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03-27-2002, 07:17 PM
We just called Disney DVC tonight to request the video and information package so we'll be waiting anxiously for that. But in the meantime we're trying to scour these boards to get info. I think we're interested in the Wilderness Lodge Villas the most. Are these harder to get or more expensive because they're newer? Also, did most of you buy new from Disney or buy a resale? If you bought from Disney direct, did you have to go down there to do it? I know the point system will be explained when I receive the info from Disney, but on the average, what do you people own? (I don't think we would ever go during the summer months or Christmas vacation, which I'm assuming would use the most points). We usually go for a week, off season. Sorry if these questions are too much, we're just so anxious to get some feedback. I guess last of all, are you happy with it? Thanks so much!!

03-27-2002, 07:21 PM
VWL is sold out thru DVC to new members. DVC is still selling Vero Beach, Hilton Head and the new Beach Club Villas. VWL is available thru resale, but there are not many available thru that means. Please feel free to ask any questions you have right here.

03-27-2002, 08:56 PM
Doc, I thought Vero was sold out to new buyers? If not do you know how close?


03-27-2002, 09:03 PM
Unless some thing has just changed at VB, it is still available thru DVC. VWL is available only for add-ons thru DVC.

I'm sure someone will advise if there is some change in sales status thru DVC.

Both VB and HH are close to sell out, but are still available as of now (as far as I know).

HH has closed it's sales office and is handling remaining sales from the resort itself.

03-27-2002, 09:55 PM
A great source for resales is listed at the top right corner of this board. If your looking for locations in WDW instead of offsite, Beach Club villas is currently selling through DVC and there is a $5 off per point promotion that will be ending March 31st.

OKW, and BWV are usually available through resale. Something you'll wan tto look at is the point structure for the type of accomodations you want during the season you want to help plan out how many points you should buy. You probably know the minimum is 150 thru Disney, but you can get s smaller amount thrugh a resale add-on. You can also go over to the rent/trade board to see if you can rent some points to go try out one of the resorts prior to your purchase to see which you would like to have as your home resort.

Personally, DVC is wonderful. Its first class wonderful family time, and we find ourselves wanting to continually add-on. We own at Vero Beach and th Beach Club Villas for a combination of offsite and onesite vacations.

Hope that helps, all your questions are welcome here, we all had to learn about it ourselves, this is a wonderful source of info and great group of people to ask.

Terry S
03-27-2002, 10:06 PM
We purchased at the new Beach Club Villas through Disney. We did this from home over the phone. The reason we purchased through Disney is because we knew we wanted BCV as our home resort and that is the only way it is currently selling (It is brand new, not even open until July). The one thing you will read over and over on thes boards is to buy where you want to stay most, this way you will have the advantage of booking up to 11 months prior to your checkout date.

As far as what type of points people own on this board it is a very wide range from 150 - 2000 (I think that was the highest I read). A lot of people start out small and then add-on more later. It really depends on what type of accomadations (studio, 1 bdrm or 2 bdrm), what time of the year you want to go, how long and how often.

We have 800 points so that we can go two times a year for 8 days each time and stay in a 2 bedroom. (We have 2 young childern, a boy and a girl, who will want to sleep in seperate beds as they get older). Everyone's situation is different, even the studios at DVC are nicer than the Deluxe rooms at WDW so you can't go wrong. Hope this helps. Good luck with your decision.

03-27-2002, 10:49 PM
Go to the facts site on this board, there is a link there to a point calculator that will help you determine the number of points you need for your vacationing style. You just put in the likely times you will go, the DVC home you want, the room you want and it will tell you the points you need. I played with it for hours, plugging in all different possiblities as I was trying to decide how many points we needed. I finally decided we would usually use a studio, since it's just dh and I and I don't cook on vacation and that we usually go 'off season', so we decided on 200 points, but I'm already thinking that we'll eventually add on at least another 50 points for those 'just in case' scenerios. :D Good luck in your research.

03-27-2002, 11:17 PM
Melk: I'm also from Mass. let me give you some sound advice from someone who has been to WDW over 17 times,just came back from 16 days at the BWV.The best spot in all of Disney is the Boardwalk area. WLVillas are in the middle of no where. You have to take transportation everywhere you go.It's like being on an island like the GF is. The new Beach Club Villas are the way to go.Not as good as the BWVs but as close as you are going to get.You walk out your front door and into the Beach Club and all they have to offer along with a great pool. Then walk past that onto the Boardwalk and all that has to offer. Then turn left and 100 yards or so into EPCOT.If you want walk out the front of EPCOT and onto a monorail to MC.Take a right out of the Beach Club and a nice 10 min walk to MGM along the waterway.Or just grab the next boat.NO NO my good man,stay away from the woods and go with the Beach and all it has to offer.The area has more bang for the buck.Because of this it will sell out fast.Alot of DVC members are kicking themselfs for not buying into the BWVs. This is the next best thing..Good luck,I have added on twice already,i's well worth it.DFM:pinkbounc :bounce: :smooth:

03-28-2002, 07:52 AM
melk....Your last question can be answered with a resounding YES by almost every poster on this board! We all share a love of WDW, Vero Beach and Hilton Head vacations and if anything, there are many posts about people adding points to their original purchases so they can buy more.

