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06-26-2008, 04:05 PM
not very good at this but i will try:

Our Story...
We meant in early June 1996 .We were introduced by a mutual friend. We hit it off right away and started dating like a week later. he proposed not long after. we had set several dates but they all got pushed back for one reason or another.Well 2kids 2 miscarriages and 3 yrs later we were married by a justice of the piece in a masonic hall with only about 20 people . My husbands mother took over everything and we got to do hardly anything and most of the stuff used was from her 2nd marriage that she was then divorced from . And a nasty skirt that she made for me wear instead of the dress she was supposed to make. She also promised us a great cake like she had made for his grandparents anniversary the yr b4 but we got a 2 tier(small reg square shaped ) and they were pink cake and pink frosting and loop sided.. it was awful. She even pushed my mother out of the way to tell me i was doing my makeup wrong and i looked like a tramp and then proceed to try and touch my hair and put the vial (her used one again cause she was supposed to make me one.) I was only a week out of a c section when we got married and not even supposed to be on my feet but she would follow me around and make sure that i kept the nylons on all day and the dress shoes.

OK on to life since then ...
We have added a beautiful daughter to our family and 2 fur babies since we got married. We have lived in several places and had a few really really rough times. Things that a lot of people would never have lasted through but we did make it and it made us love not only life but life together more. We love each other more now then the day we were married.

We decided to do this vow renewal for several reasons :
1. to reaffirm our love that is so strong.
2. to have a better one to remember then the 1st
3. to let our wonderful kids be involved.

Our family consists of:
Me 32 (bride) umm if u call me that now lol :bride:
DH 34 :cool2:
DS #1 10 pirate:
DS #2 9 :yay:
DD 8 (my true princess and born on our 1st anniversary.) princess:

We are renewing our Vows February 12 2009 at 12:00 at the boardwalks Sea breeze point.
we had to change it because it was a better date for what lil guests we have coming but i love the new date 2 -12 at 12 ...lol i could have choose Friday the 13 but ummm no ty..

(not sure what else to put in here....)

06-26-2008, 04:08 PM
the dress i am trying for :

front mine :

back of mine:

the one i want for DD

06-26-2008, 04:10 PM
We are going to go with red for a color for a few reasons
one because it is a symbol for love
two it is only 2 days after valentines day
and 3 well it is in the dress i want.

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Welcome to the boards! Can't wait to see a pic of your dress and hear more about your plans.

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Welcome!!! I can't wait to hear about your plans.:)

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welcome and congrats waiting to hear more of your VR plans...:goodvibes The dresses are both very pretty:cool1:

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What a pretty dress! And a matching one fr your daughter. Sorry to hear your original wedding wasn't everything you hoped for, but I hope this makes up for some of it.


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The dress for your dd is very pretty.... I love the detailing:goodvibes and a nice find on sale too! good luck with your plans

07-12-2008, 11:37 PM
Try sydneyscloset dot com. They have formal and informal wedding dresses as well as other special occasion dresses. Some are fairly reasonable.

07-13-2008, 01:05 AM
Welcome to the boards!! I am sorry to hear about your dress. I am a plus size bride and my dress is in the Bonny collection (Unforgettable line). If you go to their website www.bonny.com they list locations where you can find their dresses. My dress was $800 so it doesn't work in your price range but someone might have samples they are selling cheaper or are having a sale. I also saw some on ebay. Just a thought.

Keep us updated, can't wait to hear more!!popcorn::

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Welcome!! Your dd's dress is so cute!! Good luck finding one for you!!

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The flowers sound beautiful!! Can't wait to see them!