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04-06-2002, 06:39 AM
I just got engaged earlier this week (totally unexpected!!) and am a complete Disney nut. I already have a trip planned this year with my parents and boyfriend - oops, now mean fiance! to the AKL and BW over Christmas/New Year. Anyway, I've always wanted to get married at Disneyworld but because I'm from the UK thought it would work out too much money with the travelling. However I'm lucky I found a man who can keep financing trips to Disney, lol :) and has agreed with me that it would be really cool to get married at Disney and those people who really wanted to be there to celebrate with us wouldn't mind paying (budget wise we don't want to spent more than $35,000). We're looking at May next year and there's probably going to be around 30 guests who will be paying for their own flights/accomodation plus bride & groom. Can anybody give me suggestions for:

Who do we contact to plan/book the whole package (do we go through Disney???)
Hotel to stay before ceremony (2-3 days)
Hotel to stay for honeymoon afterwards (7 days)
Where should we hold the ceremony
Nice restaurants for sit down meal
A different venue for an evening buffet

Any help you could give would be fantastic!


04-06-2002, 01:03 PM
First of all, Congratulations!:bounce: :bounce:

Just wanna say that you are a very lucky bride who is able to have a wedding at Disneyworld. In order to plan your information well, I guess the best bet is to do a research on the official Disney wedding website to know your options and budget estimation.

You can also gather some un-official Disney wedding related information from this website.

Here is another link of the Disboard member who got married and celebrated honeymoon at WDW.

I think that should be enough for a start.

Good luck!:D

:earsgirl: :D

04-06-2002, 01:14 PM

This is just the sort of thing I need, I really want to avoid the 'hard sell' and get other people's views first to give me some sort of idea, then I'll hit the official Disney web site.

04-06-2002, 02:33 PM
Congratulations! My husband and I took advantage of an already scheduled trip to WDW to assist us in our planning. They told us the possibilities were limitless as far as what we could plan, but we didn't realize how true that really was. I would suggest thinking about if you want a somewhat traditional ceremony/reception, or where some of your favorite places are. The initial sales coordinator will assist you with which venues are available for the date you selected for your event. Once the initial contract is set up you will be assigned to an event planner who will walk you through the rest of the planning. We had one phone call per week, for an hour, and planned a different stage of the event during each call. They took care of our hotel room choices for both before and after for us, and what options and discounted rooms could be blocked for our guests, and handled all aspects of planning and executing the wedding and reception. If you have any questions along the way I'll be glad to help!