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08-26-2008, 03:22 PM
This is a little late, but better late than never right?

So I guess I better start off with the cast of characters.
Me (Kaitlyn), 19, I am in my sophomore year of college.

And my mom, who probably wouldn't like her picture or age posted. But she loves Disney World.

We've been to Disney World twice before, when I was in second and eighth grade.

I think my mom had been ready to go back since we had left 5 years ago. She always mentioned about going down but I had band trips every year so we had to pay for those and there never seem to be a right time to go. Until one day (September 22nd to be exact ;) ) I was visiting my Aunt at the scrapbooking store she works at. She was putting out new Disney stuff.

So I went home and casually said to my mom, "I want to go to Disney World."
She replied, "Okay, how about the third week of December?"

And thus began our Disney planning adventure!

08-26-2008, 03:28 PM
We played around with the dates that we wanted to go. We decided that December would have been too soon. Airfares were extremely high and I don't think I could have gotten off work that week.

So we ended up with May 10 through the 17th.

The next thing was the hotel. I had wanted to go back to the Wilderness Lodge but she didn't want to spend the money on it.

I researched hours on the hotels. We were originally going to stay at the All Stars Music, but someone at my mom's work had stayed at the POFQ and really liked it. After looking at pictures we decided on the Port Orleans Riverside. We booked and bought our plane tickets and January. Then time seemed to fly by and the next thing I know we are off to Disney!

(Sorry for the lack of pictures, I was too focused on getting through the airport)

We woke up around 6 am Saturday morning and was out the door 6:50. I was nervous about driving to the airport because my mom doesn't do well driving anywhere near Pittsburgh. She second guesses her self and then usually makes the wrong turn. After a lot of construction and detours we made it safely to the airport by eight! Our flight didn't leave until 10:08 so we had lots of time to kill but that doesn't mean I didn't walk slow, I practically ran through the airport I was so excited!

I was a bit nervous going through the whole checking in/security/getting to the terminal. I had done it a year ago with my high school's marching band when we went to California but my mom hadn't flown since our first Disney World trip and that was 11 years ago so obviously there had been a lot of changes.

We checked in our luggage. The people that were in front of us, as well as the ones behind us also had their Magical Express tags on! After checking in the luggage we went through security and that went well and the people working security were very nice. Got on the tram thingy and zoomed to the other end of the airport. We located our gate and then Mom get's something from McDonalds. I don't like McDonald's breakfast. :snooty: I brought some Ritz crackers in case I got hungry but I was too nervous to eat. After she was done eating we made our way to the gate and sat and waited.

The amount of kids that were there waiting was unreal. Even though it made sense that there would be since it was a nonstop flight to Disney World. My mom and I kept giving each other looks like, "I really hope none of them scream the entire way."


The plane finally arrived! We boarded at exactly 10:08 and we were given a free pair of earphones since AirTran has free XM Satellite Radio! I was excited about that.


The parking lot at the airport on our way up.

After we got to the height we were suppose too we were allowed to bring out our electronics so I whipped out my own calming mechanism: My portable DVD player.


I had Disney movies packed but I stuck to an old friend: "The O.C." When this show was canceled I was devastated :sad1: I couldn't hear it because the volume didn't go up high enough and the plane engines were loud but that was okay because I have watched it enough times that I can still laugh without actually hearing what they are saying. :happytv:


So after an uneventful very short ride, at least compared to my last plane trip that was four hours long (and it was in the middle of the night so I couldn't even see anything outside, I couldn't sleep. I was literally going insane!) I started seeing swimming pools everywhere so I knew we were close to Florida.


And the best thing about the flight: I didn't hear one screaming kid! :wizard: