View Full Version : Sending packages to WDW?

09-03-2008, 02:51 PM
Any of you send a package ahead of time? What do you put in it? I was thinking maybe 6 water bottles, 6 bottles of dt. coke, bag of pretzels, goldfish crackers, fruit snacks etc... We wont have a car and are using DME. Can you send water and soda in the mail??? I guess worst case senerio I could purchase soda at OKW....What do you do?


09-03-2008, 03:16 PM
I've mailed stuff down but I prefer to take along 2 separate duffle bags when we fly so I can spread out my clothes and my waters & snacks. Since we are a family of 4 and we only really need 2 large suitcases for all our stuff the extra 2 are the cheapest way to go.

Here's what I do:

large case #1: 2/3 clothes & 1 dozen water bottles (check weight on a scale)
large case #2: 2/3 clothes & 1 dozen water bottles (check weight on a scale)
collapsible duffel bag $9 at Walmart #1: 1/2 clothes & 1/2 snack foods
collapsible duffel bag #2: 1/2 clothes & 1/2 snack foods

On my way home I either fold the duffels up and put them in my bigger cases or use 1 for souvenirs and 1 for dirty laundry.

As for mailing stuff down, I think Staples still offers free shipping on water bottles via the internet once you join their club. Have it sent to the front desk. As for the snacks, just mail it to the front desk to your attention, I usually make a note of my arrival date etc on the box.

HAve fun:thumbsup2