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07-01-2008, 08:46 PM
First thanks to everyone who let us know about this campground....

It was definately worth the stay,especially after the metro ride and bus ride back to the Pop up's ac :goodvibes ..... the smaller pool for the little kids was awesome, DD8 met plenty of new friends :grouphug: it was neat to hear them talk about what they saw that day.. her big deal of the stay was seeing"President Lincoln in that HUGE chair!" Since my bestfriends Pop up is HUGE, we were in the 100 loop by the beltway.. (which some campers complained of the noise at night, didn't bother us we are used to city noises)

I have to hand it to all of you pop up families.. WHEW!! It's alot of steps closing and opening sliding,storing in certain places... this one had 2 slide outs and king sized beds .. question.. what doyou keep your cothes in as there was no drawers ect.. ( i had ours in a rubbermaid container in plastic bags)
we are really thankful that we did not have to close it up in the pouring rain that we had earlier in the day....needless to say I missed our TT.. DH loved the gas mileage, he ran midgrade in the hemi....

ummm it was hard not having our regular sized fridge,and the bathroom... lol I Know spoiled... The bathrooms were really kept up, (we left Sat am so not sure how the fared over the weekend) and the showers were really clean.. DD 17 kept comparing it to the Fort... especially since it seemed as if there was no AC in the bath houses :confused3

The free internet was limited to 2hours before you had to sign back in.. DD17 and Dad did most of the internet.. it was nice to have free net.. disney should offer it free but that's not going to happen so I need to stop wishing:wizard:

the first few days we did the bus and metro.. the hardest part was waiting for the bus to pick us up on the way home.. we waited almost 40 minutes, when it's hot and humid.. folks get cranky.. :rolleyes1 the bus ride took us another hour and half with all the stops.. this is when the pool became our haven... nice n cool.. and the cafe there offered hot dogs n such..

we had bus tokens left over and offered them to a family who was checking in.. DH had decided to drive to the Uof Maryland parking lot pay the $ and save the hassel of the bus... grandma is a real trooper and did well on the bus but she was the deciding factor for the parking lot the next day.. with temps in the high 90's and the humidity even worse.. we gladly drove to the lot and paid.. The friendly folks at the office discouraged just about everyone from driving to the parking lot or into DC.. which we did both :scared1:

We drove in Thrs nite to see the monuments in lights.. could not get on a bus tour as they were booked :rolleyes1 this is what DH gets for deciding last minute trips.... Needless to say he could not get into the National Archives, nor the Mint,or the monument.. again dh is :mad: that even the no tickets lines.. were HOURS long.....he found out that they let the bus tours go first... 400 people a time in the Archives... it took alot for me to stop saying.. "Really ?you need tickets? " Yes I tried to get them ahead of time but had no luck.. this I too informed him of, and he figured we would just "wing it anyway'...umm next time we will have tickets or go on the bus tours....:thumbsup2

As for food our best meal in DC was at the American Indian museum we shared berry glazed salmon,buffalo, sliced cook carrots,sweetpoatoes,purple poatoes.. (yes they really are purple) and wild grain rice, the girls also had a chowder and roasted chicken (white meat and legs) we chose bottled teas /juices over the fountain drinks ,for the 5 of us it was 60$ not too bad.. Dd swore the salmon was just as good as the salmon at the food n wine fest in Canada..:woohoo:

Dd 17 and I visited The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum( I had been to several concentration camps in Germany and Poland.. lived in Germany as a teenager,dad was stationed there for 4 yrs) we talked it over before we decided to "wing it" and head on over... we had to wait an hour for our ticket time, so we visited the gift shop. I purchased a book for my Cousin who teaches HS kids History,the author was there and signed it for me.. It's very humbling to talk to a survivor... needless to say tears were flowing thru out the 2 1/2 hour visit...... one of the exhibts we did not see.. Remeber the Children "Daniels story" we by passed, the line was long and we knew we had to meet Hubby around 4 DD8 did not go, she and dad wandered down to see Mr Lincoln in his "chair" and to have hot dogs and ice cream from the carts :woohoo:

For 4 days we crammed alot in, even my mom commented on how much walking we did.. Whew.. not like "disney" lol.. poor dad.. the entire trip everyone kept saying "at Disney" or at the Fort":goodvibes

October is just around the corner and we can not wait..

any one have any ? feel free to pm if youd like..

thanks again

07-01-2008, 09:02 PM
one of the exhibts we did not see.. Remeber the Children "Daniels story" we by passed, Oh, I hate that you missed that. It really hit home when we saw that, how horrific everything was

07-01-2008, 10:58 PM
So did you enjoy the Quickie ?

SORRY I couldn't help my self

07-02-2008, 08:34 AM
Great TR! So happy to have this recommendation for DC. My mom lives close, so we usually stay with her, but I'd like to camp up there sometime soon, too!

We have a Pop-up that sounds like the one you used. Clothing storage can be a little tricky. I always pack the clothes in those huge Ziploc bags and stuff them in various compartments. I also have some hanging shelves that keep us organized.

Escape Artist
07-02-2008, 11:30 AM
Thanks, I saved your trip report for future travel tips! We've been talking about doing a DC trip, but waiting for my littlest one (6) to get a bit bigger so she'll enjoy/remember it more, too.

