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08-18-2008, 05:52 AM

Looks like we will be cruising the later half of Nov. 2010. (not TG weekend if possible):scared:

I am unfamiliar with the weather in /around Flordia that time of year. We usually go in January (it proves plenty warm for us since we live in Northern Canada:thumbsup2 ).

I know it is hurrican season but I guess I was hoping to hear that Hurricans are less active that late in the season. Also what are the average temps like and is there much rain?

Thanks for any help.:)

08-18-2008, 08:40 AM
We live in Central FL and have cruised in November, too. Usually it's very nice weather (75-80) and the tail end of hurricane season, so less active (but never rule them out!). January can be nice, but generally cooler (70ish), but last year we had some frosts in early and mid-January. Overall November is a safer bet - plus, you have the benefit of the ship being decorated for the holidays!

08-18-2008, 08:49 AM
We've cruised on the Magic twice over Thanksgiving week. (2004 and 2005) In 2004 it was beautiful...warm weather and sunny skies! In 2005 hurricane Wilma really messed things up! It was a very active hurricane season and our stop at Cozumel was changed to Costa Maya before we even boarded due to hurricane damage. Then when we left the seas were awful...the whole family was really sick! I was convinced they would have to airlift me from the ship the next day. Anyhow, we couldn't tender in to Grand Cayman so that became another sea day and one of our days at Castaway Cay was overcast and rainy.
Since then we have taken a Disney cruise over spring break (2007)and two in the summer (2006 and 2008). I think we will stick with the spring and summer cruises!