View Full Version : 100 Years of old stock

04-25-2002, 11:09 AM
I have been reading various Disney message boards for some time. I was particularly interested in the threads from the States where people wanted to swap/buy McDonald's toys for the 100 years of magic.

This sounds interesting I thought - might even make it worthwhile to fork out for a happy meal for DD once in a while.

So we trot along to our local McD's and buy a meal (and an extra toy for mum - these must be good after all they are swapping them in the US) and guess what??? We get left overs from the Lady and the Tramp II promotion and from Simbas Pride from a couple of years back. No Mickey, Minnie or Donald - oh no - just some very obscure animals from some less than first rate Disney videos!!

I expect McD's will have changed their promotion by the time we get to WDW this summer - oh well..

Thank you for sharing my rantings - I feel better now.

04-25-2002, 12:26 PM
we also got old stock - I was very disappointed , we got some Dinosaur thing. I saw the things they were getting in the US on Ebay and they looked quite nice