Terry S is exactly correct....it is important to purchase the DVC location which you prefer the most. The reservation advantage there gives you the best chance of getting exactly the type of accommodation size at the time you want to go.

If Wilderness Lodge is your favorite WDW area, then VWL is for you. That is how my family came to DVC.....we love WL and VWL gives us all the benefits of WL with much better accommodations.

DMDSTPRGIL gave some good insight into the Boardwalk area. But not everyone goes on vacation to be "in the thick of things". Personally, we really enjoy the relaxation of the VWL/WL area after a hectic day in the parks. I think the Old Key West DVC owners would indicate a similar feeling. By the way, if you do like the Boardwalk area, you can still get into BWV through a resale (not through Disney).

melk....you know your family and your vacation needs the best. If DVC makes financial sense to you, then pick the area that feels best for your family for the long-term and go for it! You won't hear many regrets on this board except regretting not having bought sooner. :)

03-28-2002, 08:04 AM
You do not have to go down there to close. We did everything through the mail. In fact, we didn't even take the tour, so we really purchased "sight unseen." Not a big risk when it comes to Disney-- we knew they would offer first class accommodations, and if anything they have surpassed our expectations.

You don't pay more for points at one location or another. You may, however, pay slightly more in dues at one resort or another. It's a minimal amount, however, and not really a deciding factor IMHO. The important thing is to choose a home resort that fits your needs.

Something that we have found to be important to us is the methods of transportation available at each resort. We are BWV owners, and have the option of walking or taking a boat to either Epcot or MGM. However, now that we have a toddler DS we are spending more time at the MK. That being the case, the boat ride from VWL to the MK is very appealing to us and we'll likely stay there on our next trip.

Good luck with your decision!

03-28-2002, 11:33 AM
We bought our BWV contract in 1998 through Disney, site unseen. Did it all over the phone and via Fed Ex. We bought 270 points.

Just closed two weeks ago on a resale of 232 points at OKW through the Timeshare store. Did that via phone and Fed Ex as well.

As for are we happy with our purchase - you bet! Getting ready to plan this year's second trip.

03-28-2002, 01:38 PM
Location, Location, Location...

Pick the location you believe you will want to stay at most. The 11 month window does make a difference for getting the room you want. However, if you are flexiable with your vacation travels, you should be OK in staying at other DVC resorts.

Our home is BWV. For our last Feb trip, we decided to try VB. I made the full reservation at BWV at the 11 month window and then converted two of the days to VB at the 7 month window with no problems.

My DW and I decided we liked the BWV location over OKW when we purchased, but every DVC resort has its own attraction.

We purchased DVC over phone from Disney. You put the deposit on a credit card, they send you the contracts, you read and sign them, and you close. It was very easy and I felt safe since I trust Disney.

Good luck and ask all the questions you want.

Terry S
03-28-2002, 01:52 PM
Pat-rick.... rumor has it that the $5 incentive is either ending or it is just changing so you can't use the $5 per point towards your downpayment, but you would still get $5 ppt off. The June 2nd date was for a price increase to $80. That is still going to take place, but didn't have anything to do with the incentive. There may or may not be an incentive with the price increase and it may be a completely different incentive.

03-28-2002, 06:06 PM
Originally posted by DVCajun

You don't pay more for points at one location or another. You may, however, pay slightly more in dues at one resort or another. It's a minimal amount, however, and not really a deciding factor IMHO. The important thing is to choose a home resort that fits your needs.

If you buy a resale, you can generally get a better deal on an OKW resale. The most expensive resales tend to be VWL. But those are pretty general statements - I think some people sell expensive OKW resales, and others bargain VWL resales. Add to that the complexity of banked/borrowed points on a resale, and the cost of buying a contract with a few more points on it than you might have bought yourself (or a few less) and it can be confusing to figure out where the bargains are.

The thing with resales is that the price per point is pretty flexible (and can be negotiated).

The other thing worth mentioning on resales is to be patient. If you are looking for a specific type of contract (location, use year, number of points, price), you may have to wait until something that meets your needs becomes available. Of course, the more flexible you are on those variables, the faster you are going to be able to find something resale.

03-29-2002, 08:57 AM
Crisi's right-- I was talking about buying through Disney, who offers the same price per point no matter where you're buying.

03-29-2002, 09:31 AM
11 month was key for us. Once we decided where wanted to stay (and it was the neighbor feek if OKW) we bought over the phone the minimum points because we were a young family BUT have definite plans to Add-on. We did all paperwork through the mail - just as said previously - put your deposit on a credit card and the rest just falls into place.

We don't regret our purchase. We have a "family" vacation at least yearly (if not more) and the memories are timeless.

Good Luck and maybe in the near future we'll be saying "Welcome Home".