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04-16-2008, 09:35 AM
So... with the stroller rental price increase, I'm assuming more people will be traveling with there own. What is disney transportation like when you bring your own stroller? We have a jogging stroller. Obviously they don't fold very flat, they are heavy and bulky. Would bringing one of these not be a good idea? I just bought a maclaren jogger to bring with us, but DH really was upset about it because he had this whole plan about hooking his backpack to the jogger to make a bag, and storing the baby's backpack carrier (the metal framed ones) in the basket underneath, which obviously won't fit under the maclaren. We have three kids, what about ditching the backpack and bringing the jogger just in case one of the older kids gets tired? But then we're carting around two strollers instead of just one. :confused3 I'm confused. I don't know what to do. We leave in 13 days. yikes.

04-16-2008, 09:39 AM
I had just posted this on another jogging stoller thread:

I have taken our double jogger that last few years. The first time we went with two kids, one was a large (tall!) 3.5 years old the size of a 6 year old and the other was a tiny 7 months old. Since DS#1 hadn't used a stroller at home in close to a year and was very active, I only brought a single. I also brought a front pack for DS#2 in case DS#1 needed a break. DS#2 spent a lot of time in the front pack. lol

Next year, I took the jogger for my even taller 4yo and my still tiny 15 month old. DS#1 is predicted to be 6'4" or 6'5" while DS#2 is predicted to be about 5'10"--there is a huge difference in their sizes; at 4yo DS#2 wears the same clothes DS#1 wore at 2yo. There was no other stroller that could held both and I wasn't lugging two strollers, especially if DS#1 didn't use a stroller a lot. I was nervous about it, but it was the best move I've ever made stroller wise.

It rolled onto the boats, even the one from WL to MK. It rolled onto the monorail, in the handicap car, although I was always willing to fold it. CMs just said not to bother. We drive, so taking the bus doesn't happen a lot, but we do from time to time. Wasn't a problem there. I would fold it prior to entering the bus line and the drivers had me enter through the handicap entrance. I set it in front of us and seated our family in a way that it did not block the walk way. If a bus was full, we waited for the next one to be the first on so that we could position ourselves in a way that did not bother anyone else. I did not take it on the trams in parking lot. I just walked from the car to the entrance and vice versa. We usually beat the tram too! Especially when crowded.

Even if it had been a hassle (for us--I would not have allowed it to bother others) with transportation, I probably would have still taken it. How often are you dealing with the transportation compared to your time in the parks? Not to mention it was wonderful to have in the parking lot, hotel, boardwalk, DtD, etc. We were frequently getting envious looks, given kudos, and being asked questions about it.

I had no problems in the parks. MK has a few tight fits (It fits, but you have to have it lined up just right) through some of the turnstiles, but the other parks have more than enough room. I would take it into stores, unless the stores were crowded. But that is because I had sleeping children in it. It fit fine. Disney is set up to handle their own double strollers and my jogger is no bigger, probably slightly smaller, than their doubles.

It pushes like a dream. Last trip we mainly used it for DS#2 (then 3) and DS#3 (just turned 2), but some nights it was DS#1 and DS#3 sleeping in it since DS#2 is a night owl. I find it does not matter who is in it, which combination, one child or two children, that stroller moves better than ANY stroller I have ever pushed, including my Peg (the mall stroller) and my sister's Mac.

Mine is a Schwinn. It has the swivel front wheel, which does need to be locked before folding. It does not have large wheels or a front wheel that sticks out (it's under the footrest). Mine also is super comfy (according to DS#1), has individual recline seats that have a thick removable pad, a large sunshade, a decent basket below, side storage pockets, a peek-a-boo window, cup holders, and carrier clips. Our model is no longer made, but the Safari is close to it in looks.

04-16-2008, 10:00 AM
We have a single jogger that is great... It's just really bulky. I know that I could always stick the jogger underneath or accoss the top if we're not using it, but I am just wondering, with three kids under the age of 7, for ten days in parks, I am thinking we'll need to switch off who's riding in what.