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09-14-2008, 05:05 AM
Please do not direct me to the WISH boards on this one because I'm already there!!! ;)

Hi fellow mothers and thanks for taking the time to read and provide feed back. Let me give a brief background:

I'm 31, was heavy (1 and 2x) in my early 20's for a few years, lost a lot of the weight (down to an 8/10) a few years later through Weight Watchers and lots of exercise. When I was 27 I became pregnant w/ kiddo #1 and gained a bunch of weight (ended up mentally losing it knowing i was going to be "fat" again and put on 75lbs :sad2: ). After having #1 I struggled and struggled to lose the baby weight. I found that nursing did not help at all but instead seemed to make me retain the weight. When i stopped nursing my body let go of about 15 lbs and then refused to lose any more. I stayed the same weight for a long time but then managed to drop another 25 when DS was about 20 months old. Of course a few months after losing this weight (and still dropping) I get pregnant w/ #2.

Now here I am w/ a 9 month old, not nursing, and at a complete stand still (size 16/18) and completely frustrated. I have been working my tail off to lose the weight (WW, medically supervised weight loss, tons of exercise, counting calories..........you name it) and nothing budges.

I'm not asking for guidance in nutrition or exercise (I know this stuff more than others because I'm in the Fitness Industry) but instead I need the postpartum mommy guide. I plan on calling the doctor this week for a thyroid test (I've looked it up on line and have most of the symptoms so i'm guessing this is what i have) but i'm rather anti medication and would rather not have to put chemicals in my body. Of course I'm willing to do this for weight loss (you gals know what I mean ;) ) but am hoping for some suggestions that can help me over come this w/out having to resort to meds.

thanks :flower3:

On a side note, I have a wonderful DH who is so supportive and always tells me "i love you no matter your size" :love:

09-14-2008, 06:08 AM
I wish I could help. I was 135 when I got pregnant with #1 (I'm 5'8"). Five kids later, I'm at 170, and eat probably 1/2 of what I ate back then. I do 4 miles on the treadmill about 5 times a week. I've have my thyroid tested, and it's fine. I guess I'm just getting older, and my metabolism (which was never good - luckily, only 1 of my kids got it) is slowing down. :confused3

09-14-2008, 06:22 AM
It may be your thyroid - good luck!

And don't worry, if it is. They would be giving you synthetic thyroid hormones, so you could think of it that way. It is necessary for a healthy body, so it's not like the doctor would be putting you on unnecessary drugs.

Again, good luck!

09-14-2008, 08:09 AM
I am on Levoxyl (synthetic hormone) and will be for the rest of my life. I had a nodule on my thyroid which was taken care of in my 20's. At the time I was hyperthyroid. Problem is once they kill off the nodule, it kills part of the thyroid production as well. So I am now hypothyroid.

The thing with a thyroid problem is that you pretty much don't have a choice if you need the medication. It affects almost every other organ in your body...which if you don't regulate, can do damage to other organs over the long term. You are much better off taking the medication if you actually need it.

As far as weight loss goes, it's harder for me now. But I don't think it's the thyroid so much. I think it's because I have had 3 kids and am getting older. As you age your metabolism slows, you require less food and it's just harder to lose.

If you think your thyroid is a problem, have a blood test. It is very simple and you can get some answers quickly.

Good luck to you!

09-14-2008, 08:31 AM
I developed hypothyroidism after my pregnancy 9 years ago. I have been on synthroid since then and it has helped me tremendously! Energy levels, stable weight (even loss), moods, have all improved. I haven't had any negatives.

My mom and my aunt have hypothyroidism as well.

Good luck! And try not to worry!


09-14-2008, 09:54 AM
Have you had your levels checked lately? Mine change out of the blue on occasion. Also, have you tried Cytomel, the other thyroid hormone. It keeps me awake if I take the full dose, but it was the only thing that affected my inability to lose weight. It also made the stupid dry skin go away. I just have a really low tolerance when it comes to sleep.

09-14-2008, 01:48 PM
double post

09-14-2008, 01:49 PM
This happened to a friend of mine after baby #3. Pregnancy can cause the body to turn on itself and mess up your thyroid; it's not uncommon. She was eating 1000 calories a day, exercising, and not losing ANY weight. She is a nurse and knows her body well, no sloucher/cheater here. Anyway, her doctor thought she was lying about how much she was eating. FINALLY, about a year later, someone bothered to check her thyroid. Turns out she needed synthroid...the weight came off and she's doing great.

Don't give up. I've heard of several people with thryoid problems that were ignored (one family member I know was even prescribed anti-depressants since her symptons were "all in her head"---turned out she had Graves Disease). There are a couple of different tests that can be done, make sure you get one that gives the most information and is the most sensitive to possible problems. Good luck!!!

09-14-2008, 06:16 PM
thanks for all of the information everyone. Now that I know it really is a medical disorder and that I might need meds to regulate my body I feel a little better about (possibly) having to take them.

