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06-15-2008, 06:19 AM
It's 4:30 am, I just woke up. Good quiet time for thinking, reflecting on my life as a dad. I want to share just a little bit with ya'll. Our DD 27 was born on Thanksgiving day 1980. We were blessed with a wonderfull girl who is now a school teacher, a wife and a mom. When she was a baby we went tent camping at a lake here in east Texas many times. We also took many vacations traveling the country, often camping along the way. When she was in high school she was the band president and the head twirler. My wife and i were very active in the band booster club. Every year the boosters prepared and served a Thanksgiving dinner as a fund raiser. It's a big deal here in this small town and there is always a big turn out. These funds pay for a band trip,usually to WDW. So, during spring break of 1999, the band went to WDW and my wife went along as a chaperone. I chose to stay home, I had no desire to see "all that kiddy stuff". We had no idea! Wife and daughter came home with rave reviews about the world and they convinced me to take our vacation there in 2000. My wife worked for an attorny who took his family there for years, in a motorhome, staying at the Fort. So thats how we found out about it. He told us to reserve a GC because its so much fun. So, My inlaws took us to Fort Wilderness in their class c. I took my tent, we had a GC, and of course we had the best vacation ever! We all just fell in love with the place. We were amazed at how awesome Fort Wilderness is. Well, we went back in mid Dec. 2001 and fell in love with the holiday stuff, the decorations, the Candlelite Processional, the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights, and the Christmas parade at MK. Then we went back in mid Dec. 2003, thanks to the long college break. Our daughter graduated from college in may of 2004. To cellabrate, she considered a cruise with a few friends. But she then said, " Dad, can we go back to WDW?" So just 5 mo. after our last trip we went right back! Her best friend went with us and they did it all. This time the wife and I stayed at the fort most days. It was great, very relaxing. Then our daughter got married and we took the son-in-law in Dec. 2006. now he loves it as much as anybody. They had our first grand daughter in Feb. this year. We will take her to WDW and the Fort th second week of Dec. She will be 9 mos old, time to get her started! Funny thing is this: Our daughter chose to be in the band and be a twirler when most of her friends were cheerleaders or on the dance line. If not for that band trip during spring break 1999 we may not have ever gone to WDW and Fort Wilderness. You never know. There are a lot of other great things about my daughter as well, but in this forum I have to say, she is the reason this family now loves WDW and the Fort, we talk about it all the time. This Father is very happy today, happy Father's Day to all of you, have a blessed day!

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The Original "Big Al"
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Happy Father's day to my Disboard buddies...hope ya have a great time with the kids....hell...I just hope I can get through the day without fighting with my kids!!!!

Me & MY Dad...about 1975(I think we took this picture at Woolworth's)
See ya real soon, Dad

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Happy Dad and Fathers Day!!!

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Happy Fathers Day To All You Great Disboard Dads!

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Didn't recognize you with the hair Rog. :rotfl2:

That's a great pic and memory.

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Great story! Happy Fathers Day to all!! (that's a lot of hair Rog! hehe very cute!)

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Wecampdisney - What a great post. You described how DH and I envision our future trips to WDW...filled with family add ons and sitting at the Fort.

I hope today is a day filled with great Dad thoughts...current and past. :love:

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Way too much head on that beer.

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Happy Father's Day to you Dad's.

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LOL! Rog, great pic, I love it. You have a witty imagination and creative computor skills. It would take me hours to try and create that picture. You da man!:worship:

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happy Fathers day to all the other Dads on this board, and to their dads. You are all great people, and your kids should be proud of you.

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LOL! Rog, great pic, I love it. You have a witty imagination and creative computor skills. It would take me hours to try and create that picture. You da man!:worship:

Thanks Benton...but I cant take credit for that one.....I ripped it off of google!!!