at all. She will be 6 next month and is great at figuring things out. Our flight is at 8am on a Saturday so we will be getting her up super early. We plan on telling her that we have to go somewhere and are going to the airport. We catch our connecting flight at JFK, so she will probably have no clue. I don't know how I'm going to keep this a secret for 4 more months! We took her 2 years ago and she's been asking us a lot lately if we can go to Florida again. Just the other day she told us we should go to Florida this year. Every time she mentions it, we tell her we just don't have time or it's too much money. I can't wait to see her reaction!!!

09-16-2008, 05:44 PM
...I don't know how I'm going to keep this a secret for 4 more months!

We've kept our trip (in 2 weeks) a secret since March and, MAN, it's been HARD! But it will be worth it soon.... :banana:

09-16-2008, 05:53 PM
This reminds me of the Funny Home Videos I saw the other night. They were telling their son about the disney trip in the car by giving him a Mickey toothbrush and tooth paste. the mom said so where are we going....he said to the dentist???? Was tooo funny.

09-16-2008, 06:11 PM
I've got a scavenger hunt planned, with the end envelope containing "tickets" that Telynn made for me over on the disign board. they're really cute tickets, and I can't wait until they open the envelope and figure it out!!

have fun telling them!!!

09-17-2008, 08:26 AM
A year ago I took my girls (11 and 9) on a surprise trip. The thing they remember the most is that I "never lied to them". I told them I needed to pick them up early from school because I needed to see my Aunt (who lives near the airport). It was so funny because their teachers and the office staff knew, but the girls didn't. I went in to get the girls and my one DD was so confused on why her teacher made her take ALL her books home with her. And then the secretary hugged both girls as they left with me -- that really confused them! Then we headed to my husband's office and he got the priviledge of telling them (I figured it was only fair that he get the glory since he wasn't going!) Well, I had the camera ready, he made the announcement, and they just stood there. He said it again and my youngest started jumping, my oldest wouldn't believe him. So we showed them the luggage and my oldest finaly believed!

So the whole drive to the airport was filled with - hey you lied and said we were going to the county parade this weekend. Hey you lied and said we were going out to dinner tonight. And then they realized I never lied it was just different from what they thought.

And the trip was wonderful :lovestruc - the girls and I would be in line and they would just start hugging me and thanking me! It was great fun.

Just be careful on how many adults you tell!!! I had a couple close calls from others who knew we were going. Luckily it all went over the girl's heads!

Have a great time - I would tell them in the car. I like the tee-shirt idea!

Not so Dumbo
09-17-2008, 12:12 PM
Just be careful on how many adults you tell!!! I had a couple close calls from others who knew we were going. Luckily it all went over the girl's heads!

Oh I know:laughing: I was just saying to DH last night that the boys aren't real quick to catch on. Since now DS8 is reading and there has been a lot of planning stuff left out at times and one of DH's friends came right out and said to them "hey, so are you guys excited about going to Disney World":scared1: Here I am standing behind them, waving my hand infront of my throat to hush him up. But luckily they weren't listening to him and are still none the wiser:rotfl2: Hopefully neither of their teachers will wish them a good trip before they leave.

09-17-2008, 05:28 PM
I took DD (then 9) on a surprise Mother's Day weekend trip in May. I picked her up from school early and told her I had a doctor appt that was too late for me to get back home before she got out of school. I also told her it was a new doctor whose office was really far from home. She bought it with no questions. I kept her occupied in the car for almost 2 hours before she started to ask how long we were going to be in the car.

At that point, I gave her a Disney Mother's Day card (from her favorite teddy bear) that said we weren't going to the doctor, and to expect a call from someone special. I pulled off the hwy at a gas station, and my cell phone rang, so I had her answer. I had ordered a call from Disney Enchanted Calls for her (https://secure.uvoxnetworks.com/disney/affhome.html?affno=66).

Mickey was on the phone, and he told her that she was going on a trip. As soon as she hung up, I asked her who it was. she got a confused look on her face and told me it was Mickey and he said something about a trip. Just then, I started playing "When You Wish Upon A Star" on the CD player and took a picture of her. She asked, "Are we... are we going to DISNEY??!!??" When I said yes, she burst into shocked and happy tears and kept telling me I was the best Mom ever. It was priceless- soooo worth the months of secrecy!! For the last 6 hrs of the car trip, we talked about which parks we were going to visit and what attractions we were most excited to try.

09-17-2008, 10:42 PM
I had ordered a call from Disney Enchanted Calls for her (https://secure.uvoxnetworks.com/disney/affhome.html?affno=66).

I'm checking out the phone call site now -- how cool!!! Can you tell me which buttons you clicked to get the message about a trip? I'm looking but can't find it...

09-18-2008, 01:21 AM
I believe it was Mickey Mouse, and the "Good Morning" message- there is an option for "going on a trip" within that one. It doesn't mention Disney World specifically, but the call goes something like this:

Good morning, pal!! Your mom (or other relative name inserted here) told me you have a big day planned- you're going on a trip! Sounds like fun.

Then Mickey says something about he and Pluto wanting to do something fun that day, etc. He then says goodbye. It is really cute!!