I'm calling the doctor first thing because I'm so frustrated that I feel like giving up and just eating anything and everything!!! :sad2:

Miss LD
09-14-2008, 10:12 PM
I could have written that - like almost exactly.
It could be your thyroid. I get mine tested every single time I see my doctor because I have a slow thyroid (not techincally hypothyroid so they watch it).
Like you, I've done WW and everything else. And, for me I just get frustrated because I may as well eat junk - there's no difference weight wise.
As far as breastfeeding goes, I actually found that when I stopped nursing DS I had an easier time losing weight. (but he was 18 months and started sleeping so that helped too).
Anyway, no advice. Just wanted you to know I get it.
My side story. I've had my thyroid tested for years (like since I was 15 - I've always struggled with weight) and up until a couple years ago I was really convinced my thyroid was affecting my weight but nothing would show up.
I have no idea why. But, I know a few people who have said that.

09-14-2008, 10:17 PM
:hug: I was post partum hypo after DD#2 & went on meds after DS. I'm pretty anti-med too & only take tylenol or advil but like others have said, this is different. My dad & grandpa are/were hypo too. My dad is a runner & has no weight issues at 65. I would like to lose weight but don't eat the greatest or exercise consistently. I don't know that you will see the weight melt off immediately but it seems different for everyone. I

f you do go on meds, make sure the doc checks you often at least at first, while things regulate. Plus there are old & new guidelines for what's a normal range. And I used to think going hyper would help me lose weight, but once when my levels changed, I ended up hyper & gained weight & felt horrible. There are a lot of different opinions about hypo meds, regulating, etc. so I recommend making sure you are doing research to look out for yourself & shop around, some docs are much better than others.

09-14-2008, 10:40 PM
I have been pregnant 3 times and have 3 beautiful boys, (all 8.5-9.5lbs at birth). After I gained 70+ pounds with DS#1, I knew that I couldn't do it again - I was just over 200 lbs when I gave birth. I am normally 135 lbs. It eventually came off, but not really until DS started crawling and walking. Even with exercise, counting calories and always on the go, I couldn't lose the weight. Once DS started walking - it came off faster than ever. Then I was Pregnant with DS#2, 2 3/4 years later just after I had finally fit into most of my old cloths again. I didnt want to gain as much weight as I did with the 1st pregnancy. I "only" gained 45-50 lbs with #2. Same thing.... once DS#2 was on the move, so was I. I didnt sit down until they were in bed. Even then I had house work and laundry to do. Then when DS3 was on his way, I really watched what I ate - only1/2 pint of B&Js ice cream, in one sitting, not a whole tub! ;) I still got up to 180lbs pregnant. I still couldnt get back to my 20-soemthing weight. I ate right, exercised, counted calories, wasn't breastfeeding... Again, once DS#3 was crawling, walking, running, it started to shed off bit by bit.

And once DH was "fixed" and I went of the pill, it really went away. That is another thing to consider. I took a class at the gym and got a little mommy time with DS2 in the jobgger. Now I am back to 135 lbs.

My point being: Pregnancy is an amazing thing and the things and changes our bodies go through is just unbelieveable! Give your body time to adjust. it took 9+ months to gain the weight, give yourself 9+ months to take it off. Most of our time with infants is spent sitting on the couch wth bottle in hand. Not much movement.Get outside with your babies and move around; its good for you and good for them (fresh air tires them out!). Our bodies change every 7 years. Be it metobalism, weight, eye sight whatever. Hang in there, keep doing what you are doing and talk to a doctor. If you aren't happy, no one is going tobe happy. Be happy that you have 2 healthy boys and a super awesome husband! Those things are greta, but you deserve to be happy with yourself too! All moms on here can sympathise with you! Best wishes and good luck to you! :wizard:

09-15-2008, 03:45 PM
I have Graves. Taking medicine isn't always fun, but if left uncontrolled it can lead to loss of memory, emotions, rage, hair loss, blindness and even death. And even with a controlled thyroid losing weight is very difficult, my thyroid had to be removed as I became allergic to PTU (how fair is that! I had the side that should have made me lose weight but instead I had symptoms all over the board and gained. I feel robbed), and now if something goes wacky on my levels, like I took tums to late at night, I can gain 5lbs in 3 days. It's not easy but show me a disease that is.
I read something somewhere that said if you are fat and exercise you're healthier than someone who's skinny who doesn't. I try to think of it that way, for me it's more positive.

09-16-2008, 12:13 AM
Just a tip ... Have your Dr. test your T3/T4 levels AND your TSH levels. Some don't test both. For your own sake, think of replacement thyroid hormones as necessary, not optional. You could really mess yourself up if you have a thyroid problem and don't take them. Fortunatley they are very effective with relatively few side effects.

Good luck :goodvibes

09-16-2008, 12:55 AM
thanks for all of your comments and concerns! Just to respond to a few of you:

1) I will have the dr. check all of those T's! Thanks
2) As for movement, its not even funny how much I exercise. I'm a pilates instructor and group fitness instructor so, trust me, I MOVE!! I even have a BOB double jogger so that I can walk to/from the gym to teach step, sculpting, aqua, pilates, kickbox, boot camp, etc etc etc! Definitely NOT a problem here! In fact, I absolutely love to exercise!!!
3) Yeah it does make me want to eat bad because whats the point??

I'm going to try a few new things in the next few weeks:
1) see a doctor and take care of everything medically
2) go off the pill and try a different method of birth control (i think this might be helping keep weight on)
3) work closely w/ a nutritionist
4) start doing more weights and back off on my cardio

Any other suggestions?