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09-15-2008, 01:59 PM
So yesterday I decide to finally use the fabric spray paint I had bought to make some Mickey t-shirts. I cut out my stencils and tested my idea on an old shirt, and in between laundry loads worked on them. I made 4, one for DS and one for each of our nieces, then one adult shirt for either me or my mom (not happy with that one).

So DH, who spent all day watching football and checking his fantasy football stats and talking to me about football, finally says "Are you making everyone shirts?"

Thinking he was interested in my project, or at the least pretending to be interested to make up for boring me with football stats, I start rattling off my pride and disappointments in the final products etc., I see his eyes glaze over, then it hits me...

"You're not interested at all, you're just worried I am going to try to make you wear a matching shirt!"

Bingo! I told him I wouldn't force anything, and the shirts I made weren't matching anyway.

Next time he bores me with football whatever I won't even feign interest ;)

09-15-2008, 03:40 PM
Thanks for sharing! That cracks me up.

I love your idea for the shirts, by the way! Do you have pictures? I might try that! (but I won't make one for my DH!)

09-15-2008, 03:55 PM
I plan to take and post some pics after I wash them. Have to let them dry another day and right now they are all wrinkly and weird looking from my going crazy with the dye and water.

Just to let you know, I cut the Mickey head stencils out of cereal boxes...I'm so cheap.

09-15-2008, 04:17 PM
You know there could be hope for your DH yet. My DH was dead set against wearing matching tees for years. Then last trip he decided that they weren't that bad -- if only worn in WDW! This upcoming trip I've made him 3 shirts to wear in the World and he likes them all! :cool1: Now I can't wait to see the awesome family pictures we'll have!

09-15-2008, 04:45 PM
You know there could be hope for your DH yet. My DH was dead set against wearing matching tees for years. Then last trip he decided that they weren't that bad -- if only worn in WDW! This upcoming trip I've made him 3 shirts to wear in the World and he likes them all! :cool1: Now I can't wait to see the awesome family pictures we'll have!

Do you have pics of your shirts?

I figure when we get there, and get lots of compliments on my way cool shirts ;) he'll be sorry

09-16-2008, 04:00 PM
I'm too technically challeged to figure out how to post pictures, sorry :rolleyes: My DH is in IT and he does all of that stuff for me :lovestruc I might ask him to assist me, but I what I can do for now is describe the shirts that I made. I used jiffyshirts.com to order my shirts because I needed them in the same color from a 2-4 kids to a 4xl adults and they have a great selection. None of these are really new ideas -- I've seen them all here on the dis, except the last one and the bee ones. I did those on my own.

1. Mickey Head Bleach out shirts. I used darker shirts, royal blue for the men and dark purple for the girls. I made a stencil out of regular paper using a larger bowl and smaller bowl and taped on the ears with regular scotch tape -- it didn't need to be perfect, just the same size. Then I filled a small squirt bottle with regular bleach (I used a trial size hairspray one) put the stencil on the middle of the shirt and lightly sprayed around the stencil with the bleach. I quickly removed the stencil and let the shirt sit for 2 minutes for the bleach to lighten up all around the Mickey head. I then put the shirt in my washing machine that was filled with cold water to stop the bleaching process. I proceeded to do this with the rest of the shirts and when finished ran them through the wash. It was super easy to do and required little to no artistic talent.

2. Disney Stick Family Shirts. I went to the creative boards on the dis and requested my family in the stick figure thread. I printed them out on dark transfer paper, trimmed around the edge and ironed them on heather grey shirts. They look awesome and very sharp looking.

3. DH's Beast Shirt. I have a shirt that I got years ago in WDW that is Belle in her blue dress pointing to the side saying, "I'm with the Beast". I made my DH a response shirt that features the Beast saying, "Real Women Love the Beast". It's an iron-on transfer on a navy tee. He loves it and now doesn't mind when I wear my "I'm with the Beast" tee since he has a response to it.

4. MNNSHP costume shirts. We are attending the party this year as bumble bees and my DH is the bee keeper. I wanted costumes that were easy to pack and lightweight. I bought yellow tees and with masking tape taped lines down the shirt to make the bee stripes. I used black matte fabric paint (not the puffy kind) and painted on the stripes going all around the shirt. I am then going to label the shirts "Queen Bee", "Honey Bee" and "Worker Bee". My DH has a kahki shirt and his label will read "Bee Keeper". My DD3 is the "princess bee" (her title) and will get a regular bee costume still to be purchased. I also need a beekeeper hat and net for my DH.

5. Girl-y, Sparkly Mickey Head shirts. These are for the 3 generation of girls only. I bought plain white contact paper and using a stencil I made for the bleach shirts cut out with an exacto knife the shape of a mickey head. I stuck the contact paper onto the middle of a bright pink shirt and using silver fabric paint, painted in the middle of the contact paper cut-out. I let it dry, peeled away the contact paper and there was a perfect Mickey Head. I then bought this very glittery silver fabric paint in a tube and traced around the Mickey Head for an extra sparkly touch. I then ironed on our names below the Mickey Head using sparly silver iron on letter you can get at any craft store. They are super cute and my DD love them.

Those are my shirts. Yes, they did take a while to do but I started them quite early before my trip since they needed so much drying time. I'll see what I can do about those pictures.

09-16-2008, 06:38 PM
Fantastic ideas - I love the bleach idea! :worship:

09-17-2008, 09:40 AM
I like your ideas as well!

Since I haven't had time to get pics I'll tell you my technique.

I cut out 5 or 6 mickey heads from cereal boxes. I used an Exacto knife so I had both the cutouts and the Mickey shaped "hole".

On the girls shirts I placed the cutouts randomly all over the front of the shirt, at different angles, upside down etc. and sprayed randomly with red and yellow. Then I took the cutouts (that now had paint on them), and turned them over, again randomly and pressed them down to transfer the paint (sort of like a stamp) so I had both positive and negative Mickey heads. I kept doing this, sometimes overlapping with a previous placement, and freely blended the colors.

After a few minutes I randomly sprayed them with water, which causes the colors to bleed and blend a bit (if you spray immediately they bleed into each other a lot, less so the longer they are allowed to dry). One shirt I sprayed less paint and water, and did fewer layers, so there are spatter marks and the Mickey heads are a bit more crisp, the other one I did several layers and sort of "banded" it so it's darker with almost invisible Mickey heads in the middle and with more overlapped Mickey heads. At this point I was running out of paint so couldn't do the backs, so I directly sprayed a small amount of both colors onto the cutout, and did one stamp on the back.

On DS's I used the "hole" part of the stencils, and lined them up on the front and used painters tape and more cereal boxes to protect the rest of the shirt, and sprayed with black. I let it dry for half an hour as I wanted them to be crisp. Then I sprayed yellow in a band across the Mickey heads, red on the sleeves and top, then wet the bottom of the shirt and sprayed red and yellow and black randomly, and sprayed with more water so the colors would run and blend. After it was dry I just randomly sprayed the back.