View Full Version : The WONDERS-Where has everyone gone? W/C July 6

07-07-2008, 08:35 PM
Hi guys - another week gone and some great losses

This weeks loss - 5.6 lbs

Loss so far - 209.3 lbs

We have lost a large person.

Come on everyone, come back. Even if you haven't lost any weight, come talk. Maybe we can help. Talk to us about your steps to a healthy life.

Jackie is on vacation, I hope I can do as good a job as she has done.


07-07-2008, 08:50 PM
No real WL, but I've been faithful to 3 weeks of the Couch to 5K Plan (http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml), so I'm sticking with the exercise:cool1: I'm about to start Week 4 (yikes, it's way harder than Week 3, which was way harder than Weeks 1 & 2).

I've also been doing the 100 Pushup Challenge (http://hundredpushups.com), I'm on Week 2, and can already do more pushups now (about 12 or 13) than when I began (8). Best news is, I've convinced dh to join me in the pushup challenge!:thumbsup2

GL everyone!

07-07-2008, 09:30 PM
I have remained the same for 3 weeks but I still have 10 pounds off!!!

07-07-2008, 10:41 PM
Hi Kim!

I lost a whopping total of .6 lbs this week...and you know what, I'm okay with that because in my book going down is going down no matter how long it takes to get there!!! :thumbsup2

07-08-2008, 08:28 AM
After going up for a couple weeks I'm back on the horse! Down 3 lbs and 6 to reach my goal.

07-08-2008, 08:33 AM
I've been at this workout thing now for a little more than a month. My weight, according to the scales at the gym, seems to stay the same! grrrr...but according to my Wii Fit, my weight is changing. So who knows...I think it's about time for a measurement session though. I'm feeling a bit better about myself most days! I don't seem to notice a huge difference in my size, but I know that i'm getting there and it takes time! :)

So no idea on actual weight loss yet this week...I weighed myself at the gym last night and it showed 1/2lb difference from when I started. I don't like that scale...:rotfl: I'll hop on my Wii Fit tonight to see what it says!

Keep it up!!

07-09-2008, 09:27 AM
Still the same - again. *sigh*

I have slightly altered my workout/fitness goals when I realized exactly how unrealistic it was. Now, I plan to walk the distance from the Dolphin to the Port and back. - about 130 miles - at least once before the cruise. I should start walking a little farther on my workouts but so far I have managed over 5 miles.

Something I also figured out from wearing a pedometer for a week. On an average day, including 20 minutes on the treadmill, I will take just under 7 000 steps. On a day in which I am working days - I take less than 2 000 steps. :scared1: I knew I spent a lot of time on my butt at work but I think this takes sedentary to a new level. I did have a dance practice that day so I did not wear it during that - the shimmies would have thrown the count way out.

I will keep at it again this week and see how it goes.

I just wish DD didn't feel the need to sit on the chair and watch me walk. It is wierd. I wear my headphones while I am walking so she gets hers and sits there...