View Full Version : Anyone been to Fresh @ the Dolphin?

05-19-2008, 01:44 AM
Has anyone ever been here?

How was the lunch and/or buffet?

How was the food in general?

any pics to share?


05-19-2008, 02:07 AM
We have only did Breakfast. But it was EXCELLENT. :dance3:

Ron from Michigan
05-19-2008, 06:02 AM
We have had breakfast there twice and it was fantastic. The best breakfast buffet at Disney.

Robert P
05-19-2008, 08:37 AM
Agreed. Best breakfast buffet at WDW.

Pirate Me
05-19-2008, 09:04 AM
We went there for the breakfast buffet. It was GREAT; one of the best breakfast buffets out there.

brown eyed girl
05-19-2008, 09:07 AM
We went there on our last visit...no one was there except us and another couple (breakfast). As I recall, it was clean, quiet but for the big bucks they charged, I don't think it was worth it. This time I am staying at the Dolphin and we have no plans to go back.

05-19-2008, 12:49 PM
Would I need an ADR for a weekday here??

05-19-2008, 12:52 PM
We eat breakfast at the Dolphin every trip. The buffet is terrific and you can eat as much as you want. Try a late breakfast - brunch.
The lunch buffet is also great. There are plenty of things to choose from but make sure you save room for dessert. They have some of the best pastries!!

Robert P
05-19-2008, 01:13 PM
Would I need an ADR for a weekday here??

We haven't needed one yet, but don't let that be the decision maker for you. Never hurts to have one, but we have always been able to walk-up.

05-19-2008, 01:42 PM
Thanks everyone! Any more details on lunch?

Is it only buffet or regular menu also?

Is it pretty inside?

What kinds of things did they serve?