I think we have the same popup as Ami (ours is a Fleetwood Westlake, I think it's an 04?); we have 2 Kings but we don't have any slideouts. When we camp, we pack all our clothing in duffles, one per person for the 5 of us. They're small, light, and easily portable, and they get smaller as we use things, while the laundry duffle gets more stuffed. I do laundry, and then the whole process repeats. Works for us. I keep food in a laundry basket with big handles, so it's easy to move around, too. Between the duffles and the laundry basket, it keeps our popup from getting too messy. :goodvibes

Thanks again for sharing your trip notes...I can't wait 'til we get to do our DC trip someday, too!

Sue in Texas

07-04-2008, 10:07 AM
So did you enjoy the Quickie ?

SORRY I couldn't help my self
:lmao: :rotfl2:


funny that you should go "there" the plates on the pop up say "POP IT UP" We had alot of thumbs up driving on the way back from DC...

When we went to pick it up UP stated NY I looked at my best friend and said to her.. "YOU paid extra for personalized plates??? ":rolleyes1

love these boards.. having a sense of humor makes it all the better

07-04-2008, 10:19 AM
Carol,PolynesianPixe and Sue thanks for your replies and Jeff...:lmao:

I too used a big duffle,after we were home, I called my friend and asked her where she puts her clothing:confused3
she tells me...
under one of the beds is space that has an empty LARGE container, she used that for their clothes, the bed slides over a outside storage area.. She :rotfl: at me.. telling me I was spoiled with our Travel Trailer and aww .. we had to "rough it" :lmao:

The funny thing is she has it loaded with so much stuff that it weighs almost as much as our TT...

This weekend we are in our TT and the Pop up is in storage spot :rolleyes1

07-04-2008, 03:59 PM
We were at Cherry Hill on the way home from the Fort and loved it also. The worst part of the whole trip was when my fuel pump on my Yukon broke right in the middle of the camp ground. $976 to have it fixed. I'm still convinced it's because I was from out of town but I guess I'll never know for sure. I would definitely say Cherry Hill is a close second to the Fort. While I don't think any where will ever beat the Fort, Cherry Hill sure is a great place.

07-05-2008, 09:42 PM
We were at Cherry Hill on the way home from the Fort and loved it also. The worst part of the whole trip was when my fuel pump on my Yukon broke right in the middle of the camp ground. $976 to have it fixed. I'm still convinced it's because I was from out of town but I guess I'll never know for sure. I would definitely say Cherry Hill is a close second to the Fort. While I don't think any where will ever beat the Fort, Cherry Hill sure is a great place.

Sorry to hear you had to have major car repairs on the DC Trip...:mad:
Fuel pumps are not cheap...

Dh being a mechanic has replaced most of our families that have Chevy's (for some reason they seem to be going out around 50 to 60 thousand miles) he has me trained to listen for a "whining noise"

We had a timing belt go out on us on our minivan as we were leaving fort wilderness back in 96, the poor man had to fix it in an econolodge parking lot, yea we endedup having to get a rental car and go and get parts.. our last trip to the fort the we lost a tire, lug nuts and all on the way down to the fort, luckily my sister inlaw was behind in the van (8 of us that trip ) had to get a flatbed from 250 miles away to tow us to a tractor trailer repair shop. they patched us up till we made it to camping world in Nashville area,,., only to findout they don't make the bearings we needed for our TT.. :scared1: again we slowly made our trip south.. the day before check in the bearing grease dried up,seems camping world forgot to grease em.. DH Was NOT :love: (the draw backs of having some one else fix his stuff) and we were stuck in a rest area south of Macon Ga.. uhuh. in major construction zone... DH spent the nite in the TT while the rest of us went down and stayed in a cabin.. (talk about spoilied kids on that trip :rolleyes1) we had already lost a day off our ressies, The fort was great in giving us a spot when DH finally made it down, 2 days later , ended up getting bearings from a boat shop.. :woohoo: (Alot of the places were closed due to Columbus Day)

needless to say we ended up having a great time at the fort, the kids didn't miss out on MNSSHP and my Nephew had a great 1st trip to the world and BDay.:wizard: we extended our trip a few days, (Dh always takes an extra day off just in case of this stuff happening.) Dh now has an extra set of bearings in the TT just in case...

Which area did you stay in? we were at 129 by bathhouse 3....

how did your kids like disney.. I believe this was their first visit right?

need to get a ticker going for our Oct trip...:banana:

07-06-2008, 10:30 AM
Hi Trish and thanks for the report! I'd love to see some pictures of Cherry Hill if you have them! :)

07-06-2008, 02:23 PM

no pictures of Cherry Hill, :confused3 I'm not a picture taker... pretty bad for a mom huh? :rolleyes1

Hopefully FtWildnrs5 took some photos...

I can tell you our site was gravel and grass, along with a picnic table,since we were in a "motor home spot" it had sewer also, oh and cable tv..

just wish disney would include the Wifi... again just wishn:wizard:

07-06-2008, 02:45 PM
That looks like a nice place. I would love to go to DC again. It has been a long time since I was there. It would be nice to be able to stay in our motorhome.

07-06-2008, 06:43 PM
We were in site 409. We had originally requested the 100 loop and were supposed to arrive on Sunday. The trip down was going so good we decided to just through, called FW and they could get us in a day early. 400 loop was nice but our spot was a little tight. Our kids absolutely loved Disney, yes it was their first trip. It was worth the drive down and the cost of the fuel pump to see their faces. My truck had 113,000 miles on it when we left home so I guess I'm lucky to have gone that far without having to replace the fuel pump earlier.