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08-16-2008, 09:40 PM
I thought I'd start a new thread so I didn't hijack the storm watch.

Donnie, when I left they had recently built a river walk on the south side of the river, and they were working on a "festival shopping" area on the opposite side downtown. Did either of them ever amount to anything? Of course, they wait until I move before they start trying to make the river something positive!

08-17-2008, 06:23 AM

Were you originally from OP? At one time I thought I'd like to move to that area, but given what it's turned into (worse traffic - etc) than Tampa, I nixed that idea. IIRC - Cecil Field is now closed. I really like the Jax area but am content to stay in my little rural Polk County for now. My next move will be one of two places (1) the North Ga Mountains - or - (2) a nursing home!:rotfl:

I saw in your profile that you're an RN and you said you live south of Omaha. Do you work at a hospital by chance? The only reason I ask is because a good friend of ours was a Director of Radiology at Creighton - St.Mary's. It would truly be a "Small World" if you knew the guy!!!

Donnie mentioned that his new "sweetheart" lives in Middleburg. The last time I was thru there you could hardly tell where OP stops and Middleburg begins!

BTW - I don't think I officially welcomed you to "The World of Insanity" otherwise known as the "Dis Camping Community Forum". WELCOME!!

08-17-2008, 07:35 AM
OP ends and Middleburg Begins where Blanding quits having a strip mall on every square inch of land lol. What year did you leave? Jax has a new baseball field, arena and of course the stadium for the Jags, who in my opinion we don't deserve because if they lose we quit supporting them. Just the way this town works. We love it when they win. I'm happy to see em make the 1st round of the playoffs myself.

The southbank does have a big walk along the river but nothing ever was really built there. We have the Landing of course right next to the Main Street Bridge on the northbank. Jax has changed so much in the last 6-7 years it's crazy. I never thought we'd have those huge flyovers on the main roads but we do. Saves time in traffic but are they ugly or what? The developers just went crazy here in the 80's and 90's and IMO ruined a lot of nice areas. No low land areas were sacred believe me. As Debbie mentioned Cecil Field closed a few years ago and they built some business parks there and some new bizzes came in. They also built a huge equestrian area and swimming facility. My daughter shows horses and we thought we'd hit the jackpot when we got the EC but it's so expensive to show there we rarely go. All this new stuff was funded with a 1/2 cent sales tax which I voted for. We got some beautiful buildings and stuff but we have to pay an arm and a leg for concerts, football and all that so what good did it do. The Jax Suns stadium is really nice (AA Dodgers Affiliate) and that is still affordable but the rest sucks. There is a really nice campground near Mayport NAS but when they figured out that 1/2 cent tax wasn't enough they went from $17 a night to $37 a night ($32 for Duval residents) becuase they needed more mullah. Haven't camped there since because that's a rip off. Nice place but no, I won't support it when I pay boo koo taxes for my house. It won't get better lol, so I won't wait for it to change.

08-17-2008, 08:06 AM
Hey Donnie - where is the new stadium? I am wondering if I am trying to go through Jax when there is a game, should I go straight through or take the bypass? This was an issue last year and I ended up doing the bypass which worked out okay, but it may have just been because of the time I went through, too.

08-17-2008, 09:19 AM
Thanks for the update Donnie. I think that The Landing is what they were building when I left- middle of '87. I wondered if they ever did anything with the riverwalk. They built it when I was there, but never seemed to use it much.

No, Debbie, I wasn't an Orange Park native. Dad was transferred to the duPont facility near Starke when I was in HS, and we lived in OP. Graduated from OP High School in '81.

Funny thing about nursing, I haven't worked in a hospital since I got my degree. I started in public health in Illinois, then went into industrial health and risk manegement. Now I am a medical case manager, coordinting medical care and rehab for work and auto injuries, mostly. DW works in a hospital, but neither of us ever worked at Creighton Med Cntr (formerly St. Jo). Sorry, even with 2 nursesin the family we didn't now your friend. :scared:

Don't worry about the "Welcome" This goup is a blast!

08-17-2008, 10:42 AM
The stadium is actually the Gator Bowl that's always been there. Nothing new new lol. The baseball, football and arena are all in the same complex. The 9A loop is now fully open and I think shorter than the 295 loop. It put's you out further south of 295 as well.