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04-26-2002, 09:50 AM
Eighteen people have been killed after two gunmen went on the rampage at a school in the east German city of Erfurt.

One of the assailants is dead - he was a former student at the school

Klaus-Peter Pohl
Erfurt police
One of the two, a former student of the Gutenberg school who was only recently expelled, is now dead, said police spokesman Klaus-Peter Pohl.

It remains unclear whether he killed himself or was caught in cross-fire.

Police have not yet established contact with the other gunman.

There are reports that he is holed up in a classroom with as many as 28 hostages, two of whom may be seriously wounded.

A passer-by told German television he had seen a banner hanging from a window with the message: "Help!"

Two teachers, one male and one female, were among the first to die in the shooting spree, which started just before 1100 (0900 GMT). A police woman was shot and killed shortly after arriving at the scene.

Local radio cited a pupil as saying that a fellow-pupil pulled the gun as he was about to sit a morning maths exam, but the report remains unconfirmed.

Second school attack

The majority of the 750 pupils are believed to have been evacuated from the building, a grammar school for children aged between 10 and 19.

Police sealed off the area

At least 20, however, remain unaccounted for.

Correspondents say that outside the building, a police officer with a megaphone urged parents to register their children's names before leaving the scene, while groups of dazed and shocked students huddled in the street, hugging and crying.

A local courtroom has been set up as a meeting point for parents and children.

The incident comes just two months after a similar attack in southern Germany, when a disgruntled former pupil opened fire in his old school, leaving dead and wounded behind.

The 22-year-old man killed the headmaster of a school in Freising near Munich, before blowing himself up.

jj........:( :(

04-26-2002, 10:15 AM
....... it is truly shocking. I just feel horrified at the death and injury and mental anguish that has been wrought on innocent people, as I'm sure everyone does.

04-26-2002, 10:41 AM
Dear oh dear - this is just too awful for words!

Heatfelt sympathy for those who are suffering a loss right now.