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04-30-2008, 04:18 PM
OK, we're headed to Disney in early Dec (value season) and I'm thinking of doing a split stay w/ POFQ and try a deluxe for 2 or 3 nights. But the increase cost to stay at a Monorail hotel just kills me. :scared1: Still......I've always wanted to stay in the Contemporary Tower overlooking MK. (Don't even know if it will be available for the nights we want) I've also heard great things about the Poly (though I'd probably just do Garden view there and go to the beach for the FW) Can you please give me some input and help me decide? Our children are 5 and 8.

Regarding the Contemporary:
1. Is it as awesome as it seems to stay in the Cont tower seeing MK as you go to sleep and awaken?
2. If you stay at the Contemporary and overlook the Bay instead, is it still magical just having the Monorail?
3. Is there a special place in the Cont. you can watch the FW if you are staying there and don't have a view from your room?
4. Is the current construction at the Contemporary truly disruptive to the Tower rooms?

Regarding the Poly:
1. Any suggestions re: location so we're not too far from the TTC or longhouse?

Any input you have on either resort would be helpful! It's so hard to justify these prices (even for a few nights) when we are normally perfectly happy at a moderate. But I figure since it's value season, and the Christmas decorations will be up, and several nights we can even watch the MVMCP :santa: SPECIAL FW....maybe now is the best time to just "do it".

Can't wait to read your posts! Thank you!!!!!:lovestruc

04-30-2008, 06:27 PM

I'm so bummed. I just called and can't get into the Contemporary for my dates at all!!! I can get the Poly Garden view....but the Disney rep was really pushing me to take the MK view.

Well, would still like to hear from you if you could tell me about staying at either of these hotels. I'm hoping w/ pixie dust the Contemporary tower will have a cancellation!


04-30-2008, 07:02 PM
MK view from Poly is a really nice location. sit and watch fireworks,electrical water parade, the lake,the torch lit evening walks,etc......we had a garden view, secodn flor,house closest to TTC(rapa nau???). we thought it was great!!!!

actually i would always pick Poly over Contemp but its about "your style" thats important.......

contemp........modern, worlds fair style enviroment, art deco...monorail thru hotel is about as cool as it comes....

Poly.....hawaii, tahiti,etc

easy choice for me but i still want to try "the original" someday. even for 1 night looking at the MK from a tower room...almost booked it for this trip but we are already doing 1 resort switch.

04-30-2008, 07:12 PM
We love the poly and have stayed there a few times (I won't stay again till they do something about the overcrowding in the pool, but that's another post)... You probably won't have to worry about that since you're going during value season, and it's cooler, so the pools shouldn't be crowded anyway.

I love an MK view, but beware some rooms don't have a balcony. We've always been lucky to get a balcony - I really don't think I would have been thrilled w/out one. Also, MK view doesn't always mean "castle view"... just so you're aware and not disappointed if you didn't get it.

I'd just go for the garden view I think. You'll love the option of the monorial and boat to MK, and the TTC Epcot monorail is just a stroll away too.

We've also stayed at the contemporary and LOVED it too! I wouldn't stay there though w/out the MK view from the tower (we were lucky and booked tower mk view, and got a surprise upgrade to conceirge level, MK view!) DH definitely likes the poly better for theming, but that MK view from the Contemp is to die for!!! You really feel like you're in the *middle* of disney!


04-30-2008, 07:55 PM
thanks for the replies. I can do Poly garden view for our dates....or switch hotels 3x and do MK tower in the middle of our stay. I know doing the poly makes the most sense....but I'm still considering the other too. It's pretty seemless switching hotels, it's just that we won't fully unpack until after our 4th nite this way. Hmmm perhaps another post to ask about that. Will it be too much? Doesn't seem too bad. We pack up, place the call the night before, leave our bags to be p/u and delivered to the next hotel, enjoy our day and then check in at the next hotel. Pretty seemless..... But is it worth it to get CR tower MK in the middle of our trip or happier to do simply POFQ to Poly. decisions decisions....

05-01-2008, 06:21 AM
What about doing a value instead of POFQ, just to 'help' a bit w/ the money for the deluxes? Then maybe it won't be as painful :scared:

How many days total are you going for?

Are you planning on going back anytime in the next year or 2? Or is this trip it?

If you'll be going back, I'd save either the poly or contemp for the next trip. Just pick 1 this trip, and fate is having it that you can't get the contemp for all your deluxe nights, so I'd take the poly.

If this trip is "it", I'd go for the 3 moves. Then I'd do the poly garden view since you'll be having that amazing MK Contemp tower view for a night. Just don't unpack too much, and you'll be fine w/ the moves.

So many decisions!! It's fun though (in a frustrating kind of way), isn't it?!?:crazy: