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05-22-2008, 11:36 AM
Does anyone have any diaper coupons? I have some huggies ones that were in the paper but cannot find any Pampers coupons. I registered on the Pampers website and they still havent sent me any and my baby is due in 3 weeks. If anyone has any that they would like to share please PM me.

05-22-2008, 12:04 PM
You will get the best coupons directly from Pampers. As I recall, they were sort of pokey sending my first batch, too, but then they did well. The Pampers coupons are usually in the newspaper only in the Procter & Gamble insert, which is in the first Sunday of every month. I think that it's usually $1 off a package of diapers. The ones that Pampers sent me directly were more like $2 off.

The coupons that I received directly from Huggies were also more valuable than the ones in the newspaper.

If you have friends/family with toddlers, you can try offering to trade them the coupons for Pull-ups and other toddler products for the diaper coupons. My friends were more than willing to do that with me, and it saved me having to buy extra papers for just the one coupon.

You might also join a coupon train and get extra coupons from it, but they can be a little bit of work, and you might not have time for that once the baby has arrived.

05-22-2008, 12:11 PM
I think I have a few Pampers one from the recent newspapers. I can check and make sure I haven't passed them on.

Ar e you only stocking up on Pampers? Just beware that different diapers work best for different kids. I didn't really care for the Pampers when DS was really small. I switched to Huggies Supreme. I went back to Pampers around size 2/3 until size 4 when they really started to smell to me. I went back to Huggies Supreme in size 4 and 5's. Along the way I have tried Luvs and the regular Huggies along with the cruisers. I just prefer the Huggies Supreme but also supplement with White Cloud Supreme from Walmart ... they are very similar to Pampers Cruisers but a ton cheaper. They are the only generic I liked. I use them at the times when I know DS's has tummy problems or whatever because it kills me to change a Huggies 10 minutes after I put it on because he had a poopy!!!

I'll PM you if I have any.

05-22-2008, 01:48 PM
Thanks for the replies. I am open to any diaper coupons but just from past experience with my first child which was 7 years ago - he did better with Pampers as an infant and then we switched to huggies later on. I was just concerned because I couldnt find any pampers coupons and they hadnt mailed me any and I really wanted to get some before I go to the hospital. If you have any that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

05-22-2008, 01:55 PM
try buying them online. Right now you can get 10$ off your first order on 800diapers.com and shipping is free over 49$ and amazon also has a deal buy 99$ worth of pampers (you can get 2 lg boxes and some wipes for this price) and get a 20$ gift card (this will come after the promo is over 5-31) I am stocked up for at least the first 3 months between those two promo's :)