09-18-2008, 09:50 AM
I was going to do it one of 2 ways: either the enchanted phone call from mickey or

telling him the day before we leave in a fun way.ie: making a poster and putting it by his bed so he reads it when he wakes up!

unfortunatly, We have a whole year before our trip. and my DF and i are getting married at Disney and I am trying so hard to keep it a secret from my older son who is 6.
My other son will be 2 when we go and he can keep a secret!:rotfl2: Its hard with wedding planning going on and not mentioning it in front of my 6 year old! I don't know how I will last a whole year!!!

09-18-2008, 10:06 AM
I surprised my dd's with a "mom & me trip" two years ago and it was a big hit.

We had an early morning flight and told the girls that I was going on a trip. They knew they were going with dad to drop me off a the airport before school but they had no idea that I was going to WDW or they were going with me until we got out of the car at the airport.

It was awesome, I had them get out of the car to help me with my bags and say goodbye. We had some balloons with a card and ribbons etc in the trunk announsing the trip from dh and I.

We had an awesome vacation and I would surprise them again if given the opportunity. IMHO it works especially well during the school year as they arn't distracted by the anticipation of the trip. I think my oldest missed helping plan a little bit though.

Have fun-

Crazy Mother of Two
09-18-2008, 10:34 AM
My family and I went 9/07 and DH and I knew 4 months before we told them. However.....we could NOT keep the secret any longer - it was torture (but we weren't going for another 6 months!!!aaarrrggghhh!

My DH and I were watching TV and a Disney commercial came on (again...) and we said 'that's it - let's go tell them!!'.

We called their names and told them to meet us in the living room for a 'family meeting' (it was our 1st!!)

We looked quite stern and they were sweating under their collars! I told them we had to discuss something very important (but I sounded mad)

I gave the floor to my DH. And he just blurted out 'We're going to Disney'!!! They were speechless for a moment and then jumped up and down screaming for a loooong while!! Then we had to tell them they had to wait 6 horribly long months! Not as much excitement over that part!
But on the upside - because they knew - it was easier to discuss plans and they enjoyed helping alot!

Now we are planning our next trip for 9/2009. The kids see me on The DIS boards - but they just know that I want to go really badly! My son mentioned the other day (out of the blue) that if we go again he wants us to surprise them again!! He even gave a few ideas!! (it was cute!)

I must say that I LOVE the Enchanted Call idea!!!! You can pick the kids up from school and have the phone call scheduled just after that. Tell them the call is for them and put in on speaker phone!!!
I just went to that site and listened to a sample call - adorable!! And for $2.50 it's a Disney bargain!!! Add a Disney goodie bag for each of them with stuff to do on the airplane and you're set!!
I will definately use that!! I'm going to have my DD's cell phone and my cell phone call at the same time! (DS will answer my phone).
Now I just have to think of WHEN I will do the phone call? A week before, the night before? I guess I will wait until it's a little closer!!

09-18-2008, 11:18 AM
We had a trip planned to Disney for December. We've been planning since about March of this year. Well, this week, my husband finds out he can't have that week off. So now we've bumped it up to October 26th and I figured this would be a good way to surprise the kids. They know they're going to Disney, but just think it's not til December. So I can continue with all my planning and still let them see everything but the dates.

They already know how I do things, I started getting things together back in March, so when I pulled out the carry on yesterday and started putting things in there, they didn't think anything of it.

I will keep doing things my crazy early way and they still won't have a clue.

One plan is to wake them up at around 3:45am that day and telling them to get dressed - handing them the new Disney t-shirts I bought for them. Either that or we'll tell them that we're going to see the fall foliage upstate like their dad has been talking about and to just get dressed.

I still have a few weeks, but it's fun planning!

09-21-2008, 09:39 AM
We found out that my entire family had planned a trip without us knowing then told us about 2 weeks later. So now we had to figure out how to tell the kids! We were going to wait until Christmas ,since we were going for New Year's Eve, but we couldn't wait that long. I thought I will just have the free Disney Vacation DVD sent to us. It came within the week of ordering it. It must have been meat to be because that weekend we had my dd 6 and his dd 11 and ds 9. I turned it on and asked them if they watned to watch it with us and they said sure. I was going on and on about how bad I wanted to go and it would be so much fun and this attraction would be fun and that park would be fun. After it was over I said, "wouldn't that be fun to go?" And they were excited but just said, "yea that would be fun." So I said, "Guess what? MERRY CHRISTMAS EARLY WE ARE GOING!" THey looked at me and looked at each other and said, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I said, "YES WE LEAVE 4 DAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS!!!!" They yelled and screamed like girls do and danced around the house for hours!!!!!:earboy2: :earsgirl:

09-21-2008, 02:16 PM
I am surprising my DD10 and DD7 with a trip to Disney in 26 days for a girls only trip:cool1: I plan on telling them when they get off the bus from school. I will have the car packed and ready with the tailgate up. I know they will ask why it is up and when I close it, the window will read "We are going to Disneyworld!" Then we will hop in the car and head to the airport. i cannot wait to see their faces! I will be taping the entire scene and leave it for their dad to see.:cheer2: