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04-27-2008, 09:25 AM
How do you sign up for this? Isn't this where cast members take photos through out your trip and you get access to them online?
It's been forever since I've been to disney and they didn't do this then...I'm pretty much a disney virgin all over again!

04-27-2008, 01:35 PM
You don't have to sign up for it ahead of time. When you get to DL or DCA, find a photopass photographer, have them take your picture, and let them know you don't yet have a card. They'll give you a card after scanning the number, and you just use that!

04-27-2008, 01:45 PM
Realized you might want more of an answer than that. :)

First, you can get more than one card. If you're with family and you guys split off from each other, make sure each group knows they can get another card and use it!

A tip for the cards is to take a clear and focused digital picture of the numbers, just in case the card is lost. If you aren't bringing a digital camera, copy the numbers onto something that you keep separate from the card(s), so you don't lose it all together. :)

With photopass, there are a few options for getting the pictures. If you don't mind paying 12.95 per 5x7, or you only have a very few pictures that you like from the service (you can look at your pictures any time at the photo centers...one on Main Street at DL, the other at Greetings from California at DCA), just order a print or two.

If you like the pictures but printing all of them through Disney would be more than, say, 59 or 79 dollars, a really great option is to get the Photopass CD.

This paragraph MIGHT be outdated since late January (they have made other changes since then), so don't take it as gospel. They had a CD that you could buy at the parks. You get the pictures on the CD and you get official written permission to print them wherever you want and as many as you want. When I was there in Jan, that was 59.99, and they had a deal with that CD plus 2 5x7 prints for 74.99. Again, that might be outdated info.

The other option is to wait until you get home. When you get home, create an account on disneyphotopass.com, and enter your card number(s). At that point, you can edit the pictures. Add in borders, character signatures if applicable, and such. You can check out the first two trip reports in my signature, towards the end, for samples of photopass pictures that were edited. Once you are done editing (each time you add something to a picture, it saves it as a copy, so the original picture is never altered), you can order the CD online. Since about February, the price of that CD is 79.99, and you get the CD (or CDs, if you have tons and tons of pictures!) and the official permission to print them anywhere. :)