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04-16-2002, 10:15 AM
Hi Gang :D

So - what do you all use to cut up?

On Sunday I saw an amazing array of scissors, guillotines, knives etc and just wondered what the preferences are here.

I have bought some little scissors with extremely pointed tips - but I noticed lots (nearly everyone in fact) of people using these rubbery gripped cutters. Look abit like electricians pinchers/snips! Do you use these?

I have some fancy edged scissors from my Card Making days - so use them a lot, but is it worth investing in these newer type.

Also a few people were using a sort of Guillotine/Cutter tool - anyone got any opinions on these?

04-16-2002, 10:38 AM
OK - Here's goes.

I have those scissors that you are talking about - they are called Microtips. I used to use nail scissors and the microtips are more comfortable but I don't think they cut any better. They are good for numerous jobs around the house, especially getting thick tags off of new purchases!

Guillotine/Paper Cutter: I have 2 of these. I have a small CM paper trimmer which is like a guillotine with a blade that raises. I really like this, but it is only about 8 inches long. I use it a lot.
I also have a fiskars paper trimmer, this has a sliding blade and you can lift it up and position it in the middle of the page, so if you are cutting the center out of something it will still work. it's also 12 inches long, so you can cut a full sheet of paper. I like this in theory, but in practice I don't think it cuts very straight. Apparantly this is a common problem, but I don't know of any paper trimmers that are better, so I haven't replaced it.

Fancy Scissors - I bought a few pairs, but I never use them - I prefer a straighter look. One tip - never cut your photographs with them - if you want a fancy edge then cut a mat out and place it behind your photo, lots of people have posted that they cut photo's with them and then they regret it.

Other Cutting Tools:
Eventually you will want something to cut circles/ovals and other shapes. I use something called a Coluzzle which is a template with a special knife that fits into the template and cuts the shape. I really like it, but Fiona tried mine and hated it, so it's a personal thing.

the other main alternative is the CM cutting system, which I haven't used, but it looks good too. It's quite expensive though, which is why I went with the coluzzle.


Nick The Cat
04-17-2002, 03:35 AM
Being a newbie myself to scrapping I would say that a paper trimmer is a must have. The first layout I did had lots of wonky edges as I found it impossible to cut in a straight line.:rolleyes:

I use an old pair of embroidery scissors for cutting lettering etc.

This hobby is proving expensive have now got another order in with Artbase and an order came this morning from Scraptastic - so quess what I'll be doing this afternoon:D :D

04-20-2002, 12:46 PM

I have just brought one of those Coluzzle thingys - they are quite good :D


04-25-2002, 04:23 AM
Hi Kaylee
How you getting on with the Coluzzle??

I wondered if it is worth investing in one - was it expensive?

I have been using scissors to cut lettering out, I have a craft knife that I am getting used to using for cutting circles ets - but wondered if I would benefit from a Coluzzle.

Some years ago (about 6 now I think) we were doing a refurbishment job in an Infants School and when one of our fitters was putting some rubbish into one of the skips on site, he saw a very old Guillotine in there that had been thrown out. Well he told Chris he had seen it and he got it out and brought it home thinking it may be useful. Well, he cleaned it up and I have had it sitting on a desk in the office ever since. It is really nice - only small, about 15" Square, and wooden. It has a slider on it that fixes in place with wing nuts, and is polished. We used to have one exactly the same when I was in school (many moons ago!!! :) ). Well - it has come into its own in the last week and I cant believe how precise it is and how good!

Now has pride of place on my Scrapbooking Desk :D :D :D

04-25-2002, 05:14 AM
Ladies, sorry to barge in but was just browsin while havin abreak from the tedium of me paperwork.

I'm impressed that yer've started yer own mini-group and will be watchin yer progress with real interest.

Bev showed us one of her masterpieces at our Meet last November and I was totally taken aback at just how beautiful and 'personal' these scrapbooks are.

Good luck with all you do and happy scrappin!

(and No, I won't be joinin yers- haven't the time, never mind the still hands!)

Fiona R from UK
04-25-2002, 07:16 AM
my main tool is a pair of 3 decoupage scissors from Hobbycraft, little points to cut out those letters!!

I have a CM guillotine which is fine for photos, and a CM cutting system, which does straight, wavy lines, and circles and ovals. I really like it, but only have it as I signed up with CM to specifically "earn" one, they are a hideous price!!

I couldn't cope at all with Bev's Coluzzle, but I'm sure that that is just practice!!

I use my self healing mat and rotary cutter (fromm patchwork use) too, excellent if you already have one!!

04-25-2002, 07:50 AM
Janice - I am so jealous of your guillotine - my paper trimmer is very poor -and I was admiring the professional one they had at nursery the other day - wondering if I could sneak it out under my jacket!

the coluzzle is not partiularly expensive - initially you need to buy a knife (8), mat (1.50) and template (8) - I think in the States they are have a starter kit for around $20. After that each template ranges from 8 to 20 depending on complexity - the alphabet one I have is the most expensive I've bought - and the one I use least often !