View Full Version : Sears photo super savers

05-26-2008, 10:12 PM
I just wanted to share that this was a great value. We had purchased it at her last session for $5. Every time you go you get a free 8x10 and because we went on a weekday we got B1G1 free pictures for the 7.99 prints and for the enhancement. It made it much more affordabe. So for about 40 dollars with tax (not including the 5 I paid before for the card I got:

1 8x 10
2 sheets 5x 7
4 Sheets of wallets

I also got some enhancements done to 2 sheets of the wallets and to the 8X10. I could do different poses too, but the B1G1 had to be the same size, same pose. It was a good value for just needing a few pics and not having to get all of the same